Ochs principal’s Report

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OCHS principal’s Report

November, 2009


Congratulations to Tim DeRosa for being selected for the 2009-2010 Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY). This program is open to sophomores with demonstrated or potential leadership skills. Ann Unsworth was selected as an alternate.
Congratulations to the following fall athletes who have been named to the First Team CAL All Stars in their respective sport:

Field Hockey: Colleen Slaughter, Danielle McNally, Liz Cruz, Jenn Staab, Laurie Vogel, Alex Moncman, Natalie Hunter

Football: Andrew Fiorentino, Chris Curran, Rob Zauck

Girls Cross Country: Samantha Piergross, Kayla Noll

Boys Cross Country: Miles Schoedler, Michael Hagan, Erik Johnson, Andrew DeMaria

Girls’ Soccer: Carly DiGiovanni, Morgan Torres

Boys’ Soccer: Brian Longo

Veterans’ Day is an opportunity to remember the price many people have paid over the years so that we can live our lives freely and peacefully. It was originally Armistice Day, often observed in many countries today as Remembrance Day, and celebrates the day World War One ended. It is remembered at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In 1918 as people looked at the fields of muddy, rat-infested trenches it was thought that nothing would ever grow there again. By spring time the area was filled with red poppies. In some countries paper poppies are sold for Remembrance Day and money given to veterans' groups.

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