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One of the best in-jokes in movie history is the casting of Bernard Lee as a shopkeeper who gets beaten up in this film. The main character describes members of his profession as “seedy, squalid bastards,” and while working at the Blantyre Institute of Psychical Research he is approached by the homosexual Ashe, who then passes him along to Carlton and Peters. Eventually he discovers that Nan Perry, his innocent love interest, has been manipulated in order to discredit Fiedler’s prosecution of the ex-Nazi Mundt, and the whole plot was orchestrated by George Smiley. FTP, name this cynical 1965 drama that earned Richard Burton an Oscar nomination as Alec Leamas and was based on the acclaimed espionage novel by John le Carré.

ANSWER: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

First and last name required. This name is shared by two completely unrelated FICTIONAL characters. Lesley Ann Warren sang “What I’ve Always Wanted” and “I’m Not Finished Yet” as one of them in a 1975 telefilm based on a Broadway musical; also, Joan Alexander played her in a series of movies beginning in 1941. The other flirtatiously tells Bill Calhoun that she is “Always True to You in My Fashion” and asks him, “Why Can’t You Behave?” after learning that he owes $10,000 to gangsters. She also shows off her legs singing “Too Darn Hot” to get Cole Porter to cast her as Bianca in one of his musicals. FTP, the actress portrayed by Ann Miller in 1953’s Kiss Me Kate shares what name with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist depicted onscreen by Kate Bosworth and Margot Kidder?

ANSWER: Lois Lane (prompt on partial answer)

This movie was based on a non-fiction book by Kenyon J. Scudder, a former supervisor at the California Institution for Men. Legendary jazz musician Dexter Gordon, who was serving time in Chino during filming, can be seen in a bit part, while the lead role of Steve Davitt was played by NFL star Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch. The sole element that has saved it from obscurity – a song performed by Todd Duncan and later covered by Les Baxter, Al Hibbler, and Harry Belafonte – earned an Oscar nod for Hy Zaret and Alex North. A famous Phil Spector-produced version of that ballad, with Bobby Hatfield vocals, was sent back up the charts by the 1990 film Ghost. FTP, name this 1955 men-in-prison drama whose namesake “Melody” became a huge hit for the Righteous Brothers.

ANSWER: Unchained (do not accept “Unchained Melody”)

Lee Grant and Chad Everett appear at an unexpectedly erotic moment in this movie, and a sex scene is shot as an homage to Persona. Among the characters are a neighbor who talks about a “prize-fighting kangaroo,” a mobster – played by a composer – who spits out espresso, a man who collapses after seeing a bum behind a dumpster, a hitman who shoots a fat woman and a janitor, and a pool cleaner portrayed by Billy Ray Cyrus. Central events include a car crash, a cowboy’s speech, the discovery of an oddly-shaped blue key, and a performance of “Crying” at Club Silencio. Eventually Betty becomes Diane, and Rita becomes Camilla, or something like that, in, FTP, what enigmatic 2001 film starring Laura Harring and Naomi Watts as lesbians, from the mind of David Lynch?

ANSWER: Mulholland Dr.

This actress made her debut as a young girl whose sister is targeted by the Palladists, a Satanic cult, in the Val Lewton-produced The Seventh Victim. In another film, a British fighter pilot played by David Niven manages to escape death because she loves him. One of her characters gets killed shortly after giving birth to a baby that repeats the word “Mama” as the credits roll; in an earlier movie, that character had kissed the hero despite calling him “so damn ugly.” In her most famous role, she dumps her husband for raping Blanche, even though he stands outside her window in the rain yelling her name. FTP, name this A Matter of Life and Death co-star who portrayed Dr. Zira in Planet of the Apes and won an Oscar as “STELLA!!!!” Kowalski in 1951’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

ANSWER: Kim Hunter

This man cast Robert Mitchum as an arrogant doctor in Not As a Stranger, his directorial debut, and Dick Van Dyke played a priest in his last movie, The Runner Stumbles. He produced the Broadway adaptations Cyrano de Bergerac and The Caine Mutiny, as well as films about racism in the military, handicapped veterans, and teenage motorcycle gangs, while as a director he tackled nuclear war in On the Beach and brought to the screen Abby Mann’s teleplay about Nazi atrocities. Spencer Tracy starred as a corrupt detective in one of his few comedies; he also used Tracy as Clarence Darrow manqué and as a liberal whose daughter marries a black man. FTP, name this socially conscious filmmaker whose 9 Oscar nods came for works like Ship of Fools, Judgment at Nuremberg, and Inherit the Wind.

ANSWER: Stanley Kramer

From 1982, when this recognition was first given on a regular basis, until 2005, Cyrano de Bergerac was the only foreign-language film nominated for it; however, both of the past two winners have been in a foreign language. As of 2008, Greg Cannom and Ve Neill have each been nominated for it eight times. There have been two honorary recipients: William Tuttle, for 1964’s 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, and John Chambers – who later helped the CIA get Americans out of Iran – for 1968’s Planet of the Apes. The only non-acting Oscar lost by Titanic, this is, FTP, what Academy Award that has been given a record 6 times to Rick Baker?

ANSWER: the Academy Award (or Oscar) for Best Makeup

The protagonist of this movie refers to an opponent as a “Saracen pig” and “Spartan dog,” while the villains are described as people who “call information for numbers they could easily look up in the book” by the High Macha of Raspur. The filmmaker makes an appearance to describe “death and danger” as his “various breads and various butters,” and when asked if can help the audience by summarizing the plot, replies, “No.” Playboy Playmate China Lee does a striptease over the closing credits, and two actresses who starred in You Only Live Twice appear as Teri and Suki Yaki, a pair of sisters who aid Phil Moscowitz in retrieving a top-secret egg salad recipe. Derived from the Japanese thriller Key of Keys, this is, FTP, what 1966 Woody Allen classic of re-dubbing?

ANSWER: What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

According to a 2006 Seth Green interview, this man inspired the voice of Chris on Family Guy. After an early part as Pocono Pete in Ironweed, he lent support to Mare Winningham’s Oscar-nominated performance by playing her husband in Georgia, and he was a Confederate general hypnotized into barking like a dog in Wild Wild West. Also memorable in both a film and an (unrelated) TV series called Wonderland and as the voice of evil trucker Rusty Nail in Joy Ride, he appeared in 2007 as three law enforcement officials: a sheriff in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, a detective in American Gangster, and his regular television role. FTP, name this actor who said, “It puts the lotion in the basket” in The Silence of the Lambs and portrays Leland Stottlemeyer on Monk.

ANSWER: Ted Levine

One character in this movie is told not to worry because “Hitchcock will stay with you.” The protagonist calls his nemesis “greedy, unfeeling, inept, indifferent, self-inflating, and unconscionably profitable,” but he chooses to go back to his job at the end despite it being “like pissing in the wind.” The opening narration describes how the death of Guernsey due to incompetence allowed Dr. Schaefer to find a place to have sex. Mrs. Christie is asked, “Where do you train your nurses – Dachau?”, and the “Paraclete of Caborca” inspires Drummond to take revenge by making physicians victims of their own bureaucracy. Co-starring Diana Rigg as a hippie chick who restores the potency of Dr. Herbert Bock, played by George C. Scott, this is, FTP, what 1971 Arthur Hiller-directed black comedy, a trenchant satire of the state of modern health care that won an Oscar for screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky?

ANSWER: The Hospital

Mischa Auer appears in this film as the operator of a flea circus, while Michael Redgrave plays Burgomil Trebitsch, an Amsterdam antiques dealer. It begins with an epigraph containing the phrase, “Anything, sir ... except your secret” and a description of an empty plane flying itself to Paris. The title character is first seen telling the story of “The Scorpion and the Frog” at a costume party. The protagonist visits Sophie in Mexico, tries to save Jacob Zouk in Vienna, and eventually ends up in Spain, where he reveals to Raina – played by the director’s wife, Paola Mori – the truth about her father. Robert Arden starred as Guy von Stratten in, FTP, what movie adapted from three episodes of the radio series The Adventures of Harry Lime, a 1955 work by Orson Welles?

ANSWER: Mr. Arkadin or Confidential Report

This man’s film debut was as a movie-house usher in They Might Be Giants, and he had an uncredited role as the title character’s partner in Serpico. He has appeared as moral exemplars like Abraham Lincoln and the Biblical figures Mordecai, Lot, and – in Muppets in Space – Noah; on the other hand, he also played real-life gangsters Arnold Rothstein and Al Capone, as well as Stalin (twice!) and a parody of Hannibal Lecter in National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1. He replies, “You know, I kill a lot of people; I can’t remember half of them” after Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero references his Oscar-winning performance. FTP, name this portrayer of Ad’har Ru’afo in the Star Trek universe who shouted, “I absolve you!” as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus.

ANSWER: F. Murray Abraham

This man’s last part was, believe it or not, the voice of a scientist on a 1992 episode of Goof Troop. He also voiced Wylie Burp in Fievel Goes West and co-starred with another well-known dog in The Magic of Lassie. Other roles include General Sternwood in the 1978 remake The Big Sleep, a cowboy whose brother dies and leaves him a brothel in The Cheyenne Social Club, the father of a kid with a crush on Brigitte Bardot in Dear Brigitte, a crusading reporter who gets an innocent man freed in Call Northside 777, the pilot of a plane that crash-lands in the desert in The Flight of the Phoenix, and a clown in The Greatest Show on Earth. Also memorable as real-life figures Monty Stratton, Charles Lindbergh, and Glenn Miller, he worked 8 times with Anthony Mann, plus 4 with Alfred Hitchcock and 3 with Frank Capra. FTP, name this star of Rope, Harvey, Anatomy of a Murder, and Vertigo.

ANSWER: James Stewart

This director helmed a famously open-ended movie starring Philip Hubbard as an impoverished professor and Louis Calhern as one of his students, The Blot, as well as making two films based on Clara Louise Burnham’s Christian Science novel Jewel: A Chapter in Her Life and supervising Anna Pavlova’s only onscreen acting role, as an Italian waif whose affair with a Spanish nobleman triggers a revolution, in the epic The Dumb Girl of Portici. Known for tackling hot-button issues like abortion in Where Are My Children?, the death penalty in The People vs. John Doe, and alcoholism in Hop – The Devil’s Brew, this is, FTP, what pioneering silent-era filmmaker whose 1914 The Merchant of Venice is considered to be the first full-length feature directed by a woman?

ANSWER: Lois Weber

Located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, this entity was originally established in 1899. In 1998, it was bought for $375,000 by Tyler Cassity, whose family owns several similar venues in Missouri. Its website describes “concierge services” including “freshly baked cookies” and “laminated keepsakes,” and it is the site of John Wyatt’s Cinespia film screening series. Known as one of the few institutions of its kind open to public tours, this is, FTP, what Los Angeles landmark lying directly adjacent to the north wall of Paramount Studios, where you can go to visit Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, and countless other resting luminaries?

ANSWER: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

This woman portrayed a lesbian schoolgirl on Inspector Morse and the girlfriend of Nigel Timson in an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. She made her acting debut in Bruce Beresford’s segment of Aria and played the wife of heroin-addicted sitcom writer Jerry Stahl in the film version of his memoir Permanent Midnight. One role sees her as a South African stripper who tells a drug dealer, “I’ve got something that’ll wake you up” before kicking him in the genitals and threatening to “shock his dick!”, while in another she aids the escape of her villainous boyfriend by posing as a stewardess and shooting two FBI agents. Though she appeared topless in 2000’s The Weight of Water, in her most famous part she and her co-star studiously avoid onscreen nudity in hilarious ways. FTP, name this devilish co-star of Dangerous Ground, Passenger 57, Bedazzled, and the first Austin Powers movie.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Hurley

One director with this distinction is known for the 2003 BBC miniseries State of Play. A man not part of this group – but who has worked closely with it – helmed 1989’s The Fabulous Baker Boys and got an Oscar nod for Wonder Boys. A second member made a movie starring Maribel Verdú that a Palo Alto theater advertised as “98% gratuitous sex, 2% redeeming plot,” while a third directed Donnie Brasco, Pushing Tin, and, right before he joined this group, Mona Lisa Smile. The first of them scripted Gremlins and founded 1492 Pictures. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Home Alone, and Y tu mamá también are among the previous projects of filmmakers like David Yates, Mike Newell, Alfonso Cuarón, and Chris Columbus, who then worked on, FTP, what fantasy franchise?

ANSWER: people who have directed Harry Potter movies

This actor yells, “Beauty belongs to the man who can appreciate it!” before being gunned down by Burt Lancaster in The Train; he later reunited with Lancaster as a Soviet spymaster in Scorpio. After making his screen debut playing King Philip II of Spain in That Lady, he starred opposite Katharine Hepburn in a film of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance and portrayed King Lear for Peter Brook. He states, “$64,000 for a question? I hope they are asking you the meaning of life” in his Oscar-nominated performance as Mark Van Doren in Quiz Show, while his most well-known character stands on silence and describes himself as “His Majesty’s good servant, but God’s first” before losing his head. FTP, name this British thespian who won an Academy Award as Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons.

ANSWER: Paul Scofield

This actress made her film debut as Lola in the ‘50s-set period piece The Delinquents. She played a scientist with the Fassbinder-inspired name “Petra von Kant” in a famously unfunny 1996 “comedy,” while in another movie she does her character’s signature “thrust kick.” Her breakthrough came as the mechanic Charlene on a TV series, and the role of Astrid Peth, a waitress who gives her life to save the hero, was written especially for her by Russell Davies on Dr. Who. FTP, name this Bio-Dome and Street Fighter co-star who performed a medley of “The Sound of Music” and “Children of the Revolution” as the Green Fairy in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!

ANSWER: Kylie Minogue

One of the few things we learn about this character is that his wife is in an institution. It is unknown what he thinks of his daughter’s husband Philip, but he is unperturbed when he catches a half-naked man sneaking out of her room. That boyfriend breaks into the library in order to see the “Red Set” containing this man’s notes from when he was a student, and later publicly calls him a “son of a bitch,” earning the response, “That is the most intelligent thing you’ve said all day.” This occurs directly after his most famous quote: “Mr. Hart, here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you ever becoming a lawyer.” John Houseman won an Oscar as, FTP, what crusty Harvard Law School professor from the film and TV series The Paper Chase?

ANSWER: Professor Charles Kingsfield

This man’s acting roles include Charlie Trask in The Affairs of Dobie Gillis and Frank Lippincott in My Sister Eileen. He helmed five movies, including one about murdered centerfold Dorothy Stratten, and earned Academy Award nominations for three of them. Stanley Donen cast him as a snake in The Little Prince, but many consider the turning point of his career to be the “From This Moment On” number he performed alongside longtime collaborator Carol Haney in Kiss Me Kate. In addition to Star 80 and Lenny, he made two Fellini-inspired musicals, one based on Nights of Cabiria and the other an autobiographical gloss on , and won an Oscar for staging a work by Kander & Ebb. FTP, name this director of Sweet Charity, All That Jazz, and Cabaret.

ANSWER: Bob Fosse

This woman earned Oscar nods for two consecutive films – 15 years apart. In Dario Argento’s Trauma, she says the word “Nicholas” after getting decapitated. She played Auntie Em in Walter Murch’s disturbing Return to Oz and gave an Emmy-nominated performance as a Japanese man (!). Her first major role saw her as a limping alcoholic who commits suicide after a humiliating sexual encounter, but she has spent the past 30 years doing variations on a single character type, from 2006’s The Dead Girl to her Academy Award-nominated turn in Children of a Lesser God to her portrayal of a harridan who curses her daughter’s “dirty pillows” and shrieks, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” FTP, name this The Hustler and Twin Peaks star who perfected the “domineering mother” in Carrie.

ANSWER: Piper Laurie

The only recipient of the “Directed and Edited by” credit, this man was secretly approached to take over Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate. Gabriel Pascal hired him to edit the Shaw adaptations Pygmalion and Major Barbara, while Powell and Pressburger used him on 49th Parallel and One of Our Aircraft Is Missing. Terence Rattigan scripted his The Sound Barrier, and several of his films were based on the work of his mentor Noel Coward. His first movie in color cast Katharine Hepburn as an American widow in Venice; he went on to make five more color films and was working on an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo when he died. A vicious Pauline Kael review caused the 14-year gap between Ryan’s Daughter and A Passage to India. FTP, name this multiple Oscar winner who got 3 of the top 5 spots on the BFI 100 for such works as Great Expectations and Lawrence of Arabia.

ANSWER: David Lean

This woman appeared as a hippie chick who flirts with McGarrett on the pilot of Hawaii Five-O. In The Wrecking Crew, she has a Bruce Lee-choreographed karate fight with Sharon Tate. Another role sees her lip-synch to a famous song declaring that “When men say I’m cute and funny/And my teeth aren’t teeth, but pearl/I just lap it up like honey” because “I enjoy being a girl!” Her hairstyle in The Wild Affair became an extremely popular Vidal Sassoon cut, but the name of one of her characters, a prostitute who comforts American artist Robert Lomax in Hong Kong, is now a slur akin to “Uncle Tom” for Asian women. FTP, name this ‘60s sex symbol who starred in The World of Suzie Wong and played Linda Low in the film of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song.

ANSWER: Nancy Kwan

This movie’s protagonist replies, “I have to eat it” when his grandmother asks him what the penalty is for failing to deliver a pizza. His girlfriend is confused as to why a fake name appears on a birthday cake during a scene that features a moving sing-along to James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” Law & Order’s Steven Hill appears as the father of Annie Pope, who taught her son how to play the piano well enough for him to get a scholarship to Julliard. Unfortunately, this threatens to tear apart a family which is bound together by the fact that both parents are on the run from the FBI after a ’60s radical act of protest went wrong. FTP, name this 1989 Sidney Lumet film that starred Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti and earned an Oscar nomination for River Phoenix.

ANSWER: Running on Empty

One of this man’s few acting turns in recent years was as the voice of Tom Colonic in Osmosis Jones. Earlier credits include a child prodigy named “Genius” in Bert I. Gordon’s Village of the Giants, the title role in the Emmy-winning 1975 telefilm Huckleberry Finn, Eddie in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and a teenager who idolizes John Wayne in The Shootist. He and his father co-wrote and starred in the Roger Corman-produced Grand Theft Auto, which became his directing debut. Also memorable as Winthrop in The Music Man and Steve Bolander in American Graffiti, he originated one of his most famous characters on an episode of Love, American Style. FTP, name this Oscar-winning filmmaker who first charmed us as TV’s Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham.

ANSWER: Ron(ny) Howard

This film opens with Leo McKern and Ian Hendry being buried alive in sand and ends with a quotation from 2 Corinthians 11:13. Get Carter director Mike Hodges co-wrote the screenplay, and in one scene Sgt. Neff tells the title character not to attract attention, saying, “The day will come when everyone will know who you are, but that day is not yet.” The deaths of Joan Hart and Aunt Marion are linked to a sinister crow, while Bill Atherton gets trapped beneath ice and Dr. Kane is memorably sliced in two by an elevator. At the end, the protagonist is betrayed and murdered by his own wife, the whore of Babylon, before he can use the daggers of Megiddo. FTP, name this 1978 horror movie starring William Holden that continues the saga of Damien Thorn.

ANSWER: Damien: Omen II (prompt on “Damien”) (only accept “The Omen II” if no one protests)

This woman’s first notable film performance was as real-life murderess Ruth Ellis in Dance with a Stranger, while her two Oscar nominations came as T.S. Eliot’s disturbed spouse in Tom & Viv and as the wife of a philandering politician in Damage. She took on three parts, including the mother of a schizophrenic, in David Cronenberg’s Spider and won a Golden Globe for Enchanted April, in addition to playing an IRA terrorist in The Crying Game. In one role she has a surprisingly homoerotic kiss with Nicole Kidman, while in another she is a vengeful witch who commits several murders before being dragged to hell by a sinister horseman. FTP, name this The Hours and Sleepy Hollow actress also known as the Harry Potter universe’s Rita Skeeter and as Queen Elizabeth in Blackadder.

ANSWER: Miranda Richardson

In one of this writer’s early screenplays, Invasion of the Bee Girls, a mutation causes beautiful women to *ahem* men to death. He helmed a landmark 1983 telefilm about the fallout from a nuclear war, The Day After, while H.G. Wells uses a time machine to travel to present-day San Francisco and stop Jack the Ripper in his 1979 directorial debut, Time After Time. A 1986 film he co-scripted has a similar premise, in that some familiar characters voyage into the past and visit San Francisco in order to save the whales. The recipient of a 1976 Oscar nod for adapting to the screen his novel which sees Sigmund Freud meet Sherlock Holmes, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, this is, FTP, what man known for co-writing the fourth and directing the second and sixth movies in the Star Trek franchise?

ANSWER: Nicholas

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