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P.O. Box 210425

Tucson, AZ 85721

Tel: (520) 626-4034

Fax: (520) 626-4037


Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program

1834 E. Mabel Street

P.O. Box 210425

Tucson, AZ 85721

Tel: (520) 626-0265

Fax: (520) 626-4037

2017 Interprofessional Project

Application Summary

The Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AzAHEC) program promotes community and educational partnerships and research to enhance access to quality health care with an emphasis on the needs of rural and urban underserved communities and populations. The AzAHEC program provides educational programs in partnership with academic institutions, communities, health care agencies, and other organizations that promote the health of Arizona residents. The AzAHEC program includes five regional centers that are integral to meeting the mission of the AzAHEC program. These regional centers contribute to improving the recruitment, education, and retention of the state's health workforce, improving diversity and cultural competence of Arizona’s healthcare workforce, and identifying and addressing the health needs of Arizona’s communities and residents.

The Arizona AHEC program seeks to support innovative interprofessional collaborative practice through community-engaged partnerships. This request for applications seeks projects led by University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) faculty and students in collaboration with one of our five AzAHEC regional centers. Priority will be given to those applications that focus on addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) through team-based education, practice, and/or research. Practice includes direct clinical care; non-clinical projects; and team-based, community-based research with a SDOH focus.

Eligible applicants include faculty and students of the University of Arizona. A minimum of two different health professions must be represented on the team and one of these must hold a faculty appointment within one of the four UAHS Colleges (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Public Health).

Ten awards of up to $5,000 per project will be made.



  1. Purpose: The purpose of this interprofessional grant program is

1) To foster innovation in interprofessional education and collaborative practice through community engagement;

2) To engage UAHS faculty and students in interprofessional education and collaborative practice in rural and urban medically underserved communities;
3) To address community health needs specific to the five AzAHEC regional centers through interprofessional health promotion and prevention; and
4) To foster team-based collaborative research projects addressing health disparities of Arizona’s populations.

  1. Eligible Applicants: Faculty and students of the University of Arizona. At least two disciplines must be represented and each team must comprise at least one faculty and one student.

  1. Collaboration with one of the five AzAHEC regional centers is required. Each team must demonstrate how they will work collaboratively to address an area of need related to social determinants of health identified by the communities served by an AzAHEC regional center.

Principles of community engagement should be evident. For guidance on community engagement, please see: Principles of Community Engagement, 2nd Edition, available:

  1. Number of Grants and Funds Available: Ten projects will be funded in amounts up to $5,000. If indirect costs are requested, the indirect rate may not exceed eight (8) percent. The total budget including indirect costs may not exceed $5,000.

  1. Project Funding Period: The project funding period is for one year, beginning in March 2017. A progress report (e.g., narrative description of progress, preliminary outcomes data, financial accounting, etc.) will be required within the first six months of the project. Satisfactory progress must be demonstrated for continuation of project funding.

  1. Due Date and Submission of Application: Proposals must be submitted electronically to the Arizona AHEC office at and received by January 19, 2017.

  1. Questions should be directed to: AzAHEC staff at or 520-626-0265.

  1. Review Criteria: The application review process is competitive and will be based on the following criteria: 

  1. Compliance with program guidelines and requirements including an established relationship with one of the five AzAHEC regional centers (e.g., evidenced by jointly-planned activities with the regional center inclusive of project design and/or study question, shared budget, dissemination plan). Funding preference will be given to those projects that evidence jointly-planned and shared projects with the AzAHEC regional centers.

  2. Appropriateness of the proposed budget.

  3. Ability of the applicant to carry out the project, including timely human subjects approval.

  4. Innovativeness, potential for publication and leveraging other funding.


F.          Notification to Applicants: All applicants will be notified by electronic mail.


  1. Reporting Requirements: Grantees are required to submit progress and final reports that are descriptive and quantitative summaries of the project. Reports that are incomplete will be returned to the principal investigator.

The progress report, maximum three pages, is due within six months of the project start date and must include:

  1. Detailed description of the actual project implementation, including qualitative and quantitative descriptions of progress on project objectives

  2. Progress as related to budget and timeline

The final report must include:

  1. Detailed description of the actual project as implemented that includes the target audience/population served

  2. Project outcomes (include descriptive and quantitative data)

  3. Final budget accounting

  4. Copies of publications, abstracts, or posters, which must explicitly cite support from the Arizona AHEC program with this language: Funded by a grant from the Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of Arizona AHEC.

  5. The final report is due 90 days upon project completion.



    1. Proposals are limited to 5 pages excluding vita and administrative letters of support. Applicants should use single-spaced, 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Arial. The proposal should include:

      1. Arizona AHEC Project Funding Request Summary (form shown on pages 5-6 of this application) (Review Score: 5 points)

      2. Arizona AHEC Budget Form and Budget Justification Narrative (shown on page 7 of this application; limit narrative to no more than two pages) (Review Score: 30 points)

      3. Proposal narrative (Review Score: 50 points)

      4. Dissemination Plan (travel for one presentation may be included in the budget up to $1,200. International travel is not allowed.) (Review Score: 5 points)

      5. Reference List (not included in the page limits) (Review Score: 0 points)

      6. Letter of support from faculty advisor (Review Score: 5 points)

      7. Letter of support from department head or designated departmental authority (Review Score: 5 points)

    1. Research proposals should include the following:

      1. Introduction and background

      2. Purpose and specific aims

      3. Research question(s) or hypotheses

      4. Significance, particularly to Arizona communities and populations

      5. Theoretical foundation

      6. Methodology, research design, sampling, and instrumentation

      7. Data analysis

      8. Timeline

      9. Generalizability, scope and limitations

      10. Dissemination plan

    1. Project proposals should include the following:

      1. Introduction and background

      2. Purpose and specific aims

      3. Benefit of the project to Arizona communities and/or populations

      4. Theoretical foundation or framework for the project

      5. Methodology

      6. Project evaluation plan

      7. Project timeline

      8. Expected outcomes

      9. Strengths and limitations

      10. Dissemination plan

  1. BUDGET and BUDGET NARRATIVE: Complete the Budget Form shown on page seven of this application. The first column should contain an itemized description of budget items using the categories provided. The second column should list the funds requested by the applicant. The third column should include the rationale for the requested project funds. Not all budget categories will necessarily apply to every application. Use those categories that are applicable to your project. Funding for standard office equipment will not be approved. Computer equipment and other high-cost equipment items need strong justification of need. Student stipends will not be funded; however, student-related travel costs, including meals and housing, are acceptable.

Budget Narrative Guidelines: Applicants must provide justification for all items in the budget and explain the relevance of each cost to the overall goals of the project.

Personnel: Each position should be itemized and compensation shown for each position.

Fringe benefits: Describe how fringe benefits are calculated for the proposed personnel.

Consultant costs: Explain the need for all proposed consultants and how they relate to the project.

Contractual costs: Explain the need for all proposed contractual arrangements and how they relate to the project.

Equipment: Equipment is defined as durable items that cost over $500 per unit and have a life expectancy of at least one year. List every item of equipment and describe its purpose in relation to the project.

Supplies: Please itemize and explain the expendable items required for the project.

Travel: Explain the need for all requested travel, including numbers of people involved, duration of trips, destinations, importance to project, etc. International travel is not allowed.

Other: Itemize and explain any other expenses not captured in any other budget category.
Prior approval from the Arizona AHEC Program is required for budgetary changes if 1) rebudgeting between categories in excess of 15% is necessary due to changes in expenditure plans or 2) scope of stated category changes (e.g., changes in consultant, equipment, travel destination, etc.) Request for rebudgeting approval should include a revised budget and narrative justification explaining the need for budgetary changes.



Title of Proposed Project

Grant Program
2017 AzAHEC Interprofessional Project Grant Program

Proposed Project Dates

Start date:

End date:

Applicant Organization (Name and address)
Type: _____Private Nonprofit


Location(s) at which project activities will take place

Amount Requested

Project Director

Name: Title:

Address: Phone:


Other key individuals collaborating on this project and their affiliation

Human Subjects
Does this proposal utilize human subjects for any purpose other than improving the curriculum of the course in which the participants are enrolled, serving as didactic device involving only individuals enrolled in the class, or providing training in the conduct of such professional activities as interview procedures?
No Yes (If yes, please indicate the procedure for human subjects review at your institution.

Documentation of institutional approval will be required before the award is final.)

Program Director Assurance
I agree to accept responsibility for the conduct of the proposed project and to provide the required progress reports and final outcomes data if this project is approved for funding.

Signature of Project Director: Date Submitted:

Abstract (Limit to one page)

Arizona AHEC Budget Form

Amount Requested

In This Proposal



Fringe Benefits

Consultant Services

Other Contractual Costs






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