Standard Operating Procedures (sop) for Shimadzu uv-vis in rh385

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Shimadzu UV-VIS in RH385

Last Edited on July 12, 2017

PPE required

  1. Gloves, lab glasses, lab coat

Turning on UV-VIS

  1. Flip switch on the bottom left end of UVVIS

  2. Open UVProbe 2.21 program

  3. On the bottom, click on connect

    1. UV-VIS will go through a checklist of items.

    2. Click OK after checklist is finished

Taking Spectra

  1. To take a background, fill 2 cuvettes with the same solution, place them in the reference slot (R) and sample slot (S), and click on Baseline

    1. The program will ask for range of wavelength. Type in 700 to 200nm, then click ok

  2. Replace the cuvette in the sample slot with your actual sample. Be sure that the cuvette is 2/3 full.

  3. Click Start

  4. After the scan is done, select where to save the data

  5. To view data points, click on the icon that looks like a paper with writing on it. (to the right of the icon with an M in a circle)

  6. To organize data, copy and paste data onto your own excel sheet

  7. To save a single scan, go to file>save as.

Turning Off UV-VIS

  1. Click Disconnect

  2. Flip switch on UV-VIS off

  3. Always turn the system off when you do not plan to use it soon to conserve the lamp life

Download 3.92 Kb.

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