Sonila turshilla curriculum Vitae Date of Birth: 13 June 1976

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Curriculum Vitae Date of Birth: 13 June 1976


Rruga “Pandi Dardha” P. 54, Ap. 35


Tel. No. + 355 4221124

Cel. No. + 355 692362125


Formal Education:

Diploma Theme Study – University of Tirana, Department of Social Work, Tirana Albania

Study Theme on “Social Psychological Effects of Posttraumatic Stress on Raped and Abused Women”. (February/2000 – July/2000)

Master in Social Work General (on going) Faculty of Social Science, Department of Social Work

JFDP (Junior Fellowship Development Program),- Visiting Professor- Program offered by Department of State, administered by American Councils, Field of Study- Political Science and International Relations, Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University, Washington DC, USA.

Managament: academic and non-profit

Lecturer - University of Tirana, Department of Social Work – (since November 2000- present)

Lecturer of the Department of Social Science at this University; duties include: curriculum and teaching capacity development; maintenance of relationships with donors and staff; organization of classes and student life as well as a full teaching load. Provide extracurricular assistance to social professional education on actual social issues; and contribute to the professional education of students.

Media Representative- Democratic Party, opposition Party, former ruler Party in Albania. (September 2003-present).

Duties included: Preparing Press Release and Conference’s Agenda, Meetings with journalists, TV- Show. During Last Local Election, I was part of expertise group who works on “The Social Problems Platform” in Tirana.

Public Relation Specialist – the Women Center, Tirana , Albania (since November 2000-present)

Supporting the director in collecting and analyzing information on Albanian Gender issues. Meeting with journalists and organizing Press Release with them to promote gender issues. Supporting director in organizing seminars meetings etc. Organizing TV show Program on different issues related with Civil Society problems, government and impact of Media Power on society.

Media Collaboration – UNDP, Tirana, Albania (June/2000 – July/2002)

Media Collaboration for T.V program “Weapons exchange for Development” – The role of women in disarming of the entire population.

Organize and give artistic and technical assistance to perform the program broadcast on T.V. The program was a combination of documentaries, Interview with the ambassador of UNDP, participants in studio and interviews with different people who give their opinion about the issues.

External Collaborator - UNCHR, Tirana, Albania (September/2001 – January/2002)

Create a relationship between the Faculty of Social Science and UNHCR at the academic level to allow the best students of the fourth year, working as volunteer and office assistant at this organization. Establish contact with UNHCR Press Media Officer regarding Press Releases.

Social Worker – International Institute of Children, Tirana, Albania (ICI) (March/1998 – February/1999)
Prepare agenda and provide logistic support to the head of institution. Work mainly with children of secondary schools in Tirana and offer them a psycho-social help especially to the children who came during Kosovo crises.

Trainer of Youth, Youth Coordinator – ASMA/PSI, Programmer Executer of UNFPA, Tirana, Albania (November/1998- December 1999)

Assist the Country representative in preparation and publication of the UNFPA Annual Report.

Classify and record the incoming publication and distribute extra copies to the related partners.

Series of training courses with young people about HIV-AIDS and transmitted disease.
Producer/Organizer/Speaker – Norba/T.V. (05/1998 – 01/2001)

Program Show for youth discussing about social problems.

University Teaching:
Lecturer – University of Tirana, Department of Social Work, Albania. (November 2000 – current) Courses offered:

  1. Problems of Social Work

  2. Psychology of Communication

  3. Practicum

Professional Instruction:

Trainer for Gender Issues – different national and state organizations and institutions/Albania
Trainer for Participation in Budgeting Process – European Development Center, state institution and organization, municipalities/ Albania
Trainer for Psychological and Social Issues – Institute of Psychological Studies, School Directors in national level
Trainer for Organization and Management Skills – different national organizations and state organization and institutions/Albania

Local Consultant in the negation process– PSI (International Services about Population)/Tirana, Albania

Prepare a organization marketing package; portfolio of ideas, initiatives, projects, services, promote organization efficiency, competence, transparency.

Research, Evaluation and Translation:

Project Evaluator and Consultant – International Humanitarian “Aksion Plus” Organization, Program for Improvement of Services for Young People in different social topics – since January 2003
Project Evaluator and Consultant – Women Center – Tirana – Gender and Woman Issues Program – since January 2002

Translator of academic text books – UNICEF / Department of Social Work / Tirana, Albania (January/2001 – January1/2002)

Translation and adaptation for the publishing academic text books on Psychology, Social Work, and Human Behavior.

Diploma Theme Study – University of Tirana, Department of Social Work, Tirana Albania

Study Theme on “Social Psychological Effects of Posttraumatic Stress on Raped and Abused Women”. (February/2000 – July/2000)

Formal Education:

Master in Social Work General (on going) Faculty of Social Science, Department of Social Work

Publications and Interviews:

2004 – The incidence of adultery in Albanian reality – Monthly Magazine

2004 – Sexuality and Complexity during adolescence – Monthly Magazine

2003- Migration and the main reason of poverty in Albania- National Television

2003 – Youth Identity – Institute of Social Policies

2002- Women and Albanian Society- National Television- News Interview

1999- STD and HIV-AIDS issues- National Television- Interview in weekly program addressing social issues.

Conference Presentations and Papers:

2004 - Training Course “Youth Leadership Training of Trainers Program”, organized by Partners Albania (May)

2003 - Training course on “Youth Leadership”, organized by Partners Albania (June)

2003 - Training course on “Conflict Management”, organized by Partners-Albania (March)

2002 - Training course on “Project Management and Implementation”, organized by Partners-Albania. (June)

2002 - Summer University in Political Science organized by the Albanian Political Science Association in Tirana, Albania, (July)

2002 - Training course: “The Development of University Curricula’s in Gender Issues” (December)

2001-Training of Trainers course: “Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Contraception and Communication”, organized by International Humanitarian Assistance and SEATS Project. (March)

2001 - “Social Problems in Health Issues” –Rumania

2000 - Training Course called: “Youth Leadership and Civil Services”, organized by the Directorate of Youth and Sport and the Council of Europe (April).

1999 - Psychosocial training “Mother-child-father Relation”, organized by SOROS Foundation Albania. (December)

1999 - Training for “Social politics and similar problems in Albania”, organized by Albanian National Center for Social Studies (August).

1999 - Training on “Institutional Development and Strategic Plan”, organized by Albanian Youth Council, IRC and ANTTARC (July).

1999 - Training on “Psychosocial help in emergence”, organized by UNICEF-Albania (May).

Professional Membership:

  • Member of Social Work Association (Albania)

  • Member board of ALPSA- Albanian Political Science Association

Language Skills:

  • Albanian – mother tongue

  • English – fluent

  • Italian – fluent

Computer Skills:

DOS and WINDOWS System of Operation: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, SPSS,

EXCEL, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.




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