Transition Plan (TP)

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Transition Plan (TP)

Mobil Application for Mobile-Controlled Lighting

Team 13

Saumil Kasbekar

Feasibility Analyst

Sayali Sakhalkar

Software Architect

Anuradha Saini

Life Cycle Planner

Priyank Mishra

Project Manager

Sagar Sarda

Requirements Engineer

Ashutosh Kale


Corey Stall

Requirements Engineer/Shaper


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  • Update section 3.0: adding schedule

  • Added expected information in each section

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  • Update section 1.0: added transition objective and strategy related to our project.

  • Update section 2.0: added hardware, software and site

  • Update section 3.0: added role, responsibilities and schedule of stake holders related to transition plan.

  • To comply with Draft TRR requirement.

  • To document transition plan, so as to ensure smooth transition.

Table of Contents

Transition Plan (TP) i

Table of Contents iv

Table of Tables v

A.1. Transition Strategy 6

A.1.1 Transition Objectives 6

A.1.2 Transition Process Strategy 7

A.2. Preparing for Transition 8

A.2.1 Hardware Preparation 8

A.2.2 Software Preparation 8

A.2.3 Site Preparation 8

A.3. Stakeholder Roles, Responsibilities and Schedule 9

Table of Tables

Table 1: Transition Schedule 9

A.1.Transition Strategy

The Mobile-Controlled Lighting system will be transitioned to Advanchip, with the final delivery coming during the end of the Development Phase. The client performed a brief product check and provided some feedbacks before the last planned delivery and so that the final changes were made during this last iteration. We will deploy server on cloud to hold our system and provide scripts and document to their staff to maintain after product delivery and administer the server in the future.

There is a particular user training and delivery of User Manual in the last iteration for using mobile application. Training Material document and User Manual document are the base documents to be followed through this training phase. The focus of the transition strategy would be making clients’ future development process as easy as possible.

A.1.1Transition Objectives

The following are the objectives:

  • Familiarize the client with full functionality of the system and prototype app which uses MQTT protocol for communication.

  • Explain the client the scope the system addresses and validate that all the win-conditions discussed with the clients were fully satisfied

  • Guide, and actively deploy the client and server side of the software on Ramnode cloud for future use.

  • Assist the client to figure out the next steps to take to incorporate MQTT in the Android application.

  • Provide codebase and tools to the client so that they can develop further to broaden the project scope in our absence.

  • Transfer credentials and any related material about the hosting service (Ramnode, Papertrail) to the client

  • Package up all documentation, UML diagrams, system specification, and user manual for the system to the client

  • Set up the server environment and install android app on the client device.

  • Set up development environment on client side

  • Successful training of client on how to operate the server.

  • Successful completion of the user training session and receiving feedback about the User Manual.

A.1.2Transition Process Strategy

The transition process is expected to take around 15 days after the development is done. Since the major job in the transition process is providing client training, our transition process strategy will focus on making clients’ future development process as easy as possible process as easy as possible process as easy as possible as easy as possible

The transition process steps are as follows:

  • Final refactoring of developed components

  • Passing all test cases

  • Develop document for Android application source code. (Code comments)

  • Develop user manual for Android application.

  • Develop document for Android prototype application (MQTT protocol for communication) source code(Code comments)

  • Develop document for server source code. (Code comments)

  • Develop document for server API

  • Clients feedbacks meeting

  • Issues fixing and features adding, if any

  • Deliver final product and related documents

A.2.Preparing for Transition

A.2.1Hardware Preparation

  • Android device with Android version 4.1or above– 1 or more

  • Server is on Ramnode cloud, so no hardware required.

  • For Switches and Gateway, Advanchip is developing hardware.

A.2.2Software Preparation

  • Transfer all codes and documents for Android application and server to Advanchip and help our clients or maintainers to understand it.

  • Set up Papertrail account and handover account details to client so that they can observe server log.

  • Scripts for deleting all server data, start server, stop server. It will help client clear up test data from server. Also instruction on updating server on Ramnode cloud.

  • Android application’s APK file.

  • Prototype application with MQTT connection with gateway.

A.2.3Site Preparation

  • Install Android application APK file on android device.

  • Set up wireless network on mobile device.

  • Configure gateway to wireless network using application.

  • Provide power supply to gateway and switches

  • Start server by running server script.

A.3.Stakeholder Roles, Responsibilities and Schedule

Table 1: Transition Schedule







Complete development of the unit tested application and server

Developer’s site


Developer, Client

Client review of system and feedback.

USC, Client location



Complete refactoring, and integration of tested application and server

Developer’s site


Developer, client

Training about application and server setting.



Developer, client

Deployment and installation of server and android application.

Developer’s site


Developer, client

Feedback meeting and final interaction, and consultation about future expansion of scope, iPhone application development.


TP_TRR_F14a_T13_V3.0.doc Version Date: 11/21/14

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