The 21th Dalian International Automotive Exhibition Invitation Date: 17-21 August 2016 Venue

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The 21th Dalian International Automotive Exhibition

Date: 17-21 August 2016

Venue: Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center / Dalian World Expo Center

Scale130,000 square meters

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Sub-Council

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

Society of Automotive Engineers of China

China National Automotive Industry Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-Council

Dalian Chamber of International Commerce

Dalian is a beautiful, romantic coastal city with 3 sides facing the sea. It belongs to maritime and continental monsoon climate. With 4 clear seasons, Dalian is not so hot in summer and not so cold in winter. With a population of 7 million, the entire municipality covers 12,574 square kilometers. In the year 2001, Dalian was entitled as “Global 500” by the UNEP in appreciation for the great environmental endeavor. Dalian is one of the 5 cities specially designated in the state’s economic development plan, one of the 15 sub-provincial cities, one of the 14 open coastal cities and the largest port city in North China. It stands at the leading position of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and it is also the core city of National Development and opening strategy of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt. Now Dalian is actively building the international shipping center, the logistics center, as well as the regional financial center in Northeast Asia.

With a full category of all sectors, Dalian has a solid industrial foundation. The 4 pillar industries, including: petrol-chemical, ship-building, equipment manufacturing and electronic information industries, develop very fast. The automobile industry is rapidly emerging. In 2015, 190,000 vehicles have been produced in the plants of Dongfeng Nissan, Chery, Huanghai Auto, Brilliance Auto in Dalian, with the output value of RMB 66 billion. Big projects like, BYD new energy vehicles, Volkswagen DSG, Rongke Power and BAK Battery have put into production. Jinzhou District was approved to build “China’s Auto Parts Manufacturing Base”. Dalian has formed preliminary a cluster of automobile industry.

The economy of Dalian presents a good trend of growth in 2015. The regional GDP of Dalian reached RMB 773.1 billion. Investments in fixed assets reached RMB 460 billion, while total retail sales of consumer goods ends at RMB 305 billion. General budget revenue is RMB 57.99 billion. Meanwhile, the income of Dalian urban and rural residents per capita reached RMB 35,750 and RMB 14,650 respectively.

Dalian boasts two large-scale exhibition venues and one international conference center. Every year there are over 100 exhibitions and conferences held in Dalian. The total scale of exhibitions and conferences is over 1 million square meters per year. The success of the summer Davos further expanded the international influence of the city. Dalian is trying to build a famous international convention and exhibition city in Northeast Asia.

As the leading exhibition of Dalian exhibition industry, Dalian International Automobile Exhibition has developed to be the platform for the synchronous development of Dalian’s automobile market, industry and logistics. We are trying to make the exhibition bigger and stronger, in order to finally achieve to build the automobile and parts industry cluster and the national new energy automotive industry demonstration base. 


Dalian International Automobile Exhibition is the leading exhibition in Dalian. Since its first session in 1996, insisting the strategy of “Brand, Trend, Innovation and Service”, it is highly concerned and fully supported by Dalian Municipal People’s Government. This exhibition plays an important role in guiding the development of convention and exhibition economy, expanding the auto and parts industry, promoting consumption and upgrading the automobile culture. Dalian International Automobile Exhibition becomes one of the most favorable automotive exhibitions in China with the largest sales volume, the most consecutive years, and the most vehicle exhibiting.

In the 20th session of 2015, the scale of the exhibition was 130,000 square meters. Brand manufacturers and 1310 motor vehicles from 12 countries and regions such as United States, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea were displayed. The visitors amounted to 330 thousand person times with the trade volume of 7,800 motor vehicles including home-made models sold and ordered on the spot. The 20th session of Dalian International Automobile Exhibition continued to play a leading role in the automobile consumption. 

a. Various passenger cars, new energy vehicles, recreational vehicles, yachts, etc.

b. Various commercial vehicles, special vehicles.
Application Schedules

a. 1 Jan.—31 Jul. 2016 Participation Registration

b. 13 Aug.—16 Aug. 2016 Moving-in

c. 17 Aug.—21 Aug. 2016 Exhibition Dates

d. 5 p.m. 21 Aug. 2016 Moving-out
Application Procedures

a. All participants shall complete the Participation Application Form as requested and send it to the exhibition organizer ASAP.

b. The organizer shall notify the participant booth number and floor plan as soon as it’s finalized, according to the requirements on Participation Application Form.

c. The participant, if accepting such arrangement, shall make remittance before the deadline and fax the receipt thereof to the exhibition organizer.

d. The booth shall be automatically cancelled in case no remittance is received.
The Organization Committee of Dalian International Automotive Exhibition

The 21th Dalian International Automotive Exhibition

17-21 August 2016

Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center

Dalian World Expo Center

Participation Application Form

Name: Chinese:


Contact Add.: Chinese:



Contact persons: E-mail: Position:

Tel: Mobile: Fax:

Main exhibits:

Items to be ordered:

1. Booth:

Mere floor: Indoor Lobby RMB1100/each _______m2 ___________ amount

Indoor (no less than 108 m2) RMB600/each ________m2 ____________ amount

Outdoor (no less than 50 m2) RMB320/each _______ m2 ____________ amount

(reference dimension: length ______ x ______ width)

Seal of candidate:



The Organization Committee of Dalian International Automotive Exhibition

Add: Room 1006, Wanda Building, No.9 Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District,

Dalian 116001,China.

Tel: 0086-411-82822356 82532822

Fax: 0086-411-82650186


Contact: Mr.Jiang, Mr.Teng

※Payee: Dalian Chamber of International Commerce Exhibition Corp.

Bank: China Citic Bank Dalian Branch

A/C: 7211410182200044040

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