The cause of prostitution among teenagers in waterloo targeted population

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Waterloo is a city in the Western Area of Sierra Leone and the capital of the Western Area Rural District, which is one of the sixteen districts of Sierra Leone. Waterloo is located about twenty miles east of Freetown. Waterloo is the second largest city in the Western Area region of Sierra Leone, after Freetown. The city had a population of 34,079 in the 2004 census, and 55,000 as per a 2015 estimate. Waterloo is part of Freetown metropolitan area.

Waterloo is one of Sierra Leone's most ethnically diverse cities, as it is home to many of Sierra Leone's ethnic groups, with no single ethnic group forming even 30%

of the population .

Because of the Over population in Waterloo,its obvious we will not do our research in every corner of Water,we will rather aim at five (5) main areas at Waterloo, with an estimated number of seventy (70) people per area, which includes women and girls within the age of 13-19 years that are victims of the above topic(Cause of Prostitution in Waterloo), as we know parents can also be the cause of prostitution in Waterloo, we've decided to interview parents also in order to have a correct source.

The five main areas in which we will do our research are as follows;

1. Tombo Park

2. Bassa Town

3. Lovers Corner

4. Five 5

5. Camp Junction

With that targeted population we are quite sure that we will know most of the main causes of prostitution in Waterloo..
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