St. James Episcopal Church Annual Meeting January 18, 2015

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St. James Episcopal Church
Annual Meeting
January 18, 2015

God dwells in the unexpected as well as the expected places. Gorgeously constructed edifices that took centuries to complete, and tiny natural gardens offering a glimpse of creation. And right where you are right now.

Taken from The Episcopal Liturgical Appointment Calendar

The Reverend Robert E. Willmann, Rector

The Reverend Kathryn Clausen, Priest Associate

The Reverend Robert L. Morris, Priest Associate

The Reverend Susan Riis, Deacon

The Reverend Robert Howell, Deacon
Office Hours

8:30 am -12:00 pm Tuesday through Friday

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Thursday
Worship Times

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Sunday 8:00 am and 10:00 am
Vestry Members

Becca Abele, John Benson, Eric Blake, Lee Donoho,

Sherry Gillespie, Jeffery Lanning, Kelly Miller, Martha Staley, Janet Stewart, Barbara White, Jane Ellen Wiles

Mindy Rush, Administrative Assistant

Lee Martin Sexton

Tom Tompkins Organist

Kimberly Gillespie, Christian Education

David Schubach, Choir Director

January 2015

155 North Sixth Street

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


St. James Episcopal church

zanesville, ohio

St. James Episcopal Church

Special Points of Interest

and/or call-outs

The Lantern


Parish News

Up Coming Event:
St James Parish

Annual Meeting

January 18, 2015

Submitted by Sherry Gillespie

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is coming VERY soon. February 17, serving time is 4:30 to 7p.m.

We need your help!

Upstairs where the guests come in, Jane Donoho is cashier, Lee Donoho and hopefully Rob Morris will be our hosts (they will take the names and the number of people in each party, show people where they can hang their coats and sit until they are called downstairs. Needed is a runner (but you can walk) between the Chapel and dining room. Lou McElhaney is our dining room host.

Janet Stewart 454-2712 is in charge of the dining room help. Janet will need to have some servers who can be there early (4:15 at the latest), so we can start service. She will also need more volunteers as soon as possible for the rest of the serving time plus cleaning up the dining room.

Jane Ellen Wiles 450-1175 is in charge of the kitchen.

Jonathan Gillespie 455-2345 is in charge of the pancake flippers.

Martha Staley, cold room.

Sherry Gillespie, pancake mixers

Need someone to line up dishwashers

Babysitting will be provided for those who are in need of someone to watch their children.
Ticket chair- Martha Staley 697-7972
Cost of dinner is $10.00 and Children under 12, just having pancakes eat free with an adult.
Sherry Gillespie 453-3429

The on going project of refreshing the upstairs and downstairs bathroom goes on. I'd like to thank Maggie Collins, Marnie Tarleton, Carol Thompson, Michelle Dayton,and Dianne Ischy for their help with the painting. If anyone would like to come help, we will be starting again Jan. 14,10:00am.


Ordering Poinsettia plants to decorate the church for Christmas will begin on November 16th and will end December 10th. Each poinsettia plant is 20.00. The plants will be available for pick up after the 10:00 Eucharist on January 5, 2015. Please include the word POINSETTIA in the memo portion of your check.

please remember the last day to order poinsettias is december 10th!
Vestry nominations

Nominations are being accepted for positions on the Vestry. Inserts, to nominate, will be included in the December bulletins and may be placed in the offering plate. Please consider nominating yourself for a place on the Vestry!

Flyers of local events from Community Organizations
The flyers, with additional information, are located on the bulletin board in the Undercroft.
Muskingum county Chamber of commerce

The Chamber of Commerce has sent us several flyers on upcoming events.

1/31 - 2/3/201 - A Weekend with Jerry Lucas

1/17/2015 - Carson Drive at the K of C Hall

Community Coupon Books are on Sale


1-28-2015 - "Preventing Falls" by Senior Lifestyles and Injury Prevention (SLIP)

Up Coming Events (cont.)
Adult Education Class

An adult education class will begin Sunday 18 - at 9:00. The subject matter is catechism.

Submitted By Susan Benson

Our January Friendship Dinner is scheduled for January 31. Please sign up to help with serving this dinner.

We are asking for donations of Brownies for this dinner, the sign up sheet is in the undercroft.
Committee updates

Submitted by Sherry Gillespie
The ongoing project of refreshing the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms continues. I'd like to thank Maggie Collins, Marnie Tarleton, Carol Thompson, Michelle Dayton, and Dianne Ischy for their help with the painting. If anyone would like to come help, we will be starting again Jan. 14, 10:00am.
ECW will be holding a meeting with pot luck January 14 after the 5:30 Eucharist. Please notify Janet Stewart or Sherry Gillespie with your potluck item.

Submitted By Susan Benson
A HUGE thank you to Chuck and Mary Ann Winsor for sponsoring the December 27 Friendship Dinner, we appreciate your gift.
The December Friendship Dinner served 217 meals at a cost of $1.04 per meal. Coffee Hour

4- DOK


18- Annual Meeting



1 -

8 -

15 - Jane Donoho

22 -

155 North Sixth Street

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


St. James Episcopal Church Chart


4 – Poinsettias

11 – Janet and Charlie Stewart

18 – Susan and John Benson

25 -


1 -

8 - Linn

15 - Pat and Mindy Rush

22 -

January 2015

Parish News

Parish News


Spiritual Direction

Michelle Dayton, MD is offering Spiritual Direction. Spiritual direction encourages you to explore a closer relationship with God. In spiritual direction, you reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call Michelle at 740-704-0070. Michelle also leads the Centering Prayer sessions.

Centering prayer

Each Tuesday at 12:00 the Centering Prayer group meets in St. James House for an hour of peaceful reflection through Centering Prayer. Please call Michelle Dayton at or 740-705-0070 for more information.

Vestry Minutes

A copy of the minutes from the November Vestry meeting has been attached by email to the Lantern.

Prayer list and cards

Our weekly prayer list is located on the last page of your Sunday bulletin. To place someone on this list, prayer cards are available in the back of the church and next to the guest register. Once filled out please leave them in the offering plate. You may also call the office to place a name on the list or remove a name.

News you wish to share!

You are welcome to submit for inclusion in the Lantern, announcements about your family e.g. births, card showers, family illness, visiting family, graduations etc.

You may reach me by email at or by calling the church office at 453-9459

To insure inclusion please submit by the 23rd of the month.

155 North Sixth Street

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


January 2015

The Lantern

This and That


Please remember – that if you’re using the undercroft to: 1.To wash utensils/dishes AND to also dry and put them away. 2) If you’re using the dishwasher, please make plans to return to unload it as the next person not only doesn’t know if the dishes are clean, but must finish your tasks and 3) launder and return any towels/wash cloths used.


Please join us after our 10:00 Mass for coffee and conversation in the Undercroft. If you're able to host a coffee hour, the sign-up sheet is also located in the Undercroft.


If you wish to sponsor the altar flowers a sign up sheet is located in the Undercroft or you can call the office at 453-9459












8:00 Rite I

10:00 Rite II




Centering Prayer



5:30 Eucharist




5:30 Eucharist


8:00 Rite I

10:00 Rite II




Centering Prayer



10:00 AM ECW Painting Party

5:30 Eucharist

ECW Potluck and meeting





8:00 Rite I

9:00 Adult Ed Class

10:00 Rite II

Annual meeting

After 10:00




Centering Prayer



5:30 Eucharist

7:00 Vestry





8:00 Rite I

9:00 Adult Ed. Class

10:00 Rite II




Centering Prayer



5:30 Eucharist




Friendship Dinner

January 2015


Birthdays 1 Lori Eagleson 21 Elizabeth Ellen Dickerson

2 Greg Sites 25 Aaron Staley

Bodie Smith Wyatt Ray Gillespie

5 Karlie Sites 26 Charles Stewart

6 Tyson Kumorowski 29 Amy Adams

7 Laura Johnston 30 Becca Abele

13 Andy Linn 31 Emily Linn Green

Tracey Lynne Smith

Ryleigh Heinzman

Parker Heinzman

16 George M. McCloud

17 Ella Maria Willmann

We continue to keep our military men and women and their families in our prayers: Christopher Benson, Jeff Gum, Charles Winsor, Matt Richardson, Brian Wright, John Parks, Ben Spiker and Andy Mathes.
We pray also for the health and well-being of Janet Schneider, Renee Newsom, Fred Graff , Lee and Sharon Donoho, Dee Milian, Deborah Robinson Sekou, Ed Kumorowski, Harlan Barnes, Jadwiga Czarneck, Becky Yinger, Brent Kumorowski, Aaron Bradley, The Taylor Family, Sonnie Herron, Bill Lampton, Bob Welsh, Bob White, Mike Kline, Chuck Bailey, Marla, Ron Spiker, Richard Hughes, Larry Helzer, The Reiss Family, Laura, Florence Sullens, Bonnie Catlett, Patrick Matheney, Emy Robb, Helen Hoskinson, Ray Gillespie, John Graham, Terry Tysinger, Emily, Cassie Spiker, Marian Brandenberg, Rev. John Brandenberg Scott Johnson, and the entire St. James Family.

155 North Sixth Street

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Prayer Concerns

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