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Nursing Program/free tuition

If you know of anyone between 18-28 years old, interested in the Nursing field,

University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is offering
FREE tuition, FREE books, a $250 monthly stipend, and guaranteed job
placement as a nurse at Providence Hospital upon graduation
(it's a 3 year program) with a starting salary of $40,000.

The program is recruiting new students now!! Please

contact (202) 266-7000 to inquire about the nursing program or


Morehouse Summer Program @ Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA - will be

offering a Summer Institute (Project Identity) for African-American
males entering the 10th and 11th grades.

Three weeks at Morehouse - June 7 - 28

Creative Writing -
SAT Prep -
Debate -
Pre-Calculus -
Leadership development  -
Enrichment activities -

$400 fee (includes meals, housing and activities).



Top of Form

Bank of America Student Leaders Program
Bank of America is looking for tomorrow's community leaders today. We are asking for your help to identify outstanding young people who are passionate about making a difference in our community.

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation /Student Leaders=2 0 /program is an exciting component of our signature philanthropic program, the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative®. We need your help to spread the word about the opportunities available to eligible high school juniors and seniors through this unique program. *Please note that the deadline for students to apply is February 20, 2009. ** *

Since the program's inception in 2004, Bank of America has recognized more than 1,000 Student Leaders as exemplary high school students with a passion for helping their communities. Selected Student Leaders participate in a paid summer internship with a designated local nonprofit organization where they experience first-hand how they can help shape their communities- now and in the future. To enhance their leadership experience, awardees also participate in a six-day, all-expense paid Student Leadership Summit in Washington, DC provided by Bank of America. The nonprofit internship and Student Leadership Summit exposes students to leadership aspects in civic, nonprofit and business
Arenas. Our goal is to nurture and develop our country's next generation of community leaders - for our neighborhoods, our cities, and beyond.

To learn more about the program and for details about the online application process, visit the Bank of America Charitable Foundation website at:

 http://www.bankofam foundation/ index.cfm? template= fd_studentleader s
NJPAC- Young Artist Talent Search
We are NOW accepting applications for the 2009 Young Artist Talent Search (YATS)!

If you know a young person interested in acting, vocal music, instrumental music or dance, please encourage them to apply. They may call the Arts Ed hotline at 973-353-8009 for information or go to http://www.njpac. org  to apply.

Don't delay! YATS audition weekend is March 28 and 29. Applications must=2 0be submitted by February 20, 2009.

Brochures and posters to distribute at your local school, house of worship, libraries and community businesses are available to pick up from the Volunteer Office (or you may arrange to pick them up from Security after 5:00pm or on weekends- please call me to arrange). We need your help in spreading the word! Please help us in reaching the children!

2009 Summer Programs for High School Students

FREE!! MIT announces its MITES Program, (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science), a challenging 6 week summer program that prepares promising rising seniors for careers in engineering and science. If you are selected, all educational, housing, meals and activity costs are covered. You must, however, pay for your own transportation to and from MIT. To apply, go to edu/mites/ www/about/ overview. html Deadline is Feb. 2.


Science & Engineering Apprenticeship program(summer)

This program places academically talented H.S. students (at least 16 yrs old, sophomores/ juniors) with interest in science & math in Dept. of Defense laboratories for an 8-wk period over the summer. This is an invaluable experience in the world of scientific research, with hands-on exposure to scientific & engineering practices not available in the HS environment. It is a paid apprenticeship ($2,000) and the students are assigned a scientist or engineer as their mentor. To apply online or get more information about the program: http://www.usaeop. com . Students must submit their transcript (minimum GPA 3.0) and teacher recommendation to the program director for consideration and daily transportation is the student's responsibility. Program runs from June 22 - August 14, 2009 - Applications due: Feb. 27, 2009.

FREE!! Princeton University announces its Summer Journalism Program
For low-income sophomores or juniors with at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) who have an interest in journalism. The cost is free including travel costs to and from Princeton! Apply now! Go to http://www.princeto Deadline is Feb 20th.

FREE!! The National Center for Health Marketing's Global Health Odyssey Museum
Is pleased to offer the 2009 CDC Disease Detective Camp (DDC). DDC is an academic day camp for students who will be high school juniors and seniors during the 2009-2010 school year. Campers will take on the roles of disease detectives and learn how CDC safeguards the nation's health. The camp will be offered twice from June 22-26 and July 13-17. For more info and to apply to go gcc/exhibit/ camp.htm Deadline is April 20.

The Leadership Center at Morehouse College presents the 2009 Coca-Cola Pre-College Leadership Program
There are 2 programs, one for male students completing their sophomore or junior year, and the other for male students completing their senior year. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). The curriculum focuses on personal and interpersonal leadership skills. The program runs from June 20 to June 26. The cost is $400.00. To apply, go to http://www.morehous leadershipcenter /ccleadership. html

NASA sponsors the National Space Club Scholars Program
A6 week summer internship at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It is open to students who will be 16 years old and have completed the 10th grade by June 2009, have demonstrated high academic success, and have an interest in space science or engineering as a career. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Applications are available in the Career Center or online at http://education. gsfc.nasa. gov/files/ spaceclub. pdf Apply now! The application must be postmarked by February 17, 2009.

University of Maryland, College Park: Women in Engineering,E2@UMD, July 12-18 or July 19-25; rising juniors and seniors. Go to http://www.wie. ge/.

University of Maryland Young Scholars Program
Targets rising juniors and seniors who have a strong academic record and a desire to excel to experience college life while earning three academic credits. 14 courses are offered for three weeks from July 12 - 31, 2009. Visit http://www.summer. ysp?utm_source= PrimerPiece &utm_medium=Guide

CITY YEAR, WASHINGTON DC (AmeriCorps) - Graduating seniors
Who are not sure what they want to do after high school should consider applying for a paid community service position with City Year, Washington, DC., a group of 17-24 year-old committed to full-time service for ten months in the Washington, DC community. Benefits include: living stipend ($200 per wee k), health care coverage, free metro pass, and $4,725 educational scholarship. For more info: http://www.cityyear .org/home. aspx
Recruitment open houses will be held once a month at their headquarters: 918 U Street, NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20001.

Through the Looking Glass and its National Center for Parents with

Disabilities and their Families are pleased to announce new scholarships specifically for high school seniors and college students who have parents with disabilities. These scholarships are part of Through the Looking Glass' new federal grant (<>

New National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families). Please note that these are new awards and have different application procedures than in the past. There are two separate scholarship awards, and each has separate eligibility requirements:

1. High School Seniors. To be eligible, a student must be a high school graduate (or graduating senior) by Summer 2009, planning to attend college in Fall 2009 and have at least one parent with a disability. Five separate $1000 awards will be given out in Fall 2009. Individuals may submit only one application per award period.
2. College Students. To be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled in a college or university, be 21 years of age or younger as of March 16, 2009, and have at least one parent with a disability. Five separate $1000 awards will be given out in Fall 2009. Individuals may submit only one application per award period.
Selection criteria for all scholarships include academic performance,

community activities and service, letters of recommendation and an essay describing the experience of growing up with a parent with a disability.

These Scholarships are also part of a research study on young adult children of parents with disabilities. As explained in the Consent Form in the Application, you may be willing to participate in an optional survey about young adult children of parents with disabilities. The additional information you submit on this survey will not affect your scholarship chances and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the project researchers; all identifying information will be removed. If you consent to participate in this optional survey, we will email you the survey after we have received

your completed application.

National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees

Mamie M. Mallory Scholarship and Education Foundation

2009 Scholarship Application –

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