Short Term Consultancy-Design Engineers (3) Terms of Reference Organizational Background

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Short Term Consultancy-Design Engineers (3)
Terms of Reference
Organizational Background:
Afghanaid an international NGO registered in the UK and operating in Afghanistan for last 30 years, has a mandate to facilitate and support Afghan women, men and children in their fight against poverty, inequality and vulnerability. Using the integrated rural development approach, we focus on food security, sustainable natural resource-based rural livelihoods, rural savings and market-driven enterprise development, local governance, and physical community infra-structure with cross-cutting themes of children and youth rights, gender equality, community development and disaster risk reduction. We are a knowledge-based learning organization that works with both right bearers and duty holders through grassroots programming as well as advocacy and policy initiatives.
NSP Project:
Afghanaid has short-term consultancy opportunities within the National Solidarity Programme. The National Solidarity Program (NSP) was created by the Government of Afghanistan to develop the ability of Afghan communities to identify, plan, manage and monitor their own development projects. NSP promotes a development parading whereby communities are empowered to make decisions and manage resources during all stages of the project cycle. The program lays the foundation for a sustainable form of inclusive local governance, rural reconstruction and poverty alleviation. NSP is the largest community development program in the history of Afghanistan. known in Dari as “Hambastagi Milli” and in Pashto as “Milli Paiwastoon”, it is based on the Afghan traditions of “Ashar” )e.e community members working together on a volunteer basis to improve community infrastructure) and “Jirga”- councils comprised of respected members of the community, Islamic values of unity, equity and justice are also encourages. The following principles guide “how” the program is implemented: participatory and inclusive decisions-making process; gender equity; transparency and accountability in the use of program fund; and sustainability (including but not limited to requiring community contributions for operations and maintenance).
Scope and Focus of the Work:
This is a Design Engineering Consultancy. The Consultants will be expected to undertake community surveys and based on identified community needs to design and submit proposals for community based projects (roads, culverts, bridges, micro hydro power, water pipe scheme, wells, water reservoirs, schools, clinics, sanitary latrine, community centre, retaining wall, irrigation system, intake, dams etc). The proposal and designs should be according to the NSP-PMU design standards and guidelines.
Location of the project:
Ghor Province / Cheghcheran and Lal wa Sarjanle Districts
Candidate’s Qualifications:

  • Should have BSc in Civil Engineering

  • Having 2 years experience (al least one experience working on the National Solidarity Program)

  • Computer skill specially required for designing of the projects.

  • Good communication with Dari and English

Application Deadline:
Interested applicants should submit their resume along with cover letter outlining their relevant practical experience not latter Dec 12th, 2010 to the following address:

House # 94, Main Road, Hesa-Do

Karte Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan
This consultancy is open to Afghan Nationals only.

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