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  1. (4 pts) In what respect did the use of fiber evidence in the Williams case differ significantly from its use in previous cases?

  1. (2 pts) What did investigators hope to learn from their initial examination of fibers found on the bodies of several murder victims found in the Atlanta area from July 1979 to May 1981?

  • Learn source of fibers

    1. (2 pts) What steps did they take to gather this information?

      1. Microscopic study (cross-sectional shape)

      2. Chemists & textile experts asked to ID the source of the fibers

    2. (4 pts) What did they learn from their investigations?

      1. Yellow-greenish fiber probably carpet but shape was not common

      2. Fiber is rare and not widely used

    3. (2 pts) What was the significance of this information?

      1. Reduced number of locations where murders could have occurred

  1. (5 pts) How could information on the source of the fibers be helpful to investigators? Explain how investigators might use information about the source of a fiber to help them locate the perpetrator.

  1. (4 pts) What pieces of information did investigators collect from the West Point Pepperell Corporation that led them to conclude that the fibers found on Nathaniel Carter’s body came from the carpeting in Wayne Williams’s house?

    1. (4 pts) Explain the importance of each of these pieces of information for connecting Williams to Carter’s murder.

      1. Narrowed search to only small about of Southeastern US, narrowed search to possible number of rooms in Georgia then Atlanta

  1. (2 pts) Describe how investigators used the concepts of statistical probability to tie Williams to Nathaniel Carter as well as to his other victims.

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