Software User's Manual City of Los Angeles Personnel Department Mobile Applications Team 02 Anushree Sridhar Software Architect Shreya Kamani Project Manager

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Software User's Manual

City of Los Angeles Personnel Department Mobile Applications
Team 02

Anushree Sridhar - Software Architect

Shreya Kamani - Project Manager

Pattra Thongprasert – Implementer

Abhishek Trigunayat - Implementer

Travis Jones – Tester

William Everton – IIV&V


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Table of Contents


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A.1. Introduction 1

A.1.1 System Overview 1

A.1.2 System Requirements 1

A.2. Installation Procedures 2

A.2.1 Initialization procedures 2

A.2.2 Re-installation 2

A.2.3 De-installation 2

A.3. Operational Procedures 2

A.4. Troubleshooting 5

A.4.1 Note 5

Table of Figures

Figure 1 User profile 3

Figure 2 Search jobs 3

Figure 3 Subscribe job 4

Figure 4 Current open jobs 4

Figure 5 LAPD Career 5


This document provides, in detail, the end-user manual of the Mobile Application development project for the Los Angeles Personnel Department. The main purpose of this document is to provide the mobile application user manual for job seekers (as end-users) as a guide in using the application.

This user manual report is currently on version 1.0, the initial version and is in the Development - Construction phase. The development team has includes the application overview, application requirements, and installation procedure in this version of the report.

A.1.1System Overview

The main purpose of the City of Los Angles Personnel Department Mobile Application is to provide job seekers a means of subscribing for notifications for available job positions in the City of Los Angeles, which they are interested in. The application enables job seekers to view a list of currently open jobs, search for a job they are interested in and subscribe to receive notifications. It then sends a notification to the job seeker when a job they have subscribed to opens up.
The system composed of mobile application on iOS and Android devices, application server, and database. Staff of Personnel Department would perform several tasks as system administrator including submit the application to App store (for iOS device) and Play store (for Android device), setting, operating, and maintaining application server and database. While the job-seekers as end-users will need to install the application on their devices to use the application.

A.1.2System Requirements

The mobile application requirements including software, hardware, and other requirements are listed below.

.1.2.1Hardware Requirements

  • Mobile device with Android or iOS operating system.
.1.2.2Software Requirements

  • Device running at least Android 2.1 or higher

  • Device running at least iOS 5 or higher
.1.2.3Other Requirements

A.2.Installation Procedures

For job seekers, the application can be downloaded from App store for iOS device and Play store for Android device.

A.2.1Initialization procedures

  1. Ensure that device properly connect with internet

  2. Download application from online store that compatible with the device’s OS.


  1. Uninstall the application by following the steps in section 2.3

  2. Re-install the application starting from initialization by following the steps in section 2.1


For iOS device:

  1. Press and hold on application icon until the X mark appear on top-right corner of the icon

  2. Press X and then OK to remove the application and all data

For Android device: Users can use uninstaller application or follow these steps

  1. Go to device’s setting > Application Manager

  2. Select Notify Me: City of LA Personnel Department application

  3. Select clear data

  4. Select uninstall

A.3.Operational Procedures

After completing the installation, user can open the application by press on the application’s icon.

In Notify Me: City of LA Personnel Department application has several features that help users stay connect and update on available opportunity with City of LA.

User profile: User can set his or her profile including Name, Email, and Telephone number and set option to receive notification via Text message, email, or both.

frame 2

Figure 1 User profile

Search and Subscribe: User can search for jobs that his or her interested to apply and subscribe to receive notification when those jobs open for recruitment by select Search & Subscribe. Then type keyword or job id and serch. Note that this function is for positions that have not open for hiring yet. If user wants to know the currently available jobs to apply please see Current Open Jobs.
frame 2

Figure 2 Search jobs

Figure 3 Subscribe job

Current Open Jobs: User can see all the current open jobs by select Current Open Jobs. User can select a particular job in the list to see more details of each job. User can go to application page by clicking Apply Now.
frame 2

Figure 4 Current open jobs

LAPD Career: User can see job information for City of LA Police Department by select LAPD Career. The application will lead user to joinLAPD website.

Note: LAPD do not receive application online. The candidate needs to submit the application form in person on the exam date.

frame 2

Figure 5 LAPD Career




OS: Operating system


For subscription & receiving notification, only users who use AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon network will be able to receive the text message notification. Other network users has only an option to receive notification via email.

More information to be filled after CCD with the clients.

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