Technical Communication

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Technical Communication




Date : 25/10/2011

Product: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office

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Subject: OmniPCX Office Release 810 / 045.003


The software version R810 is the maintenance release of the OmniPCX Office RCE – R8.0.

The new version will be equipped on the new systems going out of manufacturing from 45/2011 for Generic Market.

This software release 810 integrates several new features and support new SIP Phones models.
For all details concerning installation and using of new terminals / new features, please check OXO R810 Expert guide and OXO R810 installation guide.


Following technical communications are available for OmniPCX Office Release 810:

  • Migration : reference 1546

  • Limits : reference 1547

  • Noteworthy Address : reference 1398

  • Compatibilities : reference 1314  

  • PIMphony v6.4 : reference 1552

  • My IC Mobile : reference 1553

  • OmniTouch 4135 : reference 1548

  • My IC Phone 8082 : reference 1557

  • ACD : reference 1564


3.1OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone

See “OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone” technical communication (“1557”) for more details.


8082 My IC phone terminals are Alcatel-Lucent new SIP phones.

The interactions between the MyIC phone terminals and the OXO are built on SIP protocol, Web Services, DHCP and HTTP protocols.

Support SNTP on My IC 8082 phones, NTP server is integrated in OXO.

OXO supports MyIC phone 8082 phones with wideband capabilities.

8082 My IC Phone software upgrade

To upgrade OmniPCX Office systems with the 8082 My IC Phone software, enable the OmniTouch My IC Phone check box in the OMC software download window.


The OXO installation number must be configured : it is mandatory to enter the international / intercity prefix / code that allows the 8082 to manage canonical+ numbering format.

As indicated in 8082 My IC Phone User Guide, depending if these are manual or automatic (from directory of contacts, call log, history) dialling, following rules must be respected:

- Manual call (digits entered manually via dialling keypad) : to make an external call, dial the outside line access code before dialling your correspondent's number.

- Automatic call with phone numbers from 8082 My IC Phone directory of contacts or call log. In that case phone numbers must be recorded without the outside (trunk) line access code. Canonical format with “+” is preferred. Example +33 390670000.


See “OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone” technical communication (TC1557) for more details about supported headsets.

Headsets not listed in the Technical Communication / not in Alcatel-Lucent catalogue which would not work correctly once associated to my IC Phone are not supported.
For a good management of the headset, a manual action on 8082 My IC Phone maybe necessary.

For instance, after pairing the Bluetooth headset, you must make sure that the accessory type “BT” in the audio settings is correctly selected.

“Jack” or “USB” must be selected in “Accessory type” depending on the headset type in use.

Admin password

The default admin password = admin


20 My IC Phone 8082 max per installation (see also chapter 3.4 – “SIP Phone limits”)

My IC Phone end user data reset

In OMC, in the subscribers list, when the My IC Phone name is set to : « resetUserData » (upper and lower cases format must be respected), all personal data (personal pictures, comlog, directory, …) on the concerned My IC Phone will be erased.

My IC Phone global reset (reset to factory settings)

The way to reset to factory settings the 8082 My IC Phone is to use a SSH command.

  • A SSH client (example : putty) must be connected to the concerned 8082 My IC Phone set.

  • My IC Phone must be started, IP Address is accessible in the reading : enter the My IC Phone IP address in the SSH client to establish the connection.

  • Once the connection to the My IC Phone is established, enter the Admin Login and Admin Password (check via OMC the admin password if it was changed) : login = admin – (default) password = admin

  • When the session is correctly established to the concerned My IC Phone, following SSH command permits to erase all set’s data : reset flash

The SSH command “reset flash” performs following actions before to reboot the set :

  • Deletion of all the configurations data (IP configurations, Ethernet, Timezone, 802.1x, …) and settings set to default,

  • External Webapps are uninstalled,

  • Deletion of all CTL data and clients certificates

  • Restore of default admin password

  • Deletion of the files stored in admin account (/home/admin/)


OXO Business / Hotel

8082 My IC Phones are not supported as guest sets in hotel mode. Only administrative / Business mode is supported.

LLDP protocol on My IC Phone

See LLDP generic Technical Communication Reference : “1290“


There is no specific license requested for 8082 My IC Phone.

IP Users licenses must be available, so that 8082 My IC Phone can start.

3.28082 My IC Phone Web applications

WEB applications development/support are managed in the AAPP process.

There is no authorization yet to deploy at customer site any Web application in association with 8082 My IC Phone.

3.3OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference Phone

See “OmniTouch 4135” technical communication (“1548”) for more details.


The OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference module is a conference phone for IP telephony.

It is dedicated to be used as central for conferences.

Conferences are not managed by the OXO, but by the device itself.

Up to 3 OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference Phone can be connected to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Communication Server.

OXO will provide a 5 way local conference from this terminal (5 remote parties + 1 party from 4135 Device = 6 parties conference).


If other SIP Phone sets (“Open” SIP Phones, with associated license) are configured and used as IP Conference bridge, there is a maximum limit of 3 simultaneous SIP conferences bridges managed by OXO (example 2 OT 4135 + 1 Open SIP Phone configured with SIP Conference bridge).

OmniTouch 4135 Software upgrade

To upgrade 4135 module, enable the OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference check box in the OMC software download window.


There is no specific license requested for OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference Phone.

IP Users licenses must be available, so that OmniTouch 4135 can start.

3.4SIP Phones


Generic SIP Phones can be connected and used with OXO Release 810.

Without “Open” license, SIP Phones can only be used in a basic mode : single call management (no brokers call, no conference, no diversion, no voice mail, …).

“Open” license authorize the SIP Phone to be used in an enhanced mode : multiple calls management, brokers call, conference, diversion, voice mail, …

The supported SIP phones are listed in the AAPP “White list”.

Technical support will manage the support of this “White list” in the usual interoperability AAPP tests.

TS will not support SIP Phones which are not listed in the “White list”.

SIP Phones limits

Maximum 200 IP sets with:

  • 20 My IC 8082 max

  • 20 Open SIP Phone max

  • 3 OT 4135 max

  • 200 IP touch or Basic SIP

In total: Max My IC Phone + Max Open SIP + Max OT4135 + Max IP Touch/Basic SIP + Number of IP trunk channels =  200 maximum

See chapter 4 “OXO R810 Licenses” for “Open SIP Phones” (no licence needed for basic mode, except IP Users licenses to be able to start Basic SIP Phones).

3.5Dect 500

DECT 500 PTI terminal is supported as plug (“assign”) and phone.

The “Mobile DECT 500” Terminal is recognized in the OMC Subscribers list, no need to manually configure the Dect 500 parameters to give it compatible with OXO directory.

3.6My IC Mobile for iPhone


My IC Mobile for iPhone is not supported with this version R810_045.003 and must not be used.

A My IC Mobile for iPhone software application version “XXXXXX” fully compatible with OXO R810 will be proposed soon on the Apple Store.

The next OXO Release 810 software Maintenance version “XXXXXXX” (available week 47) will be compatible with My IC Mobile for iPhone.

3.7My IC Web for Office


My IC Web for Office is a web based application that provides user an access to some device features.

A web browser is needed to access the application.
The application will provide to the users ways to :

• Consult/delete voice mails

• Consult/delete call logs

• Search a contact using the UDA service provided by the OXO

• Change static routing state of his phone (do not disturb, forward to number, forward to voice mail, nomadic mode)

• Make a call (using contact results or a dialler)

To access the application


- Through URL :

- Through direct popup mode :


Note: the URL is case sensitive (respect upper/lower letters)


Login prompt is shown on both ways to access the application.

Enter device number and its password.


The number dialed must not contain the PBX prefix.


The application is compatible with:

•   Internet Explorer version 7 and upper

•   Firefox version 3.5 and upper

•   Safari version 5 and upper

Cookies must be allowed on the browser else settings features will not be functional.


My IC Web for Office cannot be used in association with 8082 My IC Phone / Basic SIP Phones / My IC Mobile.

My IC Web for Office is compatible with Open SIP Phone and OT 4135.

The restriction for MyIC Phone is due to the limit of only one connection to ICS API.


See chapter 4 “OXO R810 Licenses”

3.8ACD features

See “ACD” technical communication (“1564”) for more details.

ACD Home page

ACD home page in terminals is only available after agent log in.

Click to call

Possibility to make calls to customers from ACD Agent application.

Call lost in loop

Evolution of the ACD in OXO call distribution.

Calls are no more remaining for ever in ringing state or in queue until the caller decides to release the call.

3.9Directory features / LDAP

LDAP connector in UDA

To enhance the directory service, OXO R810 is able to access external directory using LDAP.

This connection is only applicable for 8082 My IC Phone, My IC Mobile, ADC Agent Assistant Application (not applicable for Z, UA, IP-Touch sets).


The phone numbers stored in the LDAP directory and retrieved via UDA service MUST NOT contain the external outgoing prefix used to make an external call from OXO.

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended to use the phone number canonical (+33 3…) format inside the LDAP directory.

The external LDAP server has to use only extended Latin characters


The OXO Phonebook update is not fully synchronized with the UDA service.

Collective speed dial, group, ... will be reported to UDA at the next OTS synchronization (at 1.30 am) or after a warm reset of OXO.


See chapter 4 “OXO R810 Licenses”

3.10Diagnostic features

  • VoIP traces are available in webdiag installer mode.

  • Trace route is available in webdiag installer mode.

3.11PIMphony / TSP

See PIMphony v6.4 technical communication (“1552”) for more details.

  • PIMphony v6.4 Release needs to be used with OXO Release 810.

  • 8082 My IC Phone and SIP phone (Open and basic) cannot be configured and associated with PIMphony (but these SIP sets are visible in Supervision list from PIMphony Team or Operator).

  • TSP v6.4 Release can be configured and used with My IC phone 8082 and SIP Phones, for the management of calls in association with external diallers (Outlook dialler, Goldmine dialler, …).

3.12SIP Trunk features

  • Mobicall server (company NewVoice) is supported on SIP trunk for alarms and geolocalisation (< R810, only ISDN trunk is supported). Mobicall server is installed in association with Dect 500 for alarms retrievals.


3.13.1VMU/AA/MLAA features

  • Via OMC there is possibility for each user mailbox to configure out of mailbox option.

  • The free dialling option is available during the welcome greetings and in the main menu of AA/MLAA.

  • The call timer displayed in sets is in the format mins : secs

3.13.2Broadcast group

  • The loudspeaker can be added in receive mode in a broadcast group along with other terminals.

3.13.3Local Call Metering Application

  • LCMA is supported for all country targets (was only China with OXO Release 800)

3.13.4Multiset support for My IC Phone, MyIC Office and MyIC Mobile

  • Support the Multiset configuration between MyIC Phone, MyIC Mobile.


- The Multiset configuration between MyIC Office with MyIC mobile, MyIC office with MyIC phone and MyIC office with PIMphony are not supported.

- My IC Mobile cannot be the primary set of a Multiset.

3.13.5Operator session on Phone to see software version

  • Operator session on the IP Touch sets can be used to see the software version of the system.

3.13.6Administrator password modification

  • Password modification management is possible in OMC Easy, OMC Easy plus and on IP Touch set from a new Administrator menu.


Following new licenses are available for new R810 services management.

Desktop Services

1 additional My IC Mobile software key

Order as many licenses as My IC Mobile to be used (1 license = 1 My IC Mobile application)

Voice mail services

Up to 30 hours (on SD card, hard disk is not required)

Open RCE My IC Office pack

Pack which includes

- 50 My IC Office users

- LDAP connector

Open RCE SIP Phone pack

Pack which includes

20 Open SIP phone users


See “OXO Migration” technical communication (“1546”) for all the details.

5.1Remote migration

OMC Remote connection long time duration
When My IC Phone item is selected, OMC remote connection to download OXO Software maybe long, even with ISDN connection (more than 2 hours).

This should be improved in future maintenance OXO R810 software.

6DBAdapter 2.1 Build 1.0


DBAdapter is an OMC plug-in to allow opening databases saved with an older OMC.

OMC calls DBAdapter transparently without specific user interaction.

This DBAdapter version is compatible for any adaptation from OXO Release R510, to R610, … R800 to R810.


• .NET framework 2.0

• Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Support for 64bits Windows.


Launch the DBAdapterSetup.msi installer.

The installation checks if the .NET framework 2.0 is installed.

Once installed, the ability to open older databases is available to all installed OMC510 or higher.


7.1Software versions level

  • The Omni PCX Office R810/045.003 software version has the same level of corrections as Omni PCX Office R800/039.001 ( SIP corrections are in sync with R800/42.003 )

  • OMC 810/22.1a contains all bug fixes and changes delivered in OMC 800/28.1a.

  • My IC Phone software version R200.01.029.7

  • OT 4135 version 1.5.10

  • PIMphony v6.4 Build 2320 has the same level of error corrections than PIMphony 6.3 Build 2100

  • ACD application version 7.11.01

7.2Software details






6.4 Build 2320

ACD appli


OLD appli


MLAA appli


AST appli

2.0 build 7.0

OSC appli



2.1 build 1.0

MyIC Mobile

Armada Firmware






multi ua










tsc_ip V1S

027.001 - vs 2.5

tsc_ip V1

027.001 - vs 4.9


029.001 - vs 2.31


MIPT : 109.025
TWIN :120.027


ASCOM : 02.001.007


A : 03.92.10
BCD : 04.21.44


A : 3.80.40
BC : 3.80.80











Subdevices CTI-V24

memory soft : L3520401
Firmware : 04.01




003.008 (masked)
003.009 (LANX-2; MIX-1)
003.010 (AMIX)



ACD and MLAA engine


End of document

Product: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office / Article TC1545 Ed 01

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