Academic Success

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Academic Success
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Mr. Rudolph

ENG 099
May 1, 2018
Essay# 4
Academic Success
How we can achieve academic success in our life? Academic success is defined as students’ great achievement, activities, skills, good behavior and outstanding performance in their academic life. Many factors play a role in contributing to achieve academic success such as time management and creativity.
First of all, time management is a key factor of academic success. Time management is a skill that assists students to prioritize task and manage time effectively. Time management is extremely important especially when it comes to university students because it will boost their grades and enhance their productivity (ASEE 2014 Zone I Conference, 2014). For example, if Ahmad has to write a 3 page Mock Club proposal for UNV 100 class which is worth 100 points and is due on Thursday, May 3, in addition he has to get ready for a Math 110 quiz which is worth 10 points due on Wednesday, May 2, so he should set priorities and starting working on the proposal from the first day by breaking down the task to small parts and give time to it every day. By doing so he can write an outstanding and more productive proposal which will get him 100 points, and as well as he can get prepared for the quiz too to get 10 points. By managing his time he can achieve academic success. Furthermore, students in universities must learn how to schedule time for every task and avoid multi-tasking. To illustrate, Yasir has to write 1200 words essay for Math 110 which is due on May 1, 2018 in addition he must also write a research paper for PAD 120 class so to avoid multi-tasking he must set a daily schedule to better organize his time for writing his 1200 words essay and writing a research paper it will help him to write it more productively and he will not run out of time. Thus, time management is considered the most important element in achieving academic success.
Secondly, another factor which contributes to achieving academic success is creativity. “Creativity is an active process necessarily involved in innovation. It is a learning habit that requires skill as well as specific understanding of the contexts in which creativity is being applied” (Cambridge Assessment international education, 2011, p.53). Creativity can lead student to have high academic performance. To point out, Mariam needs to deliver a presentation about time management for UNV 100 class, so in order to make it interesting she can start presentation with a brain teaser to draw students attention, she can use background music and pictures related to time management, and she can apply WOOD Type theme of PowerPoint on slides to make it interesting and at end she can play a video about importance of time management. Moreover, to be successful we must believe in our self and try to find many alternatives for our goals through creativity. For Instance, Ahmad is going to get his degree in Information Technology and Computer Science from AUAF at the end of 2018. He has plan start his master degree in Software Engineering in abroad, by believing in himself and being creative Ahmad can use different alternatives to apply for master scholarship he can apply for Full bright scholarship, Chevening scholarship, or he can go for the Turkiye Burslari scholarship, being creative will help him to think about different alternatives to achieve his goals. In short, creativity leads to good academic performance.
To conclude, many factor such as time management and creativity play key part in achieving academic success. I recommend all students to manage their time effectively and act creatively for completing their academic tasks. I predict if students know how to use their time effectively and how to be creative in their assignments and projects, they will have great academic performance.
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