The bi-weekly torture

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The bi-weekly torture

Stomping. Thunderous footsteps thump towards me. This war I am losing grows closer. Instantly, I grab a small pouch of food, crawl under my covers, scurrying into my bed terrified…

Minutes start to feel like hours, yet I still don’t know if it is safe to come out. My nose detects something familiar. Dusty but new, puzzling but murky, a bit like the smell of a brand new book, not a pleasant book though. It tickles my nose, I propel back. Then I foolishly decide to peep outside, but it is too late, I have already been caught by the alien creatures that I don’t understand.

Hauled over one of the alien’s shoulders I kick and scream as loud, as hard as I can, but it is no use their grip is too powerful and I can’t escape. Abandoned in a tiny prison, I am not treated like an equal. Cuddled up in my own arms I try to distract myself from the cold that bites my skinny feet. I suppose the food is ok in the prison, I’m in a very petite barred cage yet I can see through a small hole for miles. In the summer my surroundings are beautiful (at least the aliens make sure the outside is nice.) Lovely flowers and pretty, delicate roses. My sensitive nose loves the roses, they’re extraordinary! This cell is so hot it could melt 100 ice lollies in a minute.

My open mind filled with ideas of what could be going on in my home. I can imagine my roof being pulled block by block like they’re taking apart a puzzle. A gun of sticky spray that smells like something mouldy attacks my house. Tumbling down that new book smell again pouring onto my bed. What is it and what is its purpose?

Suddenly I zoom back to reality spotting something tasty through the bulging metal bars of my prison. Dandelions. Beautiful dandelions. A whole field of freedom! If only I could sneak through a gap, if I could find my way, if I could go before they catch me, then I will run into the wilderness. No that’s a terrible idea! I’ll never make it.

Having second thoughts, I realize this might be my only chance. Suddenly, all my other worries disintegrate into dust, a new emotion starts to conjure, hope for a better life! Spotting a sharp piece of intricate wire stealing my attention, I snatch it in and start tentatively picking at the lock. OH NO! Again with that horrible, noisy stomping sound!

Screaming, I try to make a dash for it but it’s too I can hear a voice in the distance. Frozen to the spot. Petrified. A few seconds later I find myself clinging on to an aliens shoulder again. How did I get here? At least I can see my home, but it seems different. Dropped back into my home I hear a voice.

“Good guinea pig, I know you don’t enjoy being cleaned!”

By Jessica Hall
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data -> 1997 Atlantic Tropical Storms
data -> Introduction
data -> The Impact of Saharan dust aerosols on tropical cyclones using wrf-chem: Model framework and satellite data constraint technique
data -> Earth-Atmosphere Interactions: Tropical Storm and Hurricane Activity in the Caribbean and Consequent Health Impacts
data -> Meeting Of September 16, 2010 today’s meeting
documents -> Homes for Women / Toits pour elles a compilation of Recommendations to address women’s homelessness in Canada from Research Reports Available in electronic format on homesforwomen ca “News and Events” Table of Contents
documents -> Aaslh convention, Roger Kennedy Remarks, III, #1, p. 70 Abbot, Major Edward (photo) III, #2
documents -> Guitariste – chanteur arrangements musicaux complets
documents -> Aaslh convention, Roger Kennedy Remarks, III, #1, p. 70 Abbot, Major Edward (photo) III, #2
documents -> Further Reading Heller, L. (2012)

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