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2010   2011 Season

APPLICANT’S NAME:___________________________________________________________________SEX:____________

surname first middle

DATE OF BIRTH:_____________________________________________________________AGE LAST BIRTHDAY:_____


(Not applicable for Applicants seeking to enroll io the Adult Program)
MOTHER’S NAME:______________________________________________________________________________________
MOTHER’S EMAIL ADDRESSES: ________________________________________________________________________
MOTHER’S PHONE NUMBERS:__________________/_____________________/___________________/_______________

home work cell fax

FATHER’S NAME:_______________________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESSES:____________________________________________________________________________________
FATHER’ PHONE NUMBERS:__________________/_____________________/___________________/_______________

home work cell fax

GUARDIAN’S NAME:____________________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESSES:____________________________________________________________________________________

(complete only if applicable)
GUARDIAN’S PHONE NUMBERS:__________________/___________________/___________________/_______________

home work cell fax

EMAIL ADDRESSES:____________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBERS:______________________/_______________________/_____________________/__________________

home work cell fax





That I the undersigned hereby declare that I have received, read and understand the Club Rules and agree to be bound by same.

SIGNATURE:___________________________________ DATE:____________________________

Adult Applicant/Parent/Guardian


NAME OF APPLICANT’S DOCTOR:__________________________________PHONE NO.__________________________
Name of relative/friend who can easily be contacted in case of emergency if Parent/Guardian is unavailable:
NAME_____________________________________________________________PHONE NO.__________________________
1. Does the applicant have any allergies?

Hay Fever  Bee or Wasp Sting  Penicillin  None

2. Does the applicant have any conditions which might appear during swimming such as?
Convulsions  Fainting Spells  Asthma  Heart Trouble

Seizures  Epilepsy  None

3. If the applicant has a condition not listed above please give details of the condition in the space below and also advise of the treatment to be undertaken in the event the condition should manifest itself.__________________________________
4. Is the applicant taking any medication? Yes No
5. If the appliacnt is taking medication please give details:________________________________________________


6 Has the applicant had all immunizations, including a tetanus booster within the last five (5) years?
Yes No

In the event of an emergency, I give permission for the applicant/my child to receive medical treatment as needed.
PRINT NAME OF PARENT/GUARDIAN (or if Adult Applicant then print name):_________________________________
SIGNATURE:___________________________________ DATE:_________________________________

Adult Applicant/Parent/Guardian


2010 – 2011


COMPETITIVE: Monday through Saturday – (Weekdays) 5:00   7.00 pm

(Saturdays) 7:00 am – 10:00 am

(Mornings) Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30 – 7:00 am.
STROKE TEAM: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Friday 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
LEARN TO SWIM: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Friday 3:30 – 4:00 pm, 4:00 – 5:00pm
(swimmer’s schedules are determined based upon parent/swimmer’s preferences but subject to space availability.)

COMPETITIVE: 1. Annual Payment: $800 payable upon enrollment (includes

Bahamas Swimming Federation (BSF)

2. Term Payment: Term 1. $300.00 payable upon enrollment (includes BSF Enrollment Fee).

Term 2. $275.00 payable within 7 days of start of second Swim Term.

Term 3. $275.00 payable within 7 days of start of third Swim Term.
STROKE TEAM: 1. Annual Payment: $800 payable upon enrollment (includes DSC

Enrollment Fee); or

2. Term Payment: Term 1. $300.00 payable upon enrollment (includes BSF Enrollment Fee).

Term 2. $275.00 payable within 7 days of start of second Swim Term.

Term 3. $275.00 payable within 7 days of start of third Swim Term.
LEARN TO SWIM: 1. Annual Payment: $800 payable upon enrollment (includes DSC

Enrollment Fee); or

2. Term Payments $275.00 payable upon enrollment.

ADULT SWIM: 1. Monthly Payments $75.00 payable upon enrollment.

$25.00 One-Time Registration Fee

Club Rules Made Pursuant To Article 18 Of The Dolphin Swimming Club Constitution 2004 Revision

The rules of The Dolphin Swimming Club are established for the protection and benefit of the Members and to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities. Every Junior Members’ familiarity with these rules is the responsibility of the junior Member’s parents or guardian/s. Parents/Guardians are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and to obey the Swimming Instructors and supervision authority. Any failure to comply with these rules is cause for suspension of pool privileges for the member for a period of time from one to seven days. Repeated, serious violations of the rules can be considered sufficient cause for termination of membership.

These rules are to be read in conjunction with the provisions of The Dolphin Swimming Club Constitution 2004 Revision.

Interpretation: the definitions contained in the Articles of Association of the Dolphin Swimming Club Constitution 2004 Revision shall apply to all terms herein unless otherwise defined.

1. Pool Facility Rules:

1.1 No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the pool deck.

1.2 No running, pushing, wrestling, or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool facility.

1.3 Members and guests under the age of 12 are prohibited from sitting on the bleachers without being accompanied by a parent/guardian.

1.4 No pets are allowed in the pool facility.

1.5 No person with a cold, cough, fever, inflamed eyes, skin disease, etc., will be permitted to swim, except upon written permission of a doctor.

1.6 Intoxicants may not be brought into the pool facility during regular pool hours.

1.7 Anyone wishing to swim (during training sessions or recreational swimming times) must wear a proper swimming suit and/or trunks (professional training drag suits excepted). No cut-off street pants will be permitted. No swimming with towels, shirts or other outer garment will be permitted.

1.8 All Members and guests, must take showers before entering the pool.

1.9 Proper care and respect for maintenance of all the Club's facilities and equipment are expected from Members, their families and guests. Any person who damages or destroys any part of the Club buildings, grounds or equipment will be subject to prompt disciplinary action, including the suspension from pool privileges and financial responsibility for damage repairs. Damage caused by a guest shall be charged to the Member responsible for the guest.

1.10 Courtesy should be shown at all times to members of staff and the public at the pool facility.

1.11 Abusive, verbal or physical behavior will not be tolerated, either whilst in the pool or in any other part of the facility

1.12 Guests must be accompanied by a Member and must remain in the bleachers area at all times unless otherwise permitted by the supervising authority.

1.13 When food is brought into the pool facility, each Member or guest is responsible for their own clean-up. No food shall be permitted on the pool deck.

1.14 Use of flotation devices will be at the discretion of the supervising authority.

1.15 Members/Guardians and guests should drive slowly and carefully in the parking area of the pool facility.

1.16 The supervising authority may close the pool because of threatening weather.

1.17 No diving or jumping into the pool is permitted during recreational swim.

1.18 No hanging or pulling on the lane lines is permitted.

1.20 No jewelry is to be worn while swimming during training sessions or recreational swim.

1.21 Persons with long hair are to wear swimming caps at all times while swimming.

1.22 No jumping on or playing on or with the pool heating blankets.

1.23 The supervising authority and the Council reserve the right to temporarily close the pool to protect the health and safety of the Members due to unexpected equipment failure, water quality control problems, or other factors which affect the safe operation of the pool.
2. Swimming Practice Rules

2.1 All Swimming Members are expected to attend all training sessions or Club social events unless otherwise restricted.

2.2 Parents/Guardians are encouraged to ensure their child’s participation in all Club activities and events.

2.3 Parents/Guardians are asked to advise of their child’s non-attendance in advance of the training session.

2.4 As a safety precaution parents are recommended to advise of transportation arrangements (to and from the pool facility) for their children.

2.5 Persistent lateness of swimmers is disruptive to ongoing training sessions and may result in the tardy swimmer missing a training session or part of a training session.

2.6 For safety reasons, Swimmer Members are not allowed on the pool deck until a Swimming Instructor is present. Swimmer Members will report to the Head Coach (or the Swimming Instructor on duty) on arrival and before entering the water. Swimmer Members should arrive on the pool deck showered, ready to warm-up and with caps and goggles in place and ready 15 minutes before the scheduled workout.

2.7 All injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to the supervising authority.

2.8 Parents, member relatives and guardians are not permitted on the pool deck and must remain in the bleachers during workouts.

2.9 Children are not allowed to enter the Timing Booth unless otherwise permitted by a Coach or Swimming Instructor.

2.10 Only Swimmer Members duly enrolled and paid-up shall participate in scheduled training sessions. Parents/Guardians are advised that Swimmer Members awaiting collection or the end of their sibling’s training session shall not be permitted to wade on the stairs of the pool while a training session is ongoing.

2.11 All training sessions shall be designed and operated by the Swimming Instructor responsible for the session. Parents are prohibited from interfering with the instructional/coaching techniques of the Instructor/Coach. Spectators, parents and guests present during the training session are requested not give instructions or distract their child during the training session.

2.12 Parents/Guardians shall collect their children promptly after all scheduled training sessions. The Parents/Guardians hereby acknowledge and fully understand that it may not be possible for the coaching staff to wait until their child is collected from the pool facility. Accordingly, the parents/guardians hereby agree that it is permissible in circumstances where the Swimming Instructor is unable to wait for the member’s collection, for the Swimming Instructor to leave their child with the security guard at the entrance of St. John’s College gate. Parents/Guardians hereby release the Club from any liability, claim or demand for any loss or accident suffered to a child or resulting from the said child remaining on the premises after the end of the scheduled training session.

2.13 Parents/Guardians wishing to discuss Club related matters are advised to do so after the training session and not during the session. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to make use of the scheduled Parent/Coaches conference hours.

2.14 If any Member/parent has reason to complain or is unhappy about anything to do with the Club, the Member/parent shall in the first instance, approach the Head Coach. If your complaint is unresolved to your satisfaction, a complaint should be made in writing to the Secretary who will deal with the matter as quickly as possible.

2.15 Any Swimmer Member representing the Club in any competitions will be expected to wear the Club uniform, both in the pool and whilst on the pool deck ( i.e. Club swimsuit, swim caps/hats, t-shirts, shorts and tracksuit). These items will be available for purchase from the Club's Equipment Representative.

2.16 The Head Coach is authorized by the Council in accordance with Article 9.2 to temporary exclude or suspend any Member from particular training sessions and or other Club activities, when in their opinion, such disciplinary action is in the interest of the Club. Failure to comply with such a request may result in serious sanction including a fine by the Council.

2.17 All Members of the Club registered with the Bahamas Swimming Federation (BSF) agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations promulgated by the BSF.
3. Annual Subscription & Program Subscription Fees

3.1 The Annual Subscription (Fee payable for programs offered on an annual basis such as the Competitive Group training program) is payable in advance at enrollment. A discounted rate is available for persons paying for a full year in advance. Installment payments for annual programs are required to be made within 7 days of the beginning of each swim term (i.e. Term 1 - Sept/Dec, Term 2 – Jan/Apr, Term 3 – Apr/July).

3.2 Program Subscription Fees (Fee payable for programs conducted on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or term basis i.e. Learn to Swim and Adult program - but does not include the Competitive Group training program) are required to be paid at the beginning of each week, month, quarter or term that the program is conducted as the case may be (i.e. if the program is weekly then payment is at the beginning of the each week, if the program is monthly then payment is required every month etc.).

3.3 Fees are payable regardless of attendance. Members will not be permitted to swim if fees are not paid-up to date. If there are special circumstances for non-payment parents/guardians are requested to contact the Treasurer of the Club and to advise of the circumstances. Failure to pay the required Annual Subscription or Program Subscription Fee may result in the Member’s name being removed from the Register of Members and that Member’s membership terminated in accordance with Article 7 of the Articles of Association.

3.4 Parent Memberships will automatically terminate upon the termination of the child’s/rens’ membership.

3.5 Fees remaining due and owing will continue to remain owing after termination until such fees are paid.

3.6 A Member will not be entitled to complete in any swimming competition in which the Club is taking part, including the Club’s own internal swimming events until all fees are paid up in full.

3.7 Members who leave the enrolled program either voluntarily or involuntarily (other than for medical purposes) forfeit the fees paid to date except where fees have been paid for the entire year (Annual Subscription) in which case the Annual Subscription will be treated as being paid on a term basis and a refund shall be available only for the value of any full term/terms remaining (i.e. where an Annual Subscription was paid in full for a complete year and the Member is required to cease swimming in the middle of the first term - a refund is not available for the unexpired portion of the first term but only for the unexpired 2nd and 3rd terms). Where a Member is unable to swim due to medical purposes the parents/guardians are required to produce a medical certificate before a refund will be ordered.

3.8 No refund is available for The Dolphin Swimming Club enrollment fee and the BSF Registration fee.

3.9 A Member registered with the BSF as a competitor may not be granted a transfer to any other club until a release is signed by the Club (see Rule GR4 p277 of the BSF Rules). No release shall be signed by the Club until the Member seeking a release has discharged all membership dues and fees owed to the Club (as required under BSF Rule GR4.1.2).

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