Sanderson High School ap human Geography Summer Assignment 2016

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Sanderson High School AP Human Geography

Summer Assignment 2016

V. Lucas Introduction to AP Human Geography
Dear APHuG Student (especially rising sophomores),
There’s a lot of summer work in this packet, so don’t put it off until the last day before fall semester starts, when you find out whether you have APHuG in the fall or spring. Give it at least two, maybe three days, tops. However, you should at least consider doing the work spaced out over the summer, too. It’ll probably be a better first impression if you do (since it’s the first work you turn in), and first impressions matter in this class. (And pretty much every class. If you turn in a knockout first paper in English, every bad paper you turn in after that will get special consideration.)

But first impressions don’t have to matter too much. If you just do the work, you’ll be fine. And if it’s your first AP class, then seriously, calm down. The summer work asks a lot of hard questions, but Mr. Story doesn’t expect anything beyond your actually ability. Just think and then answer the question. AP classes are just like other classes; there’s no special part of AP classes that makes them dramatically harder than anything else you’ve already taken, they’re only a little bit more work, which I’m sure you’ve figured out already.

The other main thing that sets AP classes apart is the AP exam, but it’s honestly nothing to stress too much about. APHuG will only get you an elective credit in college (if your college accepts it at all), so it’s less pressure than AP Calculus or AP US History. However, if you want to show colleges that you really learned the material, then you can study for it and do well.

Regardless of how well you do on the exam, human geography is a very interesting course, and you’ll learn a lot about the world and other people. Just have an open mind and be thoughtful.

With this in mind, here is your summer work.

In advance of beginning this course this coming fall you are tasked with the following:

  1. Enroll in the APHuG Edmodo site.

Send me an email ( with your name as the subject. Send the email from the address you actually check and use. Also, please remember email is still a letter. Please include an explanation of your email in the body. Any, empty email shall meet with deletion. Should you successfully submit your email, I will send you the code to the course site.

  1. Purchase(?) and read: On the Grid- Scott Huler

This book is surprisingly accessible and readable, broadly informative, and specifically focused on some important aspect of geography, specifically at the local (Raleigh, NC) level, as well as the challenges concerning sustainability. You are asked to type a review of your book for a grade. With regard to length, a total of three (3)-typed pages would be considered appropriate.


Please use the following rubric as a guide to how to organize your paper, which should be typed, 1.5 spaced, and no larger than 12-point font (TNR). Label each of the three parts of the paper as follows:

I. Summary—33 points
Author's name and background; i.e., what credentials does the author have to make him or her credible. If you use a source other than the book itself, include a bibliography. In summarizing the book, cite important knowledge that comes from the book, interesting highlights, etc. I need to be able to tell that you have actually read the book when you are writing the summary. Please do not speak in simple generalizations but also give specific examples where appropriate.
II. Relevance—33 points
How does the book relate to our world today or to your own life experiences? What are the broader themes that we can all learn from? Site specific examples from current events that link to content from the book (you can use book examples as well, but you must link it to something in the world today that is not mentioned in the book). To whom would you recommend the book?

III. Themes of Geography—34 points
Please integrate into your book review at least two of the five geographic themes of location, place, movement, region (e.g., U.S. regions; world regions), and human/environment interaction. You will find them on my webpage under the AP Human Geography summer assignment link. I am looking to see that you understand the themes you are discussing and able to use specific examples from the book to explain the themes that you have chosen.

Be comfortable with this assignment; reflect good writing and thinking. That’s what I will look for. Do not plagiarize.

Also AP style requires that you do not write in the first-person pronoun. With the exception of the section on relevance, do not use “I” or write “in my opinion,” etc. If you must refer to yourself, say “This reader…”

  1. Map your rain- create an annotated* map of your house, street, neighborhood , etc…indicating/illustrating where the rain that falls on your house ultimately stops flowing.. It does flow and it does end up somewhere else. Research this and create a map depicting your rain’s journey.

*look it up
4. Map Assignment

Goal: To identify and label important locations and physical features throughout the world in

order to make pertinent spatial location connections.

Materials: Outline maps- available on line or, you may draw your own. You will also need a pencil or pen, and colored pencils to assist in labeling and coloring the given features.

Directions: Using the list provided identify and label all physical features on the physical map

and all locations (countries and cities) on the political map. Additionally, create a map key that

shows a symbol of your choice for the following items: capitals, cities, oceans, rivers, mountain

ranges, and deserts. Use color to differentiate bodies of water (oceans, rivers & lakes, etc),

mountain ranges, deserts, etc. Please carefully select the colors you use to reflect the natural

landscape. Draw all features to scale.

Physical Map Features List

Lines of Latitude & Longitude & “other”
1. North Pole

2. South Pole

3. Arctic Circle

4. Antarctic Circle

5. Tropic of Cancer

6. Tropic of Capricorn

7. Equator

8. Prime Meridian (Greenwich Mean Line/0° Longitude)

9. International Date Line (180° Longitude)

10. Great Barrier Reef


11. Andes

12. Alps

13. Atlas

14. Urals

15. Caucasus

16. Pyrenees

17. Tian Shan

18. Himalayas

19. Eastern Ghats

20. Western Ghats

21. Rocky Mountains

22. Cascades

23. Appalachian Mountains

24. Southern Alps

25. Great Rift Valley

26. Mt. Kilimanjaro

27. Mt Fuji


28. Atacama

29. Sahara

30. Namib

31. Kalihari

32. Takla Makan

33. Gobi

34. Great Victorian Desert


35. Great Plains (US & Canada)

36. Pampas

37. Kirghiz Steppe

38. Serengeti Plain (Tanzania)

Bodies of Water/Water Features

A. Great Lakes

B. Hudson Bay

C. Chesapeake Bay

D. Gulf of Mexico

E. Mississippi River

F. Caribbean Sea

G. Strait of Magellan

H. Colorado River

I. Arctic Ocean

J. Atlantic Ocean

K. Pacific Ocean

L. Indian Ocean

M. Southern Ocean

N. Bering Strait

O. Panama Canal

P. Amazon River

Q. Rio Grande

R. Baltic Sea

S. North Sea

T. Mediterranean Sea

U. St. Lawrence River

V. English Channel

W. Danube River

X. Black Sea

Y. Adriatic Sea

Z. Aegean Sea

AA. Rhine River

BB.Volga River

CC.Seine River

DD. Po River

EE. Lake Baikal

FF. Aral Sea

GG. Red Sea

HH. Dardanelles Strait

II. Bosporus Strait

JJ. Arabian Sea

KK. Bay of Bengal

LL. South China Sea

MM. East China Sea

NN. Yellow Sea

OO. Caspian Sea

PP. Persian (Arabian) Gulf

QQ. Sea of Japan

RR.Tigris/Euphrates Rivers

SS. Ganges River

TT.Indus River

UU. Yangtze River

VV. Mekong River

WW. Nile River

XX. Congo (Zaire) River

YY. Lake Chad

ZZ. Niger River

AAA. Orange River

BBB. Lake Victoria

CCC. Suez Canal

DDD. Tasman Sea

EEE. Coral Sea

FFF. Timor Sea

Political Map Place Location List


1. United States

2. Canada

3. New York City

4. Chicago

5. Atlanta

6. Seattle

7. Houston

8. Washington D.C.

9. Los Angeles

10. Montreal

11. Quebec City

12. Toronto

13. Vancouver

Latin America

14. Cuba

15. Haiti

16. Dominican Republic

17. Puerto Rico

18. Mexico

19. El Salvador

20. Belize

21. French Guiana

22. Jamaica

23. Honduras

24. Nicaragua

25. Costa Rica

26. Panama

27. Brazil

28. Venezuela

29. Guyana

30. Suriname

31. Guatemala

32. Colombia

33. Ecuador

34. Peru

35. Bolivia

36. Paraguay

37. Uruguay

38. Argentina

39. Chile

40. Bahamas

41. Mexico City

42. Sao Paulo

43. Santiago (Chile)

44. Montevideo

45. Rio de Janeiro

46. Caracas

47. Lima

48. Bogota

Western Europe

49. France

50. Germany

51. Italy

52. Belgium

53. Netherlands

54. Luxembourg

55. United Kingdom

56. Ireland

57. Denmark

58. Greenland

59. Greece

60. Spain

61. Portugal

62. Austria

63. Finland

64. Sweden

65. Norway

66. Switzerland

67. Iceland

68. Cyprus

69. London

70. Edinburgh

71. Belfast

72. Dublin

73. Paris

74. Madrid

75. Gibraltar

76. Naples

77. Rome

78. Geneva

79. Brussels

80. Amsterdam

81. Copenhagen

82. Stockholm

83. Oslo

84. Helsinki

85. Berlin

86. Lisbon

87. Vienna

Eastern Europe

88. Poland

89. Czech Republic

90. Slovakia

91. Hungary

92. Romania

93. Bulgaria

94. Yugoslavia

95. Bosnia-Herzegovina

96. Croatia

97. Macedonia

98. Slovenia

100. Albania

101. Russia (European side)

102. Minsk

103. Prague

104. Zagreb

105. Warsaw

106. Athens

107. Moscow

108. St. Petersburg

109. Kiev

110. Sofia

111. Bucharest

112. Belgrade

113. Budapest

North Africa

114. Egypt

115. Libya

116. Tunisia

117. Algeria

118. Morocco

119. Western Sahara

120. Cairo

121. Casablanca

122. Rabat

123. Tunis

124. Algiers

125. Tripoli

Sub-Saharan Africa

126. Ethiopia

127. Eritrea

128. Sudan

129. Congo (Democratic Republic)

130. Uganda

131. Kenya

132. Tanzania

133. Rwanda

134. Burundi

135. Congo (People’s Republic)

136. Somalia

137. Mozambique

138. Madagascar

139. Senegal

140. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

141. Mauritania

142. Central African Republic

143. Niger

144. Benin

145. Chad

146. Angola

147. Zimbabwe

148. Djibouti

149. Namibia

150. Nigeria

151. Ghana

152. Burkina Faso

153. Sierra Leone

154. Mali

155. Liberia

156. Guinea

157. Malawi

158. Cameroon

159. Gabon

160. Botswana

161. Lesotho

162. Swaziland

163. South Africa

164. Zambia

165. Seychelles

166. Cape Verde

167. Guinea-Bissau

168. Togo

169. Gambia

170. Khartoum

171. Johannesburg

172. Kinshasa

173. Lusaka

174. Mogadishu

175. Abidjan

176. Cape Town

177. Dakar

178. Lagos

179. Abuja

180. Luanda

181. Brazzaville

182. Nairobi

183. Dar es Salaam

184. Addis Ababa

Southwest Asia / Middle East

185. Turkey

186. Syria

187. Lebanon

188. Israel

189. Jordan

190. Iraq

191. Saudi Arabia

192. Yemen

193. Oman

194. United Arab Emirates

195. Qatar

196. Bahrain

197. Kuwait

198. Iran

199. Georgia

200. Armenia

201. Azerbaijan

202. Istanbul

203. Ankarra

204. Damascus

205. Beirut

206. Jerusalem Amman

207. Baghdad

208. Riyadh

209. Mecca

210. Sanaa

211. Muscat

212. Abu Dhabi

213. Doha

214. Manama

215. Tehran

216. Yerevan

217. Tbilisi

218. Baku

Central Asia

219. Afghanistan

220. Turkmenistan

221. Uzbekistan

222. Tajikistan

223. Kyrgyzstan

224. Kazakhstan

225. Astana

226. Bishkek

227. Ashgabat

228. Kabul

229. Dushanbe

South Asia

230. Pakistan

231. India

232. Nepal

233. Bangladesh

234. Bhutan

235. Islamabad

236. Karachi

237. Mumbai (Bombay)

238. New Dehli

239. Calcutta

240. Bangalore

241. Kathmandu

242. Thimpu

243. Dhaka

East Asia

244. Mongolia

245. China

246. Japan

247. North Korea

248. South Korea

249. Taiwan

250. Taipei

251. Hong Kong

252. Ulaanbaatar

253. Beijing

254. Shanghai

255. Pyongyang

256. Seoul

257. Tokyo

258. Macau

Southeast Asia

259. Myanmar

260. Thailand

261. Laos

262. Cambodia

263. Vietnam

264. Philippines

265. Malaysia

266. Indonesia

267. Brunei

268. Singapore

269. East Timor

270. Yangon (Rangoon)

271. Bangkok

272. Vientiane

273. Phnom Penh

274. Hanoi

275. Kuala Lumpur

276. Jakarta

277. Manila

Australia/ Oceania

278. Australia

279. New Zealand

280. Papua New Guinea

281. Guam

282. Fiji

283. American Samoa

284. (Western) Samoa

285. Canberra

286. Sydney

287. Melbourne

288. Wellington

289. Christchurch

290. Perth

All work due by third class meeting.

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