Sas runs Batch Mode When I double Click a sas file

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SAS Runs Batch Mode When I Double Click A SAS File

First let me explain how I got into this mess. I booted up a SAS program file by double-clicking on it in a folder. Windows brought it up into the Enterprise Guide rather than into SAS 9.1. When it did this again, I rebooted my computer. That did not help. Next I right clicked on the file name, selected Open With, pointed to sas.exe, and told it always to use this program. After that a double click on an SAS program file always resulted in the file running in batch mode – a little window opened telling me that it was running in batch and that the listing and log were being deposited into the directory from which I ran the program. The editor never opened. How annoying. I could still get the editor to open by right clicking on the file and selecting Open with SAS 9.1, but if I went down to Open With and from the menu there selected SAS 9.1 it would run in batch mode. Uninstalling the Enterprise Guide did not help.

How I fixed it. Cathy Maahs-Fladung put me in touch with Jeff at SAS. After a bit of fiddling we hit on the solution. From a file folder, click Tools, Folder Options, File Types. Scroll down to the SAS extension. It should say file type is “SAS System Program” and it opens with SAS 9.1 for Windows If not, click Change and select SAS 9.1 for Windows, OK. If you see a “Restore” button, you may have to click that to get to the “Advanced” button you need next.

Click on the Advanced button.

Select action “Open with SAS 9.1,” OK. That did it.

There is still a little residual from this Windows-Chaos. If I right click on a SAS program file and point to “Open With” I am offered two “SAS 9.1 for Windows” choices:

If I select the one (with the gold ribbon on the icon) SAS runs fine, but if I select the other (with the yellow ribbon) it runs in batch mode. Curious.

Download 132.31 Kb.

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