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Types of teeth
1. The incisors: these are the centre of the front of the jaw. They are used for cutting off lumps of food.
2. The canine: These are besides the incisors. They are pointed and used for tearing food.
3. The premolars: these are next to the canine. Each has one or more point for cutting. They may also have flat surfaces for grinding food.
4. Molars: these are beside the premolars. They are used for Cushing and grinding food.
Daily care of the teeth

  • Clean your teeth every morning and at night with either a clean chewing stick or tooth brush with paste.

  • Rinse your mouth properly after each meal, especially after eating sweet foods.

  • Do not pick your teeth with sharp instrument such as pins, needles, etc.

  • Avoid using your teeth as nut crackers or opener for soft drinks and beer bottles.

  • Eat balanced diets for strong healthy teeth.

  • Do not eat sweet or highly sweet foods which cause tooth or dental decay.

  • Avoid extremely cold and hot foods. They may crack the enamel leading to tooth decay.

Causes of tooth infection

  1. Picking the teeth with dirty or sharp objects.

  2. Eating too much sweet without proper cleaning of the teeth.

  3. Not cleaning teeth after eating

  4. Not keeping our tooth brush or chewing stick after each use.

  5. Using other people tooth brush or chewing stick.

The hand is part of the upper limb. It is made up of the fingers, palm and nails.
Care of the hand
Wash the hands using the toilet, before and after eating.

  • Always wash the hand with mid soap.

  • Alwaya scrub around and under the the fingers nails using face towel or soft aponge.

  • Rinse the hands with clean water.

  • Dry properly with clean clothe.

  • Apply a little hand lotion or cream to keep the hand soft.

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