Simon Mckeown Artist C. V. DaDaFest International Artist of the Year 2010

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Simon Mckeown – Artist C.V.
DaDaFest International Artist of the Year 2010
I am an established fine artist with a developed interest in the cultural presentation of disability and issues connected with societal views of normality. Motion Disabled and my other recent works represent significant and original cultural capital and development in these areas of study. After studying Fine Art I was one of the earliest people to move into the digital world in the UK.
My principal research interests cross artistic, technological and sociological boundaries. I am currently investigating and producing artwork, around our understanding and my exploration of ‘normality’ and ‘difference’. He is currently working on a new project entitled ‘Ignite Cork’.
Simon is a also a Reader in Post Production at Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK, a teaching and research role and has recently been submitted to Ref2014, the prestigious higher education research quality assessment exercise.


2-1 BA Hons Degree in Fine Art (Media): Newcastle upon Tyne 1984-1987

Foundation Course in Art and Design: Middlesbrough 1983
Commissions and projects

Ignite Cork 2014 to date:

A culminating project to Culture Night Ireland Cork 2014 commissioned by Arts Council Ireland, Cork, Mayo and Gallway City Councils with partners National Sculpture Factory and Create Ireland, featuring exhibition and collaborative work with disabled groups along with a large scale outdoor projection, theatre and inflatables.

Motion Disabled:Unlimited – 2012 to date:

A London 2012 Festival/Cultural Olympiad commissioned project, specifically for completion and

exhibition during 2012, the project feature paralympians and a wide range of technology. Funded by the Arts Councils of the UK. Recent exhibitions include at DOX, the Czech Republic’s main contemporary art centre in Prague where the work was on show for 6 months. Up and coming exhibitions include a 9 month stay (October 2013 onwards) at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Germany. Featuring video and a 10m tall inflatable.
Prometheus Awakes Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2012

A large scale London 2012 Festival/ Cultural Olympiad event involving large scale projections, and working as the lead visual artist with La Fura dels Baus and Graeae Theatre Company for this prestigious international festival. - and Originated by Bradley Hemmings, Co-Director of the Paralympic opening ceremony.

M21: 2012

A London 2012 Festival/Cultural Olympiad commissioned project centered on Much Wenlock, the birthplace of the modern Olympics. A large-scale event in May as part of the M21 festival. This work involved a complex projection-mapped event with accompanying live opera and animatronics. To complete the work accurately I brought together a team replete with complex skills, including LECIA 3D scanning, musical backgrounds including conservatoire and orchestra experience, projection experts, low-tech electronics, and 3d modelling and animation experience.. The work revolved around a blind Opera singer and accordionist. . Supported by Arts Council England -
Motion Disabled 2009 to date:

During 2008 I was sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and supported by Teesside University in the production of this innovative and ground breaking exhibition. Launched at Wolverhampton Art Gallery January 2009 it has been exhibited extensively including Smithsonian International Gallery, Washington D.C along with in Australia, South America, Kosovo and many other countries during June 2010 as as at the United Nations with viewing figures around 1 million. Funded by the Wellcome Trust -

Faces –2013

An Arts Council England sponsored project - Face is a new and stunning time based installation which playfully explores perceptions of the human face and voice using audio and facial motion capture animation. Featuring 5 actors – words and poetry along with emotions such as joy and sadness are all digitally mapped and manipulated to explore difference and belonging. The process uses techniques normally associated with feature films and computer games to create an amazing and immersive experience. Funded by the Arts Council England – - Exhibited at The Public in May 2013

All for Claire – 2010

Commissioned by DaDaFest International 2010 (£4,000) and featuring disabled performer Claire Cunningham. It was awarded ‘Best Experimental Film at the UK’s premiere Deaf film festival – Deaffest on the 21st of May 2011 and was shown at the New York City International Film Festival in August 2011. ‘All for Claire’ was shown on the BBC Big Screens nationwide during November and December 2010 and again in 2011 to a huge multi million UK Audience. -

Exhibitions and Film Festivals

Motion Disabled: Unlimited

DOX Centre of Contemporary Art – Prague – Czech Republic May - September 2013

German Hygiene Museum – Dresden, Germany, October 2013 to June 2014

Oxford Torch Celebration – 20,000 Visitors - July 9th – Full large scale sculptural installation

20-21 Visual Arts Centre – North Lincs – July 13-August 18th – Large sculptural installation along with Video installation

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) – Video Installation – July 20th – Sept 19th

South Bank Centre – London – Unlimited festival - 31st August to the 9th September 2012 Sculptural Install


Loughborough - Town Centre - 9th September 2012

West Cheshire College, Ellesmere Port Campus, West Cheshire - 5th to 8th September 2012

South Bank Centre - South Bank, London - 3rd & 4th September 2012

Jubilee Gardens - South Bank, London - 29th August to 2nd September 2012

Leicester - Orton Square and The Curve - 26th August 2012

Edinburgh - Festival Square - 13th - 17th August 2012

T4 On the Beach - Weston super Mare 1st July 2012


22 Feb to 5th March

Chester Divercity Festival

March 1st to the 5th

Parliamentary Exhibition to Celebrate 40 years of disability legislation

May 25 to 29th

Taunton Brewhouse - Flux Festival - Outdoor Projection

May 10

Python Gallery Middlesbrough

June 8th to August 29th

VSA Washington Revealing Cultures, Smithsonian International Gallery, Washington D.C. USA

5th and 6th July

Alt Shift Technology Conference, York


Civil Service Live- Large Scale Civil Service Event presented by ODI

25th to 29th August

Installation - Other Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

28th August

Leicester Sky Ride, Leicester Council

Dec 3rd 2010

World Wide in association VSA - Please see separate Dec 3rd List

18th Nov to 3rd Dec

Liverpool - DaDaFest International 2010

Dec 3rd 2010

Liverpool City Centre Outdoor Projection

4 November to 28th Nov

Glasgow Trongate 103 Gallery Installation Exhibition

Dec 3rd 2010

Glasgow City Centre Outdoor Projection

Dec 3rd 2010

Wellcome Trust - Outdoor Projection

Motion Disabled


January 24 to - 25th April 2009

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

23 to 25th April

Wolverhampton Disability Film Festival


Shape Arts Science and Arts Exhibition, London


LCB Depot Leicester City Centre - Exhibition


Stockton International Riverside Festival


Science Communication Conference Wellcome Trust

4 August to 16th Sept

Holton Lee Gallery - Dorset - Exhibition

24th August to 6th Sept

Divercity Festival - Exhibition

Oct 9th 2009

Light Night Leeds – Large scale Outdoor City Centre Presentation

Oct 9th 2009

BBC Screen - Leeds City Centre

0ct 14th to 19th

La Mer Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

30th November to 11th December

Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

All for Claire
December 2010 at the Bluecoat Liverpool as well as national BBC Screens in the UK, showcased to a BBC estimate of 2.9 million viewer
20-22 May Deaffest 2011, Wolverhampton
05-Jun-11 BOSI FEST Belgrade

Oct 2011 Disabled Peoples' Human Rights Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea

Oct 15th Moving Image Festival Toronto, Canada
24th-26th November Animax Skopje Fest Republic of Macedonia

Dec 3rd 2011 – Repeat BBC Screens Nationwide

August 2011, New York City Film Festival –

15th February 2012 - Picture This Calgary, Canada

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