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2017 Georgia Games Championships

Track & Field (Open/Masters) General Information

July 23, 2017 – Marietta High School

Georgia Games Championship Entry Form


Date: Sunday - July 23, 2017

Site: Marietta High School


Entry Fee: $23.00 for first event, $5.00 each additional event. Relays are free with one paid running or field event.

*Out of state residents add $5.00 to entry fee.

*Late registration maybe taken at event plus additional $5.00 to entry fee.
Pre-Entry Deadline: July 7, 2017 by 5:00pm, NOT postmarked by.

Additional $10 late fee per person charged after July 14. At discretion of Director.

Divisions: Open (19-29), Masters (30+)

Determined by your age 12/31/2017

Contact: For General Questions: Dominic Middleton at (901) 864-2632 or


Meet is sanctioned by USA Track & Field; however, you do not have to be a member of USATF to participate.


  1. Athletes must register for a minimum of one (1) paid event to be eligible for the relay event at no charge.

  2. There is a separate entry form for relay events. All relay entry forms must be submitted separately for each relay team.

  3. Team competes in age group of youngest team member. According to USATF rules, relay groups compete in different age groupings than regular track and field events. These are noted on the Relay Entry Form.

  4. Relays may be formed the day of the meet. Deadline for roster is one (1) hour before scheduled relay.


  1. As established by USA Track & Field.

  2. Participants in the field events must provide their own equipment. These will be approved for use in competition the day of the meet.

  3. Heats/Prelims: 100M, 200M, 400M – If 9 or more are entered in any age group, a final will be contested at the end of all other running events. Eight will go to the finals (heat winners and the next fastest times). All other running events will be run as finals, regardless of the number of the participants.

  4. You may register for as many events as you like. Please keep in mind any scheduling conflicts and register responsibly.


  1. All times are approximate and events may start up to 30 minutes before the published start time.

  2. Depending on the number of entries per age group/event, age groups may be combined. 1st through 3rd place awards will be based on age group.


All times are approximate and events may start up to 30 minutes before the published times.

Meet will be conducted on a rolling schedule. Do not assume times.

In all running events, the order will be Women-Men.
7:30 a.m. 3000M Race Walk (All Ages)
Running Events: Field Events:

8:30 a.m. 5000M Run 9:00 a.m. Long Jump

4x100 Relay Shot Put

1500M Run High Jump

400M Prelim

Short Hurdles (80, 100, 110m) 11:00 a.m. Pole Vault

1500m Race Walk Discus

400M Final Triple Jump

800M Run 12:00 p.m. Javelin

100M Final

Long Hurdles (400m,200M)

200M Prelim

3000M Run

4x400 Relay

200M Final


From Atlanta: Take I-75 to exit 265 (SR 120 Loop / N. Marietta Pkwy). Turn left at top of ramp onto SR-120 Loop (N. Marietta Parkway NE). Turn right (west) onto SR-120 (Whitlock Ave. NW). Marietta High School is approximately 3 miles on the left.
From Points North: Take I-75 to exit 265 (SR 120 Loop / N. Marietta Pkwy). Turn right at top of ramp onto SR-120 Loop (N. Marietta Parkway NE). Turn right (west) onto SR-120 (Whitlock Ave. NW). Marietta High School is approximately 3 miles on the left.

Georgia Games Official Individual

Athlete Form & Waiver

Sport Event Information: Please Fill out All Information: (REQUIRED)

Division (circle one):

Open (19-29): 19-24 25-29

Masters (30+): 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80+

Male ____ Female ____

Track Events: Field Events:

Account Summary:
1st Event STD $23 =_________

# of Additional Events____ x $5 =_________

Relays ____ x =___N/C___

Out of State Fee Per Player ($5) =_________

Change Fee ____ x $10 =_________

Late Fee $5 =_________

Donations =_________
Total =_________
1. _______________________ 1. _______________________

2. _______________________ 2. _______________________

3. _______________________ 3. _______________________

4. _______________________ 4. _______________________

5. _______________________ 5. _______________________

Relay Event(s) (You must fill out separate relay entry form)

Athletes must register for a minimum of one (1) paid running

or field event in order to be eligible for the relay event

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

Team/Club Name: _______________________

Georgia Games Championship Entry Form

Athlete Information: Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address/Apt #_____________________________________________________________________________________________

City/Town County State Zip
Phone Numbers: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Daytime Evening Cell Phone

Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: (M/D/Y)______________________ Sex: _____ T-Shirt Size (Adult: AS, AM, AL, AXL, AXXL): _____

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Name: ________________________________________ Phone: __________________________


    In consideration of being permitted to participate in or assisting others in participation in the Georgia Games Championships (“Championships”)/District Sports Festivals, and related events and activities, on behalf of myself, or a minor child or ward, heir, next of kin, personal representative, successor or assign;


    1. To the best of my knowledge, I am in GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION and have no disease or injury that would be aggravated by participating in activities related to the Championships;

    2. Participating or assisting other in participating in the Championships may involve RISK OF INJURY TO ME, INCLUDING DEATH, LOSS OR DAMAGE TO ME OR MY PROPERTY, or other consequences, which might result not only from my own actions, in actions or negligence but also the actions, in actions or negligence of others, the rules play, or the conditions of the premises or of any equipment used;

    3. There may be OTHER RISKS not known or not reasonably foreseeable; and Understanding All of the Above,


    1. The State of Georgia or any of its agencies, District Sports Festivals, the Georgia State Games Commission, the Georgia Sports Foundations, its Commissioners, its Board of Directors, its employees, agents, volunteers, coaches, trainers, or officials affiliated with their programs;

    2. Any affiliated subsidiary, successor, organization, or related companies or businesses, other participants, participating or sponsoring municipalities, governmental agencies, international organizations, agencies, sponsors, or advertisers, the respective administrators, officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, or volunteers of such entities or organizations;

    3. The National Congress of State Games (NCSG), the Southeast Sports Festival, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and/or their respective representatives, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns;

    4. Owners, lessors and lessees of premises used to conduct the Games FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSON OR PROPERTY, OR ANY OTHER CONSEQUENCE in connection with entry in or arising out of participation in, performance in or lack of performance in, including travel en route to and from the Championships.

    1. I AGREE THAT:

    1. Prior to participating as an athlete, I, or in the case of a minor, a parent or guardian, will INSPECT the facilities and equipment to be used, and If I believe same to be unsafe, I will immediately REPORT such condition(s) to the athletic coach, supervisor or official connected with the Championships of same and either DECLINE TO PARTICIPATE or ASSUME THE RISK of participating;

    2. I will ALLOW my PHOTOGRAPH, PICTURE or LIKENESS and/or VOICE to APPEAR in any official documentary, promotional (including and all advertisements), television, radio or film coverage of the Championships, WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

    1. I CONSENT TO:

    1. ALL EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT as may be deemed appropriate under existing circumstances by medical personnel or personnel associated with the Championships. I HAVE READ THIS FORM IN ITS ENTIRITY AND HAVE PROVIDED TRUTHFUL INFORMATION.

Name of Athlete (print) Signature of Athlete (if at least 18 years of age) Date

Georgia Games Championships

General Information

Georgia Games Championship Entry Form

Georgia State Games – Developed to promote “grassroots” amateur sports and an improved quality of life, the Georgia State Games attracts athletes from a variety of backgrounds, ages and skill levels. Each year the Georgia Games continues to develop programs that fit the athletic and lifestyle needs of the Georgia public. As a member of the National Congress of State Games (NCSG), which is a community based, multi-sport member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Georgia Games is committed to enhance and promote participation in amateur sports.

Advance to Regionals or Nationals –

NATIONALS - Every two years, 40 State Games come together as one to participate in a national competition, the State Games of America. All medal winners from State Games programs are eligible to compete. For more information, visit
About the Georgia Games Championships – The Georgia Games Championships is a sports festival created for Georgia’s amateur athletes. Patterned after the Summer Olympics, the Championships will consist of 40 sports providing Georgia’s amateur athletes, of all ages and skill levels, a meaningful opportunity to participate in a true amateur sport competition.
Who Can Compete – All residents of Georgia who have lived in the state for at least 30 days prior to the date of competition for their sport are eligible if they meet the requirements specified by that sport. Georgia residents attending school or serving in the military in other states are also eligible. Residents of South Carolina and Tennessee are invited to participate as well.
How To Enter NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION! Visit our website to register online and receive a discount. Entry forms may be obtained by visiting our web site or by calling 770-528-3580. Participants are encouraged to note deadlines and register early for all competitions. A signed agreement, release and waiver of liability and payment of an entry fee is required in order to compete.

  • Entry received after maximum numbers of teams or individuals are bracketed.

  • Insufficient number of teams or individuals entered.

  • Entry received from a non-qualified athlete.

Insurance – Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. In some instances, the National Governing Body (NGB), which sanctions an event, may have secondary coverage. Medical aid will be available in the event of an emergency, injury or illness. Preparation for competition, such as taping, will not be provided.
Governing Body Registration/Membership – NGB registration requirements vary between sports. Please check your sport event information for details.
Number of Sports Entered - You may enter as many sports as you wish, as long as the events are not held at conflicting times. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make sure there are no schedule conflicts in the sports he/she enters.
Awards – All participants will receive an official Georgia Games Championships commemorative T-shirt. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the first three places. With the inclusion of out-of-state athletes, no Georgian will be displaced for a medal. See your Event Director with any questions regarding this information. The Georgia Games Sportsmanship Award will be presented to the male and female in each sport who best exemplifies the positive attributes of a model competitor. Additionally, one male and one female athlete from the pool of Sportsmanship Award winners will be nominated for the State Games Athlete of the Year Award.
Organizers The Georgia State Games Commission and the Georgia Games staff, assisted by thousands of volunteers, carry out the various tasks associated with the execution of the Georgia Games Championships.

For More Information Contact: P.O. Box 2043 Kennesaw, GA 30156

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