Speaking part 2 Describe an English class that you enjoyed?

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Speaking part 2

Speaking part 2

  1. Describe an English class that you enjoyed?

English is not my mother tongue. I had learnt English in my childhood. However, because of lack of practice, I thought I needed to revise my basics before I took the IELTS exam.
So, I recently attended an English class while I was starting my preparation. Actually, when I started the preparation, I got some of my writing tasks evaluated by teachers. My teachers told me that I was making grammatical mistakes and I was making errors in the usage of tenses especially. At first, I picked up the grammar book by Wren & Martin but it was too big. I think I read the first two chapters and then gave up. I didn't have the time or the patience to read the whole book. So, I searched for some English tense’s lessons on YouTube. There I came across a group of lectures on various tenses on a channel called Learn English with Milly. The lectures had me hooked from the get go. The most interesting part of the lectures was that they made comparisons between the tenses. It was like the lectures had been custom made to address the problem I was facing because the main problem I was facing was in tenses. The teacher explained everything in detail and although the lectures were long, I didn't get bored. I think it was because of the humor. After every few minutes, the teacher said something that grabbed my attention and made me alert. I never felt like I was attending a lecture but rather enjoying a fun conversation with time. I think my English has improved a lot because of those lessons and I am really glad I stumbled upon those videos.
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