Subj: Take four Kinnaras Date: 97-11-26 14: 43: 21 est from: Emmasirani We are so often depending on this religion or that, this 'ism' or that. Don't even think about Buddhism

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Subj: Take four Kinnaras Date: 97-11-26 14:43:21 EST From: Emmasirani We are so often depending on this religion or that, this 'ism' or that. Don't even think about Buddhism. The true Buddhist never says, 'I am a Buddhist.' We are people who are practicing this universal principle with everybody in the whole cosmos. There is no label, no separation, no statement like 'I am a Buddhist, he is a Christian.' True Buddhism embraces the whole universe, without a single label. You must have your own experience of the study and practice of Buddhism, not think thoughts that have been given to you by anyone else, including myself. Forget everything I have said, Depend on yourself. Your own experience of your inner self is what this is about. Maurine Stuart 'Subtle Sound: The Zen Teachings of Maurine Stuart' Shambhala, 1996 __________ Gonpo Barnag,* the Lord of the Black Cloak, stood, wrapped in his black cloak, before the Bunnysattva. 'Your divine majesty,' said Barnag, bowing low. 'Yes,' said the miraculous rabbit, nodding her head in greeting. 'Crombie has got Tarabatha.' 'Where?' 'On the roof of a building near Central Park in Manhattan.' The Bunnysattva closed her eyes, as if looking within. 'Take four Kinnaras. And bring Crombie.' Gonpo Barnag bowed again, and went out. _____________________ *Gonpo Barnag -- Lord of the Black Cloak -- the Protector of The Bunnysattva Sutra -- played an important role in the discovery of the Sutra. He is believed to live above New York City, and has been observed standing as a guardian over the Lower East Side, the West Village, Soho and Tribeca. -- The Editor Subj: Steiner's down Date: 97-11-26 14:47:44 EST From: Emmasirani 'Steiner's down,' yelled one of the men with guns. 'What happened,' asked another, putting his ear to Steiner's mouth to see if he was still breathing. 'He tried to get into that... flying saucer thing, or whatever it is.' 'He's okay -- got some sort of shock. Keep everyone away from that thing.' The man pointed to the saucer, floating just above the roof. Tarabatha, wrapped in chains, lay on the asphalt roof. She opened her eyes and looked up into the sky. From far above, three spaceships appeared, and began a quick descent to the roof of the apartment building. The soldiers fired up at them, but the bullets had no effect. 'Get that creature downstairs!' yelled the Smoking Man. He pulled Maria roughly toward the door into the building. She cried, 'Leave me alone!' and struggled to get free. There was a strange buzzing sound. Suddenly everyone froze in place. No one moved. It was as if they had turned to ice. From one of the three spaceships, which had reached the level of the apartment building, descended four Kinnaras. Each had the body of a man, and the head of a horse.* They wore long dark blue robes. Two Kinnaras went to Tarabatha and released her from the chains. The other two freed Maria from her father, who stood frozen in place. Maria ran to Tarabatha and embraced her. None of the men on the roof moved. They were completely unconscious, with eyes open. 'Are you all right?' asked one of the horse-men. 'I'm fine,' said Tarabatha. She smiled at him. 'Maybe you'd better come with us,' Tarabatha told Maria, as she licked her wrists and hands. 'I don't think it's safe for you here.' 'But my children...' said Maria. 'I'll have the Kinnara pick them up.' 'The Kinnara?' asked Maria. 'These wonderful beings who rescued us.' 'What about the, uh, soldiers? And my father?' 'They'll be fine in an hour or so. They'll feel hung over, but that's all.' 'I am so sorry. I had no idea. My father... what did he want with you? 'I think we'll ask him that,' said Gonpo Barnag in a very deep voice. He stepped into the light. Tarabatha smiled, and greeted him with her palms together. 'Thank you,' she told him. Gonpo Barnag bowed his head. One of the Kinnara removed a lit cigarette from the Smoking Man's hand, picked him up, and carried him to a celestial car. 'Are your children downstairs?' asked Tarabatha 'They should be home by now.' 'Why don't you get them, pack a bag, and bring them here.' __________________ The Horse-man, or Kinnara (also called Mi-'am-c'i) has a human body and a horse's head -- sort of a reverse Centaur -- and is known to some students of Tibetan Buddhism. They are said to live in the Himalayas, where they concern themselves with art, aesthetics, the making of celestial music, magic, poetry, and romance. A few artists and musicians have met and been inspired by these beings. For brief references, see Robert Thurman: 'Essential Tibetan Buddhism' p. 302, and L. Austine Waddell: 'Tibetan Buddhism' p. 367. The Editor Subj: The Copper Palace Date: 97-11-26 14:52:38 EST From: Emmasirani Thirty-three saucers, or celestial cars, set down on the surface,of the far side of the Moon between nine-twenty and nine-thirty-eight p.m. on Wednesday, November 26, 1997. The occupants of the various spaceships entered the Copper Palace of the Bunnysattva. They were shown to their living-quarters, and given instructions as to where to find fresh food, clean clothes, and for some, much needed showers. Aerna and her brother Toof Otatop were given adjoining rooms. Aerna lay down on her bed, curled up under the comforter, and read from the Book of Revelation. She spoke the words to herself in a whisper: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea. And I, John, saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven, saying, Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:1-4 King James version In the next room, Toof lay across a big, soft bed. He looked proudly at his freshly-shined Earth Shoes and whistled to himself. Through the window, high in the sky, he saw countless stars floating in an indigo sea. After a while, he noticed a book on the table by the bed. It was dark green, and rather odd-looking. On the cover, in gold, was the picture of a white-bearded man in a strange head-dress. Above the man was a single word: 'Agharta.' Toof picked up the book and began to read: Subj: Agharta Date: 97-11-26 14:55:00 EST From: Emmasirani From the Writings of Sa-ish-ka-te 'When speaking of Agharta, one will have to visualise a vast underground terminal city, being a branch of a subterranean, suboceanic network of tunnels radiating from what is now called the continent of Antarctica, where one of the seven icebound cities is now open again for operation, a city made out of colored plastic blocks, and therefore called Rainbow City. '... Agharta... is in existence in the Sangpo valley, China, and is ruled over by an old prince, Mani Rinpoche, who exerts great administrative powers over the destinies of his own tribes, as well as the tribes of Tibet. Having command over the English language, he manages an international organisation in the framework of the Aghartan philosophy (Buddhism) as being under his jurisdiction as well. 'The underground domain of Agharta has tunnel delta outlets by which it can be reached. One of them is in the Tien Shan mountains, Tartary, Asia; another one in Afghanistan. According to Ferdinand Ossendowski, these tunnels which circle the earth were built by men of a pre-glacial age civilisation flourishing on both sides of the arctic. A branch tunnel ends in the swamps of the Matt Grosso, Brazil; another now-closed tunnel is in a cave in the south-west part of the United States in Indian territory. Even New York can speak of elaborate tunnels which extend for miles under Central Park, of which most New Yorkers are blissfully unaware -- except that it is admitted that these tunnels were dug by means unknown, and are of great age. Most of these tunnels had several purposes: swift communication, transportation, and the exploitation of minerals -- but most important, an extended search for matter from which to derive energy fuel for space ships, and energy which could be molded into weapons of protection, since by now it should have become clear that the early builders of these tunnels were not of earth, but visitors, colonisers from a world now called Mars. These alien settlers here envisioned competition, and in anticipation of a battle for the possession of earth, the defensive tunnel systems and underground gathering centers or cities were set up, which included Agharta. This foresight paid off when the ancient builders were forced to abandon the surface of the earth, and seek refuge in the bowels of the planet, due to the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis some eighty thousand years ago. These two civilisations, having become enemies, bombarded one another with atomic missiles of such proportion that a chain reaction resulted, uncontrollable by the scientists of those days, and the catastrophic result, recorded as the Flood, wiped out this third and fourth colony of Martian settlers, whose survivors fled via the existing tunnels to land free from deadly radioactivity. Subj: The remnant Date: 97-11-26 14:59:53 EST From: Emmasirani The remnant which thus escaped from the flood caused by a science which paid for the misuse of power, lived deep in the earth, beneath the beds of rivers, even oceans, since they were no longer able to subsist on a flooded and radioactive surface of a planet thrown in convulsion by power unleashed by men using it as a weapon of vengeance, just as we of today are ready to repeat the folly of the Atlantean and Lemurian scientists... Most of the ancient tunnels are now covered at their openings or entrances, due to landslides caused by the deluge of long ago, and to the submerging of entire continents. The few remaining ones open to the surface world are in Tibet, Siberia, Africa, South and North America, and on remote islands which were once the mountain peaks of either Atlantis or Lemuria... Tibet has records and relics of Lemurian origin in its lamaseries, museums and centers of learning. Such relics and records are also kept in some of the 100,000 Shinto shrines in Japan, of which Kyoto seems to lead in magnificence of Buddhist splendor. Japan itself is regarded as a relic of Pan or Lemuria, and the island chains of the Pacific are the visible mountain peaks of the sunken mainland of Lemuria on which the survivors of the great inundation were able to maintain life... This Lama wishes to attach a certain message concerning the true Agharta -- namely that the true Agharta will be Maitreya led... This Maitreya will lead Agharta, the holy abode of the Buddhist world, in truth and justice, whence it shall grow world-wide, considering that Maitreya is also called the World Teacher of the new era... Agharta will be an organisation operating on the surface of the earth for all to see; nothing secret, nothing hidden, and from the underground coming up will lead the true Agharta... The underground city of Agharta is perhaps the most discussed in our own time. Not merely because Constantine Nicholas Roerich, the late artist and student of Buddhism, mentioned it in conjuction with Shambalah, from which he expected the Lord Maitreya to emerge, but because he spoke of a shaft reaching miles into the earth, by which the subterranean city of Agharta could be reached, and whence Shambalah, which is the spiritual communicant for the Buddhists of the world, originated as to be celebrated at the full of the moon, and proper meditation is to be held in honor of Gautama Siddhartha, the Lord Buddha... Tribes of Inner Mongolia believe that Agharta is a creationof an antediluvian civilisation, incredibly old, and located in a recess of Afghanistan, and that this mysterious city is linked by means of tunnels coming from different regions of the world. Tibetan lamas are of the opinion that in America live in caves of vast proportion the survivors of a catastrophe which befell Atlantis and Lemuria, and that these caverns are connected by means of tunnels running clear to either of the two continents, Asia and America; also that these caverns are illuminated by a... luminescence which aids underground plant life there, and lengthens human life. Agharta began some 60,000 years ago, when a tribe led by a holy man disappeared underground. The inhabitants there are said to number many millions, and a science superior to any found on the surface of the earth directs the activities of these underground citizens in this weird kingdom. Travel is done in cars running at tremendous speed through the tunnels, operated by a propulsion principle unknown to us. Subj: Be ye light unto thyselves Date: 97-11-26 15:07:54 EST From: Emmasirani Strange are the ways of Agharta, ruled by priests and scientists, and stranger still are the mental powers involved directing the destinies of those whom they choose and prepare to reach out into other dimensions, in order to gather wisdom by observation even from other worlds, into which these Aghartan priests dispatch their willing lamas... Agharta, which through the medium of Shambalah, teaches the philosophy of Lord Buddha, allows all men to bring their own houses in order... Over the door of all lamaseries, one will find the inscription given by the enlightened one, Siddhartha Gautama: Seek no outside refuge. Be ye light unto thyselves. Nobody can be the saviour of anybody. Be ye thine own saviour.* Buddha We who teach the Buddhist philosophy far removed from both Agharta and centers of Buddhist strength, know the sadness of being molested, mocked, misquoted, for the belief in certain Buddhist teachings; and even the She-Ba-Thela, or the First Commandment, 'Thou shalt not kill anything,' has come in for its measure of ridicule by such as kill the joy of it, and for the evil that is still within them. To such, this lama admonishes that: The life which you have not given You have no right to take. ... Such as have eyes to see and ears to hear are welcomed in the aura of the sacred light, and Dordjelutru Lamasery extends its blessings of the triple gem, Dhamma, Buddha, Sangha, which are Truth, Enlightenment, and Brotherhood, marching under the spiritual banner of the Lord Maitreya, for victory on the Buddhist spiritual front. Om Mani Padme Hum, and may Lord Buddha, Maitreya, and Ananda protect you from the venom issuing from the serpent tooth. Sa-ish-ka-te** __________________ *A note from the Translator of the Bunnysattva Sutra: 'Christians should be advised that these words, spoken hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, were never meant to deny the divinity of Jesus. What was meant was that it is the duty of each of us to work for our own salvation, and for the salvation of our fellow beings. The ability of Enlightened Beings like Jesus Christ to lift others out of their self-inflicted sufferings, even to take their sufferings upon themselves, is generally accepted by Buddhists who believe in thedoctrine of the Bodhisattva.' ** Toof read in the book 'Agharta: The Subterranean World' by Sa-ish-ka-te (Sungma Red Lama -- Robert Ernest Dickhoff, Ph.D., D.D., The Messenger of Buddha) (1951), Reprinted 1965, Fieldcrest Publishing Company. Excerpts p. 25-93 The following books are mentioned in the back of 'Agharta': 'Etidorpha -- or The End of Earth' by John Uri Lloyd (1895) 'The strange history of a mysterious being who came out from the inside of the earth, and the story of a remarkable journey... Many believe that the earth is hollow, and that flying saucers come from inside of the earth. With many illustrations.' 'The Smoky God: A Voyage to the Inner World' by Willis George Emerson. 'Olaf Jansen, a fisherman from Sweden, and his son, sailed by accident through the North Polar opening into the hollow interior of the earth, and lived two years among its people. Olaf Jansen claims this is his true story as revealed to Willis George Emerson in confidence. He tells of a race of Super Giants, 15 feet tall, far advanced scientifically, who treated him with utmost kindness. He lived in peace and harmony and traveled all over their country. He claims they returned through the South Polar opening. This book is fascinating reading, with pictures, charts, maps. Reprinted in 1965 by Fieldcrest Publishing Company, 210 Fifth Avenue, New York.' The Editor Subj: I'll never talk Date: 97-11-26 15:23:28 EST From: Emmasirani Toof was still thinking about the caverns within the Earth when he heard a knock on his door. 'Come in.' The door opened, and Suzi looked in. She had bathed, combed out her hair, and was wearing a long metallic golden gown she'd found in the closet of her room. 'Hi.' 'Hi,' said Toof. McGillicudy, who had been asleep under the bed, came and sniffed at Suzi's knees. 'I'm Suzi. Are you Toof Otatop?' 'Uh huh.' 'The Bunnysattva wants to see you.' She bent down and began to pet McGillicudy. 'Oh, cool,' said Toof. He put down the book and followed Suzi out the door. McGillicudy, looking more like a bear than a dog, came after them. ________________ On their way to the Moon, four Kinnaras and Tarabatha the Bunnywoman sat around the Smoking Man, whose hands were tied behind him. 'I'll never talk,' he told them. 'Who asked you to talk?' asked a Hinnara. 'I can help you, and you can help me,' said the Smoking Man in a wheedling voice. 'We can be of use to each other.' 'What can you do for me?' asked the Hinnara. 'I am well connected,' said the Smoking Man with a twisted smile. 'I'm sure you are,' said Tarabatha. 'But there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that you can give us. But we have something to share with you: the sacred teachings, and the blessings, of Lord Buddha, of Guru Rinpoche, of the Bodhisattvas, and of the Bunnysattva. 'Bah. What do I have to do to get a cigarette?' from The Bunnysattva Sutra Subj: Buffalo Bunny Date: 97-11-27 14:51:31 EST From: Emmasirani Buffalo Bunny Won't you come out tonight, Come out tonight, Come out tonight, Buffalo Bunny Won't you come out tonight, And dance by the light of the Moon. Shur sang as she threaded new green shoelaces into her faded white tennis sneakers. 'Hey,' said Aerna, 'you know, today's Thanksgiving.' 'Yeah.' Shur struggled with the laces. 'Well, are we going to have turkey? Is there a dinner, a party, what?' 'Well, you know, these people are all vegetarians.' 'You're kidding.' 'No, they are'. 'That is DISGUSTING.' Shur laughed. 'They think animals have souls.' 'That's ridiculous,' said Aerna. 'The Bible says that man was given dominion over all the other creatures. That means we eat them. God wants us to eat them. Jesus ate meat. St. Paul said...' 'AERNA. Spare me, please. I don't consider the Bible a standard for my life. There's some good stuff in there, but a lot of it seems to me like old tribal nonsense and separateness. And then there's all that violence in the name of God.' 'Well, I don't know what to say. If you don't accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, I think you're going to Hell for sure. Do you want to spend Eternity in a terrible place like that? When you could be in Heaven with Jesus and the Saints? And ME.' 'Listen, Aerna. I don't know if we can be friends or not, but we are up here in this strange place, on this strange planet, I don't know for how long. And if you can't just be girl-to-girl, if you have to keep preaching this stuff, I don't want to hang with you. I don't mind talking about what you've experienced, but I do mind talking about what you've been fed. Please, try and get real.' Aerna was suddenly very uncomfortable. 'I don't know what you mean.' 'I mean we all learn from living, not from books. You can get a little from books, but really, you have to see with your own eyes. All this stuff you spout is not from your own experiences, its all in your head. It's what you were told. I don't know who told it to you, but to me, its not real. I mean, like eating animals. I am not a vegetarian. I like hamburgers and stuff. But, like, would you eat your dog? What's his name?' 'McGillicudy.' 'Well, would you eat him?' Of course not. That's stupid. We don't eat dogs. Savages eat dogs. Like in Hong Kong or Africa.' 'But what's the difference, really. I mean, how different is a cow from a dog? They both have eyes, ears, nose. They get hungry, they get thirsty. They both like to have fun. They have feelings -- just like us. They feel pain. They have babies. They lick you when they like you.' 'But cows are stupid.' 'I've spent some time around cows, and, believe me, they're not stupid. But even if they were, does that mean we should kill them? Some people think your brother is stupid -- I don't, I think he is really sharp -- but some people do. We're not going to eat him, are we?' 'I guess you have a point. But here's the thing: if we stopped eating animals, what would we eat?' 'That's what's so dumb. We don't need to eat them at all. Everything we need, we can get from vegetables and beans and grains. Now here I go, sounding like a vegetarian. But really, why should we kill animals, why add to their suffering, when we don't really need to at all? It just seems like sheer cruelty. And its about money for some stupid guy in a big corporation who's totally out of touch with himself and with life.' 'Well, I guess I'll just have to think about this. But I really wish we had some turkey, and stuffing, and cranberries, and a big meal, and desserts, pumpkin pie, ice cream, you know? Don't you miss it?' 'I don't get it. Aren't you from Norway? Do they have Thanksgiving there?' Subj: It's easy to talk the talk Date: 97-11-27 14:59:53 EST From: Emmasirani 'I don't get it. Aren't you from Norway? Do they have Thanksgiving there?' 'No. It's an American holiday. I think it started around the time of Lincoln.' 'Then how come you are so into it?' 'Well, I, uh... when my Mom was alive, we always had Thanksgiving.' She sighed. 'My Mom was so beautiful. It was a very big deal, with decorations, fancy clothes and all. And our relatives all came, and... it was really great. Like Christmas, but no presents. Oh, and then singing. We would all sing together, and pray.' It sounds really cool. Well, I think maybe it could have been just as good without the dead bird. You know, in America they kill 60 million turkeys for Thanksgiving. That's what I heard. They raise them in cages and they never get to see the light of day, and then they kill them. It's awful. To me its just like the Nazis and the Holocaust. There's no way to justify it. It's like if we ate Jews.' 'Yuk. You know, I'm part Jewish. My great-grandmother was at Auschwitz. But I thought -- you said you're not a vegetarian.' 'Yeah, I guess I should put my money where my mouth is. But you know, it's easy to talk the talk, but a lot harder to walk the walk. When my friends all go out for hamburgers, or barbecue steaks, I want to be there and be a part, you know?' 'I know exactly what you mean. That's how I feel at church.' 'Yeah, I guess there's a kind of comfort, security, hanging with your friends, even when they're doin stuff that... stuff that you don't really agree with all that much. Listen, I'm sorry about what I said before. I don't want to insult your religion, it's just that I cannot STAND being preached to. But I do it too sometimes. I am really into the Goddess...' 'The what?' 'The Goddess. Don't you know about her?' 'What is it? Is it some sort of devil-worship-thing?' 'No way. It's... well, I'm just going to have to sit you down and educate you. If you'll let me. You can tell me about, is it Lutherism? And I'll bet you don't know a thing about Ananda's Master, Siddhartha Gautama. And the Bunnysattva. But lets go see if we can find some food. After all, it IS Thanksgiving.' They went off looking for the dining rooms. As they walked, Shur sang, Something tells me its all happening on the Moon I do believe it I do believe it's true... from The Bunnysattva Sutra Subj: Thanksgiving Date: 97-11-27 15:47:13 EST From: Emmasirani Dear Thumper, Spoon 2 Ya, BoHeMeGrRl, Knuppelupp, Markar1, Toofotatop, Aernotatop, Bine9, Ericearoni, Dharma303, Annuh, Shrivasta, Goosiebird, Parkarczar, Suzannw, Jeremy, Ausmik, McGilicudy, Firetcher, JGordon564, JeanyBro, Creon13975, Thoravard, Dorje Pamo, T4hr, Pintor753, Oreozzz, SmokeyBear, KhandromaZ, Mikhaeel, All4Ahimsa, PooDee 49, Suzy, Blodgett, MrFunni, MariaCromb, Daviduck, Gillianand, Tarabatha, PadmaSam, Bunnysatva, Jen108, Victoria, GonpoBarna, SmokingMan, Buffbunny, BaalShemT, BudBurInv, MaxManger, AuntRouzha, ManyaiJori, GoldieMang, k8roshi, and all other Students of the Sutra and Members of the Order of the Golden Hand, on the surface of and within the Earth, or out in space, in other dimensions, or on the higher planes: Wishing you all a happy thanks-filled Thanksgiving, in the name of Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, and the Bunnysattva The Editor 'May the long time sun shine on you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide you all the way on.' Michael Heron Subj: Re:Thanksgiving Date: 97-11-28 03:06:20 EST From: PooDee 49 May-Yah *!* May-Yah *!* All the worlds is but a play, Be thou the joyful Player... Incredible String Band Subj: Bunnysattva Date: 97-11-28 21:57:47 EST From: Goosiebird Long Live the Bunny! May he/she continue to energize us for many . . . years! Happy Day After Thanksgiving to everyone! Subj: Wanted: Date: 97-12-02 00:03:58 EST From: Markar1 Hi Emma, I looked back (curiousity) and we haven't seen the Bunnysattva in 25 days. This is sort of scary. Has she been kidnapped by Men in Black? Thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings. But I would really rather know the Sattva is safe. Mara-kar (strenuously preparing to be considered worthy to apply to be initiated into the Order of the Golden Hand, preferably by Gompo Barnag) Subj: Corection Date: 97-12-02 03:04:46 EST From: Toofotatop Dear Marakar1, I thing it is Gonpo Barnag. Your friend Toof Otatop Subj: Iceland, 2049 Date: 97-12-03 12:21:11 EST From: Emmasirani The old man sat in the front window in the dark, ancient cafe. He stared out, his bright blue eyes slightly cloudy in a dusty shaft of sunlight. Long, thick white hair fell to his shoulders. He stared off into space, remembering something. After a few minutes, he unrolled his newspaper. The Reykjavik STAR Reflecting the Truth in Every Heart Wodin's Day 21 January 155 Anno Domini 2049 Weather: Sunny and warm. Half-hour's rain at three pm. Cooler in the evening. Blue Sun rise at 8.14 pm.' News Summary: Schools are closed today in Bildudalur and Patreksfjordur. The Akureyri Fair begins at noon. Readings from Tolkein, 7 pm at University Hall. Oslo Symphony at 8 pm at the Goethanum. Saucer show at 9 pm at Vatnajokull. Spring passes and the birds cry out -- tears in the eyes of fishes Basho from Matsuo Basho: 'Narrow Road to the Interior' tr. Sam Hamill 'If you will be so kind,' he told the waitress in black tights, 'another capuccino. The young woman smiled. 'This time, without caffeine. My healer has asked me to cut down to two with caffeine a day.' 'That's brutal,' she replied. I want to save the second for this evening, when I might really need it.' 'Would you like anything to eat with that? A sandwich? A dessert?' She shifted from one foot to another, stick pen in hand, her black sneaker tapping slowly to music she alone could hear. She was a tall, striking woman with a tiny mole on her cheek. Her long black, very straight hair framed alabaster skin and dark, piercing violet eyes. 'Yes, I would,' said the old man, 'but I am not going to have anything. I have already got enough weight on me, don't you think?' 'I think you could use a few more pounds. It'll be about two minutes.' 'Very well,' replied the man. She floated off. He absentmindedly watched the reindeer wandering alone and in small groups on the street. He began drawing doodles. In his white, veiny hand he held an old blue fountain pen. The doodles were also in blue, and covered most of the page of his clothbound notebook. The man was wearing a formal dark brown tuxedo jacket over blue jean overalls. In the front pocket of the overalls were several pens and pencils, scraps of paper, and a pair of scratched up gold-rimmed spectacles. Dangling from the left suspender was an ancient black wind-up pocket watch. Before him, on the stained white-marble table, were an empty coffee-cup, the notebook, and a very large, brown, battered volume. Faded gold print on the binding read: The Spiritual History of the World Volume II The Teachings of the Buddhas of all the Ages Subj: What kind of name is that? Date: 97-12-03 12:24:55 EST From: Emmasirani The young woman came with a tray. She set down the cappucino, and along with it an enormous sandwich: whole rye bread, finely sliced cherry tomatoes, red-leaf lettuce, thick slices of avocado, sharp white cheddar cheese, eggless mayonaisse, with tamari and toasted sesame oil. And next to it on the plate, potato chips with the skins, and five fat black olives. 'What is this?' said the old man. 'I don't want this.' 'You'll eat it, and you'll like it,' she replied, trying to look stern. 'Only if you share it with me. Sit down -- I'm your only customer.' The young woman laughed and pulled up an ornate wooden chair. 'What's your name?' asked the old man. 'Do you have a name?' 'Favor,' she replied. 'Ah, Favor. What an unusual name. I had a friend named Fiver. A long time ago.' 'Really? What kind of name is that?' 'It was very long ago, and far away. In fact, we were together... on the Moon.' 'Wow. You've been to the Moon. Physically?' 'Very physically. We went there in a big flat round ship. Actually, there were quite a few ships. I went on one, and Fiver came on another, with her friends.' 'Was this... before the...' 'Oh, yes, indeed. Years before. What a different world it was then. People still ate animals. They lived in enormous, grey cities, and shot at each other. They rode around in cars, instead of saucers.' 'Ugh. They must have been such savages.' 'Yes, we were, my dear. We were.' She inspected the doodles. 'Are you an artist?' 'I aspire to be one,' said the old man. Favor cut the sandwich lengthwise, took the smaller half for herself, and pushed the plate towards the man. 'Thank you,' he told her. He chewed an olive. 'Tell me about yourself. How old are you?' 'Fourteen.' 'Indeed. And working already.' 'I just work a few hours, two or three days a week. This is my Dad's cafe. I like being here. It's the only one of its kind, you know.' 'Yes. But there used to be many, many, all over the world.' 'Have you been around the world?' 'Yes, I traveled a lot.' 'I want to do that. What's the book about?' 'It's a book of lessons.' 'What kind of lessons?' 'Spiritual lessons.' 'Wow, could I see?' 'Certainly.' He pushed it over to her. She turned the pages slowly and carefully. 'This is incredible. Who wrote it?' 'Many, many people shared in making this book.' 'Where did you get it?' 'It was given me by... a teacher. In Paris.' 'Paris! I would so like to go there.' 'Why don't you?' Well, I will, when I'm fifteen -- Bunnysattva-willing.' Subj: Promise you won't laugh Date: 97-12-03 12:29:22 EST From: Emmasirani The old man's eyes brightened, and he took a deep breath. 'What did you say?' 'That I plan to go next year.' 'No, after that.' 'I think that's all I said.' 'Something about a... bunny.' She smiled. 'Oh, I said Bunnysattva-willing. That means, I'll go if it's part of the divine plan.' 'Who taught you that?' The old man had both hands on the table, and his right hand shook slightly. 'My grandparents.' Your grandparents?' 'Uh huh.' He took his eyeglasses from the overall pocket, and began to polish them with an old, grey handkerchief. 'May I ask, what are their names?' 'Well, my Grandpa is Jerry, but of course we call him Grandpa. Jerry is short for Jeremy, and that's an American version of Jeremiah. And my Grandma, her name is Aerna. They are really cool people. Why do you ask?' The old man sighed. A smile crept slowly across his pale, lined face. 'Child, do you remember your past life?' 'Just a little. I knew more when I was younger. Now it's fading.' 'What do you remember?' Well, I was a Christian. Do you know what that is?' 'Of course. What else.' 'I was born in Texas.' 'And?' 'Promise you won't laugh.' 'Why would I laugh?' Promise.' 'I promise.' 'I was a fundamentalist.' Subj: Golden chains Date: 97-12-03 12:37:44 EST From: Emmasirani Fifty-three years earlier in the Copper Palace of the Bunnysattva on the far side of the Moon 'Ananda, tell us a story. About your Master.' 'Do I have to?' 'You do, you do,' chanted Toof Otatop. They were sitting on overstuffed couches facing, far in the distance, the misty mountains of the Moon. Next to Toof and Ananda were Annuh, McGillicudy, Oscar Luft-Hansa, Suzi, Keight and Fiver (the Christian rabbit). 'Well,' said Ananda, 'this is a story he told me himself... the Master Siddhartha Gautama. I wasn't there. It happened when he had not yet been unveiled.' 'What is unveiled?' asked Toof. 'There is a veil over his consciousness when he incarnates as a man, and that veil is lifted when he attains Enlightenment.' 'Do we have veils?' 'I think we do,' said Ananda. 'Not the same type of veil. But our consciousness is covered by the samskaras, the engravings, or imprints, of desires and past words and actions on our minds. 'Well, the Master -- he was not a Master yet -- had renounced his kingdom, and had left his wife and his child. He had gone off into the forest, where he did penance and fasted. It was a very thick, deep forest, and it was not often that he encountered anyone.' 'I have been in that forest,' said Oscar. 'Now it's more a jungle than a forest.' Ananda continued, 'One day, in the forest, he met an old woman, who, he said later, was advanced on the Path. She said to the Master -- who was not a Master yet -- You left home and family and your worldly pleasures and responsibilities because they were binding you -- you felt trapped. But now, here, you are bound even more than you were then. She said, You used to be bound with chains of iron. Now you are bound with chains of gold. Both kinds of chains are equally binding. Being bound with golden chains, you are, just the same, a captive. 'Then, the Master said, she told him a great secret. She explained that good and bad are just words. They are concepts made up by men with ordinary, conventional minds. To get real freedom you have to give up ALL desires. You have to renounce them all to attain freedom.' 'Wow. That means, even good desires, huh? Like wanting to help people.' asked Keight. 'I guess,' said Ananda. 'He said, all desires blind us to our true identity.' Subj: The great murderer Date: 97-12-03 12:44:05 EST From: Emmasirani McGillicudy tried to climb up on Ananda's lap, but he couldn't get a foothold. Toof picked him up and held him. 'Tell us another story,' he said. Ananda cleared his throat. 'Once there was a man who was a great murderer. He had killed, altogether, ninety-nine people. It happened that one day he was feeling very depressed and sick of it all.' Toof petted McGillicudy absent-mindedly. 'So he found out where the Master was staying, and went to see him. In the Master's presence, he frankly and openly confessed all his crimes. He said that he was feeling terrible, and wanted to end it all, and take his own life. 'The Master told him to go and sit in a certain place, which was by the side of a road. While sitting there the man was to think of the Master. 'The Man did what the Master told him. Years passed by. He sat there and thought about the Master, Siddhartha Gautama. I suppose his continual meditation burnt away much of the sludge in his mind. 'One day, he was sitting there thinking of the Master when another man came along on horseback. The rider stopped his horse, and yelled at the murderer, who had killed so many people, telling him to move over. The man refused. Then the rider started lashing him with his whip. The murderer, suddenly reverting back to his old ways, pulled the rider off his horse and stabbed him to death. 'At that very moment, the Master told me, the murderer attained Perfect Enlightenment.' 'I don't get it,' said Annuh. 'How could he get Enlightened by killing someone?' 'That's exactly what I asked the Master. This is what he told me: 'Ananda, the rider was carrying with him a message from one king to another ordering the death of one hundred spies. By saving the exact number of lives that he had murdered, his good and bad samskaras balanced, and he attained the supreme goal. The man, of course, did not know all this till he attained Enlightenment. But I knew, and that's why I had sent him to that spot. 'So, Ananda (the Master told me), if you obey implicitly and unquestioningly, you win. Because, even though your conception is limited, I know all, and I give you just what is best for you.' 'That's amazing,' said Toof. 'You are so lucky to have a Master like that.' 'I am,' said Ananda. Subj: Gefunden Date: 97-12-03 12:47:39 EST From: Emmasirani Fiver asked, 'Anyone want to hear a poem?' 'Most certainly,' said Oscar Luft-Hansa. 'Cool,' said Toof Otatop. Keight and Suzi nodded their heads. 'Definitely,' said Ananda. 'Okay,' said Annuh. She was still thinking about the murderer. With her teeth, Fiver pulled open a piece of paper. She adjusted it with her paws, and read: GEFUNDEN Ich ging im Walde So fur mich hin, Und nichts zu suchen, Das war mein Sinn. Im Schatten sah ich Ein Blumchen stehn, Wie Sterne leuchtend, Wie Auglien schon. Ich wollt' es brechen, Da sagt' es fein: Soll ich zum Welken Gebrochen sein? Ich grub's mit allen Den Wurzlein aus, Zum Garten trug ich's Am hubschen Haus. Und pflanzt' es wieder Am stillen Ort; Nun zweigt es immer Und bluht so fort. 'Wow,' said Annuh. 'What's it mean?' 'It's by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,' said Fiver. 'Ah, Goethe,' said Oscar Luft-Hansa. 'What's it mean?' asked Suzi. Oscar took the paper, and began to translate: DISCOVERY One day, I vass out valking in the woods, all alone. I fasn't looking for anything in particular. Over in a shadow, I found a tiny flower. It vass shining like a star. It vass as beautiful as the eyes of love. I vass about to pick the flower, fen it spoke to me: 'If you break my stem, I dry up and die.' So I dug it up, carefully, making sure to be gentle to all the tiny roots. I took it to a garden by a beautiful house, and planted it again in a quiet spot. And it goes on growing and flowering, and fill go on forever. Oscar handed the paper back to Fiver. 'I didn't know you read Cherman.' 'I don't,' said Fiver. 'I just liked the way it sounded.' Subj: Iceland again Date: 97-12-03 12:53:36 EST From: Emmasirani Fifty-three years later in Iceland She brought him another sandwich. 'Really, dear, I can't eat all this.' 'I'll wrap it up for you to take home.' 'You are being a bit too kind. Don't you have to pay for this?' 'It's my father's cafe, remember?' 'Does he pay you when you work here?' 'No, of course not. Why would he?' 'Maybe for spending money?' 'What's that?' 'That's some cash so you can buy things you like.' 'Like what?' 'Well, you know, clothes and shoes and books and recordings.' 'I have all those things.' The old man laughed. 'You are fourteen, and you have everything you want.' 'Well, there is one thing.' 'What?' 'That book.' She nodded towards the large, worn-looking volume on the table. 'I don't want your copy, but I would like to read it.' The old man picked up the book lovingly, and ran his fingers over the gold print on the spine, which read, The Spiritual History of the World Volume II The Teachings of the Buddhas of all the Ages 'What would you like to read about, child?' 'Do you have anything in there by Mary, the mother of Jesus?' 'There are several chapters by her. At least I think it's her.' 'Really? Could I see?' 'Yes. But I have no way of knowing if they are genuine.' 'Genuine?' 'Well, you see, these were not written in Palestine at the time of Jesus. They were written in the 1980s in Texas. The story is that Mary appeared to a woman named Annie Kirkwood, and told her she had a message for many people, and asked her to be the medium to deliver it. But you know, I cannot say from my own experience if it was really Mary, or someone else claiming to be her. So for me, these chapters have to stand or fall on what is in them.' 'Isn't everything like that?' 'Yes... I guess so. You know a lot for someone so young.' 'Thank you.' The old man opened the book and, after about a minute of searching, handed it to her. 'Try this,' he said. 'And afterward, tell me what you think.' Favor tucked her feet under her, brushed back her ebony hair, and began to read. Subj: Love will be the answer Date: 97-12-03 12:56:36 EST From: Emmasirani "It is time for an evolutionary period to come to Earth. The coming era in mankind's life is a time of evolution. This will be a period of great growth in the species of man and many species of animal. Some animals which are on Earth now will not survive the coming changes. They will go the way of the dinosaur and mammoth. Man will change drastically. He will evolve into a new species. "This evolutionary process will come about because of the need to adjust. The atmosphere will change in components. The solar system will be different. A new sun will be added. This will be a binary solar system. The two suns will activate cells which will draw nourishment from the sun's rays. The need to ingest foods will be aided by the nourishment derived from the sun rays. "Man will evolve into a more mental being. He will be able to hear sounds which are not presently heard. He will see through particles of light which are hidden to him now. With his mind, man will hear and speak. He will have better use of his psychic abilities. That which you call intuition will be strongly activated in all of mankind. There will be a need for honesty because of the ability to hear mentally. Today man hides his feelings and thoughts. In the aftertime, man will not be able to hide his feelings or random thoughts. Motives will be known. All dealings will be understood. All thoughts will be heard. "Can you see how wonderful this new way of life will be? Mankind will become peaceful out of necessity. How could you approach another in anger or with malice in your heart? All feelings, all thoughts, will be sensed and heard by everyone. People will learn to live in peace. There will not be any ambushes or surprises. When there is no need to hide, hiding will be eliminated. Hurt feelings will be dealt with immediately because the very openness of each situation will demand it. People will not be fooled into making compromises which are not in their best interest. "Love will be the answer to all problems, because anger and fear in problems will be seen for what they are. People will speak from the standpoint of love and compassion. Forgiveness will be the accepted mode of conduct. When a person is loving and feels remorse, others will react in love and forgiveness. Like begets like. Love and forgiveness will beget more love and more forgiveness. "Due to his increased mental abilities, man will be able to heal himself. Subj: The regeneration of life Date: 97-12-03 13:00:11 EST From: Emmasirani "Man will not be able to fool even himself. There will be an openness about your feelings and thoughts. There will be no need to blame others for your shortcomings. When you can read another's mind, you will not abuse him as readily. Children will come into a newly evolved family with more mental abilities. They will teach their parents to act and react in love and from a standpoint of peace. "My children, the light of God will shine into every man and into every situation. Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. God's light will shine into the hearts and minds of all men. Each person will know that in order to progress, he is dependent on others; therefore every person is important. Every person will have his place in society. All people will be needed in order to advance and to live comfortably." "The cooperative spirit in every person will come about through his survival instincts. You realise that each person has strong survival instincts. In order for the species to survive, man will learn to live in harmony and in peace. "There will not be the large population there is today. The number of humans on Earth in the beginning of the new era will be diminished. People are not completely ignorant. Every species has evolved because of the necessity to adjust, in order to survive. "Man will have an important view of nature. The planet will be loved and cared for; man will not abuse the Earth. He will learn new ways to live on Earth, to care for the planet, and to allow for the regeneration of life on Earth. "There will be pockets of technology left on Earth. Those who survive in these pockets of technology will have a new attitude toward life. What is and what is not important to man will be contemplated. The technology which remains will be used to improve life on Earth. War and fighting will be deemed barbaric and archaic. Man will not enjoy destruction of any kind because of the amount and proportion of destruction sustained during the changes. There will be a new appreciation of life, of individual people, of the old and of the young. Each will have value to society for different reasons. The old for their know-how, the young for their strength. All will cooperate in making life on Earth peaceful and heavenly. "As man evolves into a new species, so will music, art forms, and beliefs. The good of today's era will be remembered in song and in art. The tales of this era will be told and retold. These times will become legends. How you live now will be buried underneath the Earth. In future days, the items you treasure today will become relics. When uncovered, the new species of man will wonder how so many people could live on Earth at one time. Subj: The time of peace Date: 97-12-03 13:02:55 EST From: Emmasirani "New ways of utilising the two suns will spark new advances in technology. There will be new modes of travel, new ways to heat your homes. The needs of mankind will change. The changes which are coming will be great. New elements will be discovered. New methods of communicating with other planets will be set into motion. "After the Earth has changed its position in space and the new sun has taken its place, then will be the time of peace which has been prophesied. In this new era, there will be communication between the spirit world and Earth. People will be able to communicate with those who are living in the spirit world. In this way much insight will be given. The people on Earth will have more understanding of how the universe works and of their mission on Earth. "Can you imagine communicating with your loved ones who are no longer on Earth, who have 'died'? Think of the knowledge which will be available. Fear of death will become passe. There will be a way to talk to those who can give people knowledge of past cultures, of past abilities. Think how helpful this will be! "A person desires to cook some delicacy for which a former member of the family was famous. The past family member can be reached and help is yours. Or more importantly, say you desire to know something of the history of your family. See how easy this will be. "Also your questions about life, spirit, soul, and reality can be answered instantly. There will be no need for any unanswered questions. "Jesus will be able to teach as he did while on Earth. Buddha can give the explanation of his teachings. Because of this ability to communicate with other levels of existence, there will be much help in every form for mankind. The children will have lessons from people who made the discoveries of what is being taught, or, as in science, the Einsteins will be the teachers. See how wonderful the new era will be. "People will want to live in peace and cooperate with nature and each other. Mankind will desire peace and serenity. All of mankind will work for peace. When there is an eruption of temper, it will be settled quickly and with all kinds of help, spiritual and otherwise. The new species of man will be programmed deep within to live in harmony with himself and with the planet. Subj: The aftertime Date: 97-12-03 13:06:07 EST From: Emmasirani "With each generation there will be small changes in appearance. The future man will be taller and stronger than this species. As the body changes, due to new functions of the skin, the clothing humans wear will change drastically. People will see each other's auras and hear each other's thoughts. Through the ability to see an aura you will know instantly how a person is feeling. "I like to think of the coming new era as the aftertime, for truly it will be the aftertime when all will live in peace. "The planet itself will have a new face. There will be new lands which will appear from beneath the oceans. These lands, which have lain fallow for millions of years, will rise and be fruitful once again. "Because of the changes in atmosphere, there will be new plant life on Earth. The plants and foliage of today will change into new plants and new species of plants. Some hybrids will become annuals. Some foliage will disappear completely. Trees will have new forms and shapes. Trees will develop from some of the plants which are now simply bushes. All these changes in foliage will occur due to the changing gases and atmospheric conditions. "The existing plant life of Earth will adapt and change. New plants will appear, and some old plants will change so drastically that they will seem as new plants. Flowers will become edible. Plants will not only look beautiful but also nourish in different methods than today. Poisonous plants will have a different hue to them; this will alert man to their potential danger. "All this will take time, for as the new lands emerge from the ocean floor there will be a need for it to dry and to air out. The land will be rich in minerals and have much beauty. New rivers will form and the waters of Earth will run in different directions. New oceans will form, some will have new names, and there will be a remembrance of old oceans in name. "In the early days of the aftertime there will be much moisture in the air. With ash and dust in the atmosphere, there will be many days with no sun. The growing seasons will be turned around, and plants will grow slowly at first. Then, as the moisture gives way to the regulation of climate, there will commence a new growing season. "In the first days, as the lands settle and rearrange themselves, there will be turmoil and distress among men. Those who are relying on God will be led to safe places. Through your mind and heart, or another way to say this, through your thoughts and feelings, will come those ideas which will direct you correctly. Subj: Closer to the divine Date: 97-12-03 13:10:55 EST From: Emmasirani "There will be safe places on Earth. There will be pockets of technology left intact. In these safe areas will be food, clean water, and shelter. The climate in these safe areas will remain stable and in good order. The climate in the new lands will be changeable and unsettled. But these new lands will not be inhabited for some time. The climate, plants and animals will be the order in which life will return to these new lands. "In the beginning the climate will be unsettled, then there will be a calming into seasonal patterns. Plants will spring up. Rivers and lakes will settle into their beds. As the plants begin to grow, small birds and animals will enter into the new lands. As the wind scatters seeds and life through the new land, forests will commence to grow. Seasons will be in place and the growing patterns will emerge. These lands will be untouched by man; they will be virginal and grow according to new growth patterns which will be activated by nature. Birds will migrate once again, and new species of birds will enter life on this planet. Small animals will begin to move into the forest. As there will not yet be any large predators, their numbers will flourish. "As the food chain begins to expand and grow, so will mankind, but through this time of growth, there will be a remembrance of the old days. Songs will tell the young of the past era, of ancestors who lived in much fear and with hatred. The songs will explain how anger and hatred can kill the soul. Legends will spring up as time passes. "New people will populate Earth. These people will be a new species of man, as I have told you. The new species will be more aware of the spirit and soul. He will be closer to the divine, for he will retain a remembrance. All men will be considered brothers. Love and goodwill are the elements which will be in vogue. Peace will be the rule of the day -- peace with man, with nature, and with God. "This will be the era of 'one thousand years peace' which has been foretold. Man will have declined in numbers, and will abhor anything which will take away from the population. As there will be direct communication with the spirit world, much knowledge will be gained. The new species of man will be more intelligent, knowledgeable and understanding. He will teach patience, kindness and forgiveness to the young. Since the young will be raised in love and peace, this is what they will practice in their lives. "Man will not only communicate with spirit, but with the animal kingdom. The animals hold much knowledge, and will teach man much in the ways of nature. Animals will teach man which plants and herbs they use for medicines and for food. Man will teach the animals about spirit. There will be an air of cooperation in all areas of nature. Subj: Healing energy of the cosmos Date: 97-12-03 13:13:52 EST From: Emmasirani "How will the animals keep the food chain intact, and how will they feed their young if they are carnivorous? Those animals which have been carniverous in their past will begin to find their nourishment from plant life. The senseless killing of animals for sport will cease. The eating of flesh will abate and not be the problem it is now. There will be new animals, without intelligence, for the purpose of providing food. "As there will be pockets of technology left intact, much of what is good in the world today will survive. Today's technology will be the the seed for future technology. New ideas and concepts will sprout from the old technology. In certain sciences these technologies will be so changed as to be unrecognisable. The technologies which will survive will be helpful to all of mankind. "The body will learn how to revive itself by mental capability. You already know that in the mind are re-energising qualities. These energies will be understood. The ability to activate these energies will be in each human. The body will go into a deep sleep and be re-energised and reformulate cells for the purpose of healing. "There will be communications with other planets. The beings from other planets will bring much knowledge to you in the healing arts. In the beginning days of the aftertime, beings from other planets will be a great help to mankind. They will reteach you in old and lost arts, such as how to move stones of great weight with your mind. In today's vocabulary it is called levitation. The ability to levitate will be very helpful to you to build great halls and meeting places, to erect homes of new materials and dimension, to aid you in crossing rivers and lakes, and to gather building materials from distances. "These beings will teach the new civilisation to govern in righteousness and peace. There will be a blossoming of mental abilities of which you are not aware. These new abilities will help make the everyday life easier and happier. The beings of other planets will take the technology left from this era, and teach you how to improve it. They will help you find new forms of energy for locomotion, lighting, communicating, and for healing. This will be a time of new beginnings. "Through the communication with spirit will come the ability to plug into the healing energy of the cosmos. It will be through your mind that healing will take place. The new era will be very much a mental world. You will learn to communicate through your thoughts. You will heal yourself through the ability of your mind. Through mental telepathy, man will be in communication with many worlds: spirit, other planets, dimensions, the animals, even nature herself. Subj: Vanished with the storms Date: 97-12-03 13:17:55 EST From: Emmasirani "The new species of man will have an understanding of nature, weather patterns, animals, minerals, plants, oceans and oceanic life. Have you not noticed that when the time is right for a new idea to come into life, it does? Have you not noticed that one change brings with it many changes? Now then, what of great changes? Do you not see that great changes bring with them even greater changes? "All will live in harmony. All will be cared for intelligently. The technology of today will seem old, obsolete, and archaic. The stories of this era will seem unbelievable to the younger generation. The young will think the old ones do not remember well. Future generations will have no conceptions of hatred, anger and war. The young will not understand the killing of their fellow man because of a mere difference of opinion. They will think all the different religions of today are not true. It will be inconceivable to them to kill because of differences among man. "Does the new era sound too good to be true? It is not too good. And it is all true. The populations will have been decimated and abated. The people left on Earth will have a new will and a new viewpoint. They will see the ignorance of war, the futility of killing because of a difference of religious opinion. The population which will survive will be a new people. "Simply by living through the disasters, vast changes will occur to mankind. No one can live through such events without being changed. No one who survives will remain the same. No matter what they are like at the beginning of the changes, when the Earth begins to settle into its new orbit, the surviving people will already be a new people. "In facing and confronting a disaster head-on, each person grows inside himself. The reaction of these people will be spiritual. They will look for God in their lives. They will desire to have the God of the universe at their sides. They will have eliminated fear from within them. All harsh emotions will have vanished with the storms. The changes will be so great as to change the patterns of life in their DNA forever. Every person who survives physically will be affected. "Every person who does not survive physically will be affected in many other ways. All beings in all worlds will feel some effect from the rotation of the universe. "The survivors will have changed, and the changes will be for the better. This is also true of the animals, the plants, and the entire world. It is an evolution toward intelligence, peace, and love. Subj: All for growth Date: 97-12-03 13:24:21 EST From: Emmasirani "The people who do not survive in the physical world will be in the spiritual world. They may be confused at the onset. The changes to their psyches will be just as dramatic. The evolutionary process will be just as great for them. "Evolution is always toward growth. The process of change is always toward growth. All events will be for growth, in the universe, this world, and in each individual. "The evolutionary processes are already bearing fruit in the world. For the past hundred or so years, the psychic processes have become more active in man. Some call it a gut-feeling or intuition. This is the 'psychic nature' being activated in the species. Many call it a 'mother's sixth sense.' "What is evident is the refining of the sixth sense in mankind. No longer will mankind live by his five senses; now a sixth sense has been added. This sixth sense has been in you from the beginning of time. Recently it has been activated to an extent that it is now becoming commonplace. Throughout time there have been those who could tap into the psychic. There has been much confusion as to what the psychic is and how it works. It is an inherent sense, much as your sight or hearing. It is the use of the emotional body to see into the unseen, to feel the directions of the Almighty. "The evolutionary process has commenced and is ongoing. Evolution is not a one-time process, but one which is now slowly changing man into the new species. It is doing its work in changing at such a slow pace that it is unnoticeable." from 'Mary's Message to the World, As Sent by Mary, the Mother of Jesus to Her Messenger, Annie Kirkwood' compiled by Byron Kirkwood, 1991 page 243-258 Subj: Carved into the handle Date: 97-12-03 13:32:56 EST From: Emmasirani Favor pushed back the book. She rubbed her eyes, and looked up at the old man. 'Wow,' she said. He smiled at her. 'Well, child, what do you think?' 'I think I need to get up and stretch.' She stood up. 'Give me a minute or two to think. It's a bit much.' She touched her toes. 'Can I get you anything?' 'Yes. Show me where the bathroom is,' said the old man. He stood up, supporting himself on a large, rough-hewn cane. Carved into the handle was the head of a rabbit. from The Bunnysattva Sutra Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You Subj: where gone to? Date: 97-12-03 23:31:57 EST From: Oreozzz Mine most best character, name of Stace.... That name heard not in a lot of time. Where gone to is she? Worrying I am, Oreo Subj: Patience Date: 97-12-05 04:54:20 EST From: Emmasirani Dear Oreozzz and Markar1 I suppose you already know this if you have been reading carefully. But I will remind you that I have no control over the appearance and disappearance of the characters in the Bunnysattva Sutra. I only edit the English version of the text. Even my teacher, who is the main translator, has no input on who appears and when. So you will just have to be patient till Stace and the Bunnysattva appear again. I assume they must, but I have only read ahead a few pages. The Bunnysattva Sutra consists of ten books (or twelve, depending which Tibetan manuscript you use) and each book is quite long. Book One, which I have been posting here, runs to well over a hundred pages. So hopefully in the large mass of material to come, the characters to whom you have become attached will appear often enough to satisfy you. I feel tempted to mention that this might be a good opportunity for the two of you to exercise and develop detachment. Attachment to particular forms binds us to the illusion of the creation, and we have to come back again and again because of it. I am tempted to mention this, but I will not, as it would be hypocritical. I myself am addicted to the particular forms of my morning cappucino, blueberries and rasberries with organic cream, fresh croissants, and the New York Times European edition. So for me to recommend detachment would be like Hugh Hefner preaching the joys of celibacy. My teacher spends much of his time traveling, and I don't see him that often. When I do see him, he often teases me as to why I bother posting the chapters of The Bunnysattva Sutra. He says things like, 'There are only three readers, so why do you bother?' Or he says, 'They do not read, they skim,' 'You are wasting your time, you could be doing prostrations,' and so on. Occasionally he suggests that a website would be more appropriate, as the 'Buddhists' in America Online are 'pseudo-Buddhists' or 'pretend seekers.' Sometimes he calls me a 'pretend editor,' by which he means, I suppose, that the text really needs no editing, as his translation is already perfect. I should print a few pages unedited -- that would really embarass him -- if he were embarassable. He does not himself use a computer (I cannot even get him to look at a computer screen) and I don't think he knows what America Online or a website actually are. Yet he will never miss an episode of the X-Files. Go figure. As I can only post his translation with his permission, I do not know how long he will permit me to continue. Hopefully long enough for you to read about the characters you, apparently, long for. You might want to go back to earlier chapters, meanwhile, to read about the Bunnysattva and Stace, if you have, as he suggested, been skimming. The Editor Subj: WARNING Date: 97-12-06 12:42:23 EST From: Parkar 0 An Important Message to all Buddhists The Bunnysattva 'Sutra' is NOT an authentic Sutra. Authentic Sutras, without exception, were included in the Pali Canon. If it's not in the Pali Canon, it's NOT A SUTRA. Ten foot tall rabbits DO NOT live inside the earth. No one lives inside the earth. The earth is solid, with a metallic core. There's a lot of rock and metal in there, but NO UNDERGROUND CITIES. The Pope DOES NOT meditate. He does not believe in Buddhism. He is a CATHOLIC. Catholics ARE NOT BUDDHIST. There are NO flying saucers. So-called flying saucers or UFOs are mistaken sightings of weather balloons, or experimental aircraft, or the visions of kooks, or outright frauds. There is NO government coverup. Our public servants do not lie. Rabbits DO NOT SPEAK. They have never spoken, and will never speak. Rabbits are rodents. They dig holes and eat plants. RABBITS ARE NOT BUDDHIST. Time travel DOES NOT EXIST. It is a physical impossibility. To go back in time, one would have to exceed the speed of light, and NO ONE can exceed the speed of light. There is NO WAY we can stop extremist groups like the authors of this phony Sutra from promoting their sick schismatic sectarianism. Believe me, we have tried. All we can do is EDUCATE you, the Buddhist public. You have been WARNED. Before believing any fallacious nonsense printed in the name of Buddhism, call this office to check first. Our new TOLL-FREE NUMBER is 1-800-BELIEVE Our operators are waiting for your call. For the true, authentic Buddhist teachings, you can always depend on us. Louis Lewis Associate Director Buddhist Bureau of Investigation Fraud and Wierdo Section Subj: Put on some clothes Date: 97-12-10 15:53:05 EST From: Emmasirani The old man opened the door and, with a half-smile, called inside. 'Put on some clothes. We have a visitor.' He motioned to Favor with his head. 'Go on in. She won't bite.' Favor preceded him into the little cottage. It was of brown maple, with a gabled, thatched roof, and a big stone fireplace in front. The old man followed her, leaning heavily on his rabbit's-head cane. The main room was quaint, archaic, she thought. She liked it. There was a small dining room table in the center, with four carved chairs. The walls were covered with paintings and photographs. The fireplace was lit, and intermingling with the scent of burning cedar was the smell of freshly-baked bread. A small, radiant older woman came in, moving very slowly. Her snow-white hair was tied back in a knot. She wore a long black corduroy dress, was barefoot, and had deep blue eyes, with a twinkle in them. The woman extended her hand. 'Favor,' said Favor. 'Pleased to meet you, ma'am.' The woman looked over at the old man. 'Favor? What an unusual name.' He smiled slightly. 'Favor works at the cafe on Nang Ched Thob Street. Her grandparents are -- get this -- named Jeremy and Aerna.' She raised her eyebrows. 'You're kidding.' 'Nope.' 'What are the odds? It's impossible. Three quarters of the world is destroyed, the survivors are scattered to the four winds, and Aerna Otatop and Jeremy the saucer-mechanic wind up here in Iceland?' The old man turned to Favor. 'Tell her what you said to me.' 'Bout what?' asked Favor. 'About going to Paris, something-willing.' 'Oh, I said I plan to go to Paris next year, Bunnysattva-williing.' The old woman's mouth fell open. 'Where did you learn that?' she asked, when she had regained control over her voice. 'My Grandma and Grandpa say it all the time. It means, if it's in the divine plan. Sort of like Allah-willing, as the Muslims say.' 'O my God, this is incredible! And -- did her name make you think of anyone?' 'Of course. Not only was she named after Fiver -- I think she was Fiver.' 'Oh, come on, you know that's not possible.' 'Sure it is. Not common, maybe, but possible.' 'To jump in one life from a rabbit to a human -- that's ridiculous -- even for you.' 'Not just any rabbit,' said the old man, 'a talking rabbit -- a Christian rabbit, in fact -- and a personal friend of the Bunnysattva.' 'Excuse me,' said Favor. 'I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. Are you saying I am a rabbit?' 'No, dear,' replied the old man. 'That you WERE a rabbit -- in your last life. I'm not sure of it, but I think it's quite possible.' 'Why?' Favor shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She imagined herself a rabbit hopping in a green field. 'Because while you were reading, I kept seeing Fiver's face alternate with your own. Fiver was a rabbit we knew a long time ago.' 'Wow. I've always had a thing about rabbits. And I've always wished I had more hair -- hair all over my body. In fact, I feel sort of naked without it.' The old man and the old woman laughed. 'Well, we have to have Favor and her grandparents over for tea.' 'Do you know them?' asked Favor. 'I think we used to,' the old woman replied, 'about fifty years ago. And maybe we knew you, too.' Subj: The Khadomas' Spears Date: 97-12-10 16:01:01 EST From: Emmasirani The old woman, her long hair down and shining, wearing maroon Tibetan robes, lit seven candles and a stick of Drikung Red Crystal incense. Then, pressing a silver and gold double dorje ring* to the pages of an ancient, oblong book, she read out loud: The Divine Khahdoma** comes from the East carrying the spear of all-embracing love. The Precious Khahdoma comes from the South carrying the spear of great compassion. The Lotus Khahdoma comes from the West carrying the spear of great affection. The Karma Khahdoma comes from the North carrying the spear of great impartiality. The Buddha Khahdoma comes from the Center carrying the spear of Bodhisattvic mind. The five Khahdomas stand on the bowed heads of the elementals of egoism, and on their arms and legs. The Khahdomas run their spears through the elementals, so that they are unable to move, and remain motionless and at peace.*** Tibetan incense wafted through the air. Jeremy smiled at Aerna and their granddaughter Favor, as the old woman stood in silence before the sacred text. The old man leaned on his rabbit-head cane. They each remembered Christmas, fifty years ago, on the Moon, in the Copper Palace of the Bunnysattva. ____________ * The Secret Language of the Dakini Decoder Ring, possessed in our own time by a fortunate few, among them Gonpo Barnag, PooDee49, and my teacher, the translator of this work. These rings are not, as is commonly believed, to be found in specially unmarked boxes of Cracker Jacks. ** 'Khahdoma' is the Tibetan word for the Sanskrit 'Dakini.' The Khahdomas are a high order of female spiritual beings who render assistance to pilgrims on the spiritual path. *** W. Y. Evans-Wentz, in his commentary on this passage from the Gchod-Yul Mkhah-Hgro-Hi Gad-Rgyang (The Method of Eradicating the Lower Self, called 'The Divine Mirth of The Dakini'), wrote, 'The Dakini are here to be regarded as Mother Goddesses, majestically divine in appearance, possessed of spiritually purifying and exorcising powers, and as exercising functions similar to those of the Angels of Christianity, or of the Daemons of Greek and Pagan mysticism. 'Each of the five Dakini herein named is related to, and is the embodiment of, the divine antidote of one of the five passions composing egoism, which are above personified as Hatred (or Wrath), Pride, Lust, Jealousy and Stupidity. 'There is also a color and a characteristic assigned to each of them: to the Divine or Vajra Dakini, white (sometimes blue) and peacefulness to the Precious or Ratna Dakini, yellow and grandness to the Lotus or Padma Dakini, red and fascination to the Karma Dakini, or Dakini of Action, green and sternness and to the Buddha Dakini, or Dakini of Enlightenment, dark blue, and knowledge of the Truth. As in the text, the first four are endowed with one of the four kinds of Divine Action, namely Love, Compassion, Affection, and Impartiality (or Justice), all of which are attributes of the Bodhisattvic mind, wherewith, in its spiritual completeness, the Buddha Dakini is related. The Divine antidote for Hatred is Love; for Pride, Compassion; for Lust, Altruistic Affection; for Jealousy, Impartiality; and for Stupidity (or Ignorance -- Avidya), it is Enlightenment. Furthermore, the five Dakini in this yoga of the 'cutting-off' are the active agents of the five Buddhas of Meditation, assigned to the Five Directions, East, South, West, North, and the Centre. 'Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, or Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path, According to the Late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdap's English Rendering,' Arranged and Edited with Introductions and Annotations to Serve as a Commentary, by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, (Second Edition, 1935, 1958) p. 307, Oxford University Press from The Bunnysattva Sutra Subj: Re:WARNING Date: 97-12-10 22:42:02 EST From: Knuppelupp Ummm...... OK? I think someone needs to calm down a bit.... Subj: Names Date: 97-12-14 17:06:42 EST From: Emmasirani Ananda kept tying and untying his sneakers. Shur was sewing the side of a new cape. She had been wanting to make a cape for a long time, and one of the Bunnyman had given her a roll of heavy black fabric from looms within the Earth, as well as twelve needles, and several spools of thread. The fabric was like wool, but coarser, and glowed slightly, like the old watch-faces. She looked up at Ananda. 'Tell me the names of the other disciples.' 'Why?' 'Just curious.' She wanted to draw him out of his depression. 'Well, there's Purna Maitrayaniputra, Ajnata, Asvajit, Maudgalyana, Sariputra, Kausthila, Bharadvaja, Upale, Pindola, Aniruddha, Maha Katayana, Maha Kasyapa... Is that enough? 'No,' she said, smiling. 'I want to hear more.' 'You are crazy.' 'Really. Just tell me their names. That's all. I like names.' 'Is that why you carry that list of names of the Goddess with you?' 'No, that's for praying. I like to recite the names of the Goddess. It's a link with her. I feel her more when I say her names. It's a kind of ritual, y'know?' 'I guess. I remember one time the Master talked about names. But they were his names.' 'What did he say?' 'Something like this: Sometimes the same person is known by different names, according to his or her different attributes. For instance, the god Indra is also known as Shakra, and also as Purandara. The different names can be used interchangeably, or they can be used for different aspects of a person. But it would be foolish to think that there are three Indras because we call him by three different names. 'In the same way, the Master said, it would be a mistake to get confused about who I am, just because I have been given so many names. I appear in this world, and ignorant people give me different names. They have no idea that all these names refer to one being -- me. 'Some people call me Tathagata, some call me the Self-Existent One, some call me Gautama the Ascetic. Others call me Brahman, or Vishnu. Some see me as the reincarnation of ancient Masters. Some think I am the personification of the Ten States of God. Some call me Rama, some call me the Unborn, the Emptiness, the 'Suchness,' the Truth, the Reality, the Ultimate Being. Others call me Dharmakaya, or Nirvana, or the Eternal One. Some think of me as the Undying, the Formless, as Emancipation, or as the Noble Path. Some think of me as Divine Mind or Divine Wisdom. 'So in this world, and in other worlds, I am known by so many names, names that cannot be counted. But in every case they see me the way you can see the Moon reflected in a lake. They all honor, praise, and esteem me, but they don't really have a clue about the meaning and significance of the words they use. Because they have not themselves realised Truth, they repeat the words of their scriptures, or what they have been told, or what they have imagined. 'And they have no idea that the name they use is only one of my many names. In their studies, they follow the words of the sacred text in vain, trying to find the true meaning -- instead of having confidence in the one real Text in which Truth is fully revealed, and which needs no other scripture -- the Realisation of the Self.' * 'And have you realised the Self?' asked Shur. 'Me?' 'No, the wall. Who do you think I'm asking?' 'No.' 'Are you going to?' 'I hope so.' 'When?' 'I don't know.' 'Then tell me more names of the disciples.' Shur leaned over toward him and kissed his elbow. _________________ *For another version of this explanation by the Buddha, see the translation of the Lankavatara Sutra in 'The Buddhist Bible' edited by Dwight Goddard (second edition, 1938), page 344-345. Subj: Does she sew? Date: 97-12-14 17:10:21 EST From: Emmasirani 'Well there's Devadatta, who left, and has been causing trouble. There's... Prasenajit. He's the king of Kosala. Panchasikha... Udayana, the king of Kausambi... Kutadanta... Khrishi Bharadvaja. Angulimala -- he's the one I told you about, who used to be robber and killed ninety-nine people -- and now, by the grace of the Master, is one of the immortals. Alavaka -- he used to be a cannibal -- uggh. Ugrasena... he was an acrobat. Upali, who was a barber. Sunita -- he was a scavenger -- that's the lowest caste. Of course, to the Master, there is no caste.' 'What's caste?' 'Well, it's like... social class. You know, how some people only talk to other people who have as much money as they do, or who drive the same cars. Or like that country-western bar you took me to, how the guys in cowboy hats only talk to other guys in cowboy hats.' 'Oh. They thought you were Straight Edge. That was SO funny.' 'For you, maybe.' 'More names. Tell me more disciples.' 'Well there's Rahula -- he's the Master's son...' 'He has children?' 'Just one, Rahula. There's the Master's father, Suddhodana.' 'His father is a disciple?' 'He is. And Yasodhara, the Master's wife.' 'What's she like.' 'You'd like her. She's beautiful, intelligent, witty, and... 'Does she sew?' Shur turned over the cape. 'Probably. Everyone has to sew. We don't have factories and malls to buy our clothes in. There's Prajapathi Gautami -- she's the Master's aunt. What a character. That woman could talk anyone into doing anything. There's Anathapindaka, and Jivaka -- he's a healer; Visakha, Ambapali -- she's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you are. She used to be a courtesan. Sudatta -- one very rich man who gave it all away to kids who didn't have families...' 'You mean orphans?' 'I guess. I'm spent. You'll have to settle with them. Or I can start repeating myself. You'd never know, anyhow.' Shur put down the fabric and snuggled up to him. She kissed his ear. 'What's bugging you?' 'I'm -- I don't know. Maybe I'm homesick.' Shur took his hand. 'Let's go ask the Bunnysattva if she can send us back in time for a few days. You know those little saucers can do time travel?' 'They can?' 'That's what Keight told me.' 'You mean we can go back to my time?' 'I don't know. It can't hurt to ask.' from The Bunnysattva Sutra 12.14.97 5.13.39 PM Closing Log file. Dear frieds of the Bunnysattva, My sister Aerna brought me this Chrismas poem, which I thought i would share with youall. SHe did not right it, it was sent to us from Christian friends. ************* One day I saw a sign that read, "HEAVEN'S GROCERY STORE". As I got a little closer the door came open wide, and when I came to myself I was standing inside. I saw a host of ANGELS. They were standing everywhere. One handed me a basket and said, "My Child shop with care". Everything a Christian needed was in that grocery store. And all you couldn't carry, you could come back the next day for more. First, I got some PATIENCE: LOVE was in the same row. Further down was UNDERSTANDING: you need that everywhere you go. I got a box or two of WISDOM, a bag or two of FAITH. I just couldn't miss the HOLY GHOST, for it was all over the place. I stopped to get some STRENGTH and COURAGE to help me run this race. By then my basket was getting full, but I remembered I needed some GRACE. I didn't forget SALVATION, for SALVATION was free, so I tried to get enough of that to save both you and me. Then I started up to the counter to pay my grocery bill, for I thought I had everything to do the MASTER'S will. As I went up the aisle, I saw PRAYER: and I just had to put that in, for I knew when I stepped outside, I would run into sin. PEACE AND JOY were plentiful; they were last on the shelf. SONG and PRAISE were hanging near, so I just helped myself. Then I said to the angel, "Now, how much do I owe?" He smiled and said, "Just take them everywhere you go." Again, I smiled and said, "How much do I really owe?" He smiled again and said, "My child, Jesus paid your bill a long, long time ago." 'All things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.' Matthew 21:22 ********* I wrote a new vershon, and I am putting it hear. Please tell me if yiou like it. Lord Buddha's Conveniense Store One day I saw a sign that read, 'LordBuddha's Convenense Store.' When I got a little closer I slipped inside the door. I saw a host of Protectors. They were stading everywhere. One handed me a basket and said, 'Seeker, shop with care.' All I needed for my practice, To get me off the wheel, Of births and deaths, of transiense, Was there for me to steal. First, I took some Patiense and Sincerity, and Love And rolls of Uderstanding that had rolled down from above. Then I got the Eye of Wisdom, and a bag or two of Prayer. I couldn't miss Detachment, it was attached everywhere. I got some Stregth and Courage and thousands of Prostrations. And luckily I remebered to collect pure Metitations. I didn't miss Nirvanna, The purpose and the Goal. I made sure to take enough for every sufering soul. I came across Compashion, and I had to put that in, for I knew that I'd encounter, endless sefishness and sin. Inner Peace and Joy were siting at the end of the last shelf. Right Speech and Action hung their, so I just heped myself. I was scared of getting caught. Sweat was poring down my face; Luckily I rmembered and I prayed for the Guru's Grace. I slipped out the door quietly Pretty sure no one could see, But a fierce Dakkini caught my arm. Breathing fire, she said to me, 'You cannot steal or shoplift what belongs to you, you know. All these things are your birthright, So take what you nede and go. I knew I ought to pay, and asked her, 'How much will that be?' She looked at me with so much love, And said 'The Truth is free.' Now I go from door too door, Helping everyone and freeing All my sisters and my brothers, Savig every captive being. *********** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNUH!! Happy Half Birthdya Keight! Peace and love to all of you in the sprt of Christmass in the name of Lord JesusChrist, Lord Gautama Buddha and the Bodhysattvas, Guru Rinpochey Padmasambhaba AND THE BUNNYSATVA!!! your friend. Toof Otatop 12.21.97 4.55.51 AM Opening √íSystem Log 12.21.97√ď for recording. Subj: Re:Lord Buddha's Store Date: 97-12-20 14:01:15 EST From: DorjeDorje May I suggest a Cliff's Notes version of the Sutra for those of us who have trouble keeping everything straight in our minds? In English, not Tibetan. And is there a study group or Bunnysattva sutra chat group? Are there authorized teachers of the stura? Dorje Subj: To Dorje Date: 97-12-21 04:53:19 EST From: Emmasirani Dear Dorje What are Cliff's Notes? Are they some sort of study guide or outline? If that is the case, I think it is an excellent idea. Why don't you do it? I would personally like to see a Classics Comics version. If you are really having trouble following the Sutra, you might try what I do: read it again. While the language in the English version leaves a lot to be desired, the story is better the second time, as are the teachings. I often find I have forgotten entire sections. I am not sure if this is because I am getting old, or because they were not there before. If you do try to read it again, remember to start with Summer Reruns, not at the beginning of the folder. That is because the Summer Reruns recapitulated the earliest sections, which were posted in the original Bunnysattva Sutra folder. After the Reruns, then go to the beginning of the folder and continue there. I do not know of any Bunnysattva Sutra study group or chat group. I once joked about one here a few months ago, but have never come across one. While the Sutra is said to be quite old, it has only recently come to light, and to the best of my knowledge this is the first complete English translation -- and it is not done yet. In fact, there is so much to come that I despair of getting it done before the Earth Changes. Again, if you see a need, why not fill it yourself? You don't need any special authority or empowerment or authorisation to discuss the Sutra, or to study it with others. You can even print out your own copy to work from. One thing I would suggest is that, at the beginning of each meeting, you sit in a circle in silence for five minutes and meditate on the Bunnysattva. Visualise her as the centre of radiating light, which warms the hearts of all who see her. This meditation or visuaiisation will help set the tone for the meeting, and perhaps help prevent the silly arguments that so often mar spiritual discussions. Remember you have gathered for one purpose only: to share the eternal message of the Bunnysattva, and wake up from this dream. I looked up and enjoyed your profile. I have always wondered where Shambhalla is. What is a phonographer? I really enjoy some of the profiles in America Online. They are one of the few sources of creativity here. I have thought about writing one myself, but I am already so weighted down with e-mail, most of which I never even get to read, that I do not wish to attract further attention. Wishing you well, and that you have happy holidays, and especially that you remember at Christmastime the great Buddha Yeheshua ben Miryam, Lord Jesus Christ, who came to share the Dharma with the men and women of Palestine, and who suffered terribly, voluntarily, so that they -- and we -- might free ourselves from the wheel of birth and death. The Editor 12.21.97 4.57.25 AM Closing Log file. Subject: The Butchers Date: Tue 23 Dec 1997 4.26 AM EDT From: Emmasirani Message-id: <>
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