The cosmic law of Seven

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The cosmic law of Seven.
In numerology the number 7 is the cosmic number. From times immemorial and even before it was known that every thing what happens on earth was and is written in the stars. That is the basic and ever successful paradigm of astrology. Watching the sky the sky watchers saw between a lot of fixed lights (the fixed stars) seven lights which were moving in respect of the others. They did not consider those lights as material balls but they simply described what they saw: (Twinkling) lights. Those lights has consciousness as light is consciousness. Hence the connection between astrology and astronomy. Those seven moving lights were the five planets, from Mercury to Saturn, the Moon and the Sun. At daytime King Sun chases all other lights away. Those seven moving lights were the indicators of change in time. Thus the number seven became a symbol of destiny, our cosmic destiny. That is why seven is the cosmic number and every astrologer from ancient times to Copernicus agreed on that.
However in 1781 Uranus was discovered, and later, in 1845 Neptune and in 1931 Pluto. From then on there were 10 moving lights we could read our destiny from and the cosmic law of seven was shaken. Is the number seven still that cosmic? Apparently not anymore. “See, it is all bullshit, this numerology and astrology,” the enemies of astrology exultantly boasted and the astrology community suffered hard times. Is this the end of astrology? No, that cannot be. After deep thinking some philosophers among which Mr. Carteret found the solution. Now, in the dawn of the Aquarius era the cosmic law of seven is doubling and so is our consciousness. The Ptolemaic model of the five planets plus the Sun (a star) and the Moon (a satellite) is expanded by a cosmic mirror picture, consisting of five cosmic planets and two spiritual points, the black Moon Lilith and the black Sun. Thus the cosmic order is restored. Put into words officially: Every planet ‘visible by the naked eye’ gets a counterpart which is ‘not visible with the naked eye’.

Those are the couples: Saturn - Uranus, Jupiter - Neptune, Mars - Pluto, Venus - Persephone (a planet still to be discovered), Mercury - Vulcan (a planet still to be discovered). Since the Sun is not a planet but a star it gets a spiritual point without mass as its double, the black Moon Lilith. The Moon as a satellite of the earth gets also a spiritual point as its counterpart, the black Sun. In the Ptolemaic system every sign has one ruler. In the expanded system every sign has two rulers, a day ruler and a night ruler.

The old Ptolemaic system After the doubling

The first three doubles are already realised. Saturn is the day ruler of Capricorn and the night ruler of Aquarius as Uranus is the day ruler of Aquarius and the night ruler of Capricorn. Neptune is the day ruler of Pisces and the night ruler of Sagittarius as Jupiter is the day ruler of Sagittarius and the night ruler of Pisces. The same counts for Mars and Pluto for Scorpio and Aries. This is an already established fact which you can read in every astrology handbook. The next two doubles are still two be realised. The couples are complementary to each other and belonging to each other. Mars is the soldier and Pluto the general, Jupiter the dream chaser and Neptune the dream, Saturn is conservative and Uranus radical.

Two planets are still to be found: Persephone and Vulcan. The general expectation is Persephone will be in an orbit twice as wide as Pluto and Vulcanus again twice as wide as that. Astronomically this means Persephone should be found in the ‘Kuyper belt’ and Vulcan beyond that in the ‘van Oort belt’.

For Vulcan there are two candidates. In his book ‘Genesis revisited’ Zecharias Sitzin writes about an mysterious object discovered by NASA on the edge of the solar system. It is to be seen in the infra red spectrum. The mystery is astronomers do not know whether it is a planet, a giant comet or a ‘proto star’, a brown dwarf, which never became hot enough to become a star. On internet this mysterious object is known as TMR-1C located between the Hyades and the Pleiades in the sidereal constellation of Taurus. When I was taught about Persephone and Vulcan I got from a rough interpretation scheme of P&V and their ephemeris. These ephemeris were channelled by metaphysical observations of Mr. Carteret. To my surprise the location of TMRC-1C matches his ephemeris of Vulcan.

The other candidate is an object orbiting in an extreme elliptical orbit around the Sun in about 3600 years. Zecharias Zitzin writes about this in his book ‘The 12th planet’. A planet, Marduk, coming from outer space once collided with the former planet Tiamat and smashed Tiamat into pieces creating the asteroid belt. Since then Marduk is orbiting around the Sun. It returns every 3600 years to the orbit of the asteroids, reaching its closest distant to the Sun.
Vulcan has two candidates although its consciousness and its location is not yet to be revealed in the near future according to the theory. However for Persephone, which should be discovered any moment, there still is not yet a candidate. The Kuyper belt is an area filled with trillions of objects consisting of ice and dust. It is located beyond the orbit of Pluto. When such an object falls out of its orbit and falls to the Sun it becomes a comet, like the comet Halley. Pluto itself is also a member of the Kuyper belt discerning itself by its giant size and its close distant to the Sun. Searching out this Kuyper belt nothing like a giant object or something else what could draw the attention has been found. The Hubble telescope would have noticed it. So where is this planet which should be discovered any moment? We are waiting for brilliant Persephonee idea to unravel this mystery. With that a new consciousness will become common in the world.
Also Chiron has its place in this system. Chiron on its apogee is located between Saturn and Uranus, exactly where the mirror is located. Chiron is the mirror itself. Chiron is an asteroid. As such it cannot be a counterpart of a planet. Chiron once a planet but scattered into pieces by a giant collision, is the wound of our solar system. All the asteroides refer to centaurs and some kind of healing wound as we people experience our mirror picture, our shadow as a wound due to our lack of consciousness.
The Sun is a star, the centre of the solar system connected with your heart, the centre of the human soul. The Moon is part of the earth . The Moon is part of the earth and is just like the earth a result of a nova, an exploded blue dwarf. A blue dwarf gets its energy from nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion starts with the fusion of Hydrogen atoms to Helium. Helium will be transformed in heavier atoms once the hydrogen fusion does not supply enough energy for the star. Those heavier atoms fuse into heavier and heavier atoms until the ferrum atom (iron) is created. That is the end of the nuclear fusion process. On that moment the blue dwarf explodes in a nova. The outer layers of the star are thrown in the universe and the iron core remains. Since the core of the earth consists of mainly iron one might conclude the earth is the result of a nova. Where otherwise did all that iron come from? Not one other planet has such a enormous iron core. So the Moon, just like the earth, is of star like energy and has a spiritual counterpart, the black Moon Lilith, without mass.

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