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Software Design Document


Android Application for Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)

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Shravani Reddy Tappati

Tejasri Yelamanchili

Divya Karukonda

Nikunj Tibdewal

Table of contents

3.1Assumptions and Dependencies 3

5.2 Behavior 5

1. Introduction

This is the System Design Document for Android Mobile Application for TSP.

1.1 Purpose

The Software Design Document captures the design constraints and assumptions as well as the detailed design of the subsystems and components of the application.

1.2 Scope

This Design Document pertains to the mobile application of TSP, with a specific focus on the features and capabilities being implemented.

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

TSP- Travelling Salesman Problem

1.4 Overview

This Design Document gives an overview of the application and its primary functionality, identifies the assumptions and constraints followed during the design of the software, documents the overall system architecture and provides the detailed design information for each subsystem and component in the current delivery.

1.5 References

  • Design Document Template
2. System Overview

Android is the first complete, open and free mobile platform. It is developed and supported by Google and this project uses a Google Android Mobile SDK 1.0 for testing an application. The software development kit contains the emulator and advanced debugging tools to run and test the applications.

The aim of our project is to develop a mobile application on the android which can be used in the real world. The application allows the user to enter multiple locations that the user is interested to visit and finds the optimal route between those locations and lists them on a Google map. The mobile application is supposed to be installed on the mobile phone and this assumed to be with the salesman/traveler.

This project focuses on developing an application that is developed using Java and XML which is to be installed on the Android phone. Once the user starts the application he/she has an option for entering the addresses and once when the user submits this request the information is requested from the web data sources, which returns the data in XML format. For displaying the route of the addresses this project uses a Google Map API and XML for displaying the content on the map.

3. Design Considerations

This section contains all of the assumptions, dependencies, and constraints that were considered during the design of each subsystem and component.

    1. Assumptions and Dependencies

The default settings on the mobile application will reflect on the Google maps.

    1. Constraints

  • User of the mobile should have the internet access.

  • Huge data cannot be saved on the mobile.

4. Basic System Architecture

5 Design Details

5.1 Static Structure

5.2 Behavior

5.2.1 Searching the Optimized Route

5.3 User Interface

5.3.1 Showing the menu with application

5.3.2 Shows options to enter addresses

5.3.3 Shows the entered addresses by adding destinations

5.3.4 Plotted addresses on map showing the shortest path

5.3.5 Displaying the directions

5.3.6 Map showing the route

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