Technology at Thomasville Elementary School Donna McManus Instructional Technology Facilitator

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Technology at Thomasville Elementary School

Donna McManus

Instructional Technology Facilitator


Technology Hardware

Thomasville Elementary School includes cutting-edge technology resources for employees and students. Students at T.E.S. have a wide variety of technology available to them. All classrooms are connected to Internet and utilize bandwidth provided by Alabama Supercomputer Authority. All schools in TCS have wireless networks with plans for expansion. First through fourth grade classrooms are 1:1. Kindergarten classes have 10 mini laptops for student use.

TES has two computer labs located on the kindergarten hall. All labs have network printers and digital projectors. 1:1 classrooms on 3rd and 4th grade halls are Windows 8.1 and are equipped with network printers. Second Grade 1:1 classrooms are Windows 10 and also contain network printers.

A wide range of additional 21st Century Technology can be found at T.E.S. Classrooms include ceiling-mounted projectors, instructional laptops, interactive Smartboard and audio systems, and Elmo document cameras.

Additional technologies include:

Interactive slates

Student response devices

Digital cameras and camcorders


GPS devices

21st Century Professional Developmentc:\users\dmcmanushpslimline\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\upm41m7u\mp900439077[1].jpg

Teachers at TES participate in technology integration and instructional training throughout the school year. These professional development opportunities prepare teachers to better use hardware, software, and web based resources in ways to help students acquire technology, learn through project based learning, and increase their academic achievement.

Virtual Field Trips using Distance Learning Equipment

All classrooms have their lessons enhanced through the use of virtual fieldtrips. Our virtual conferencing equipment allows us to connect with professionals around the globe to add their expertise to our class discussions. We have traveled from Alaska to observe the geological wonders of Denali Mountain to Pennsylvania to learn from the professionals at NASA. What a great and wonderful teaching tool technology can provide for our children.

Student Email Addressesc:\users\dmcmanushpslimline\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\jknsp0oe\mm900285328[1].gif

Students in grades 3 and 4 will use school email addresses. Email is used for school purposes only. Students are trained in cyber safety and how to use email for teacher centered activities. All Email and internet usage in monitored.

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