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Items that you will need:

  1. A watch with a second, or “Sweep” hand

  2. Transportation to and from class and clinicals

  3. Textbook (purchased through the school)

  4. Uniforms (2) and lab coat (purchased in class)

  5. White shoes for uniform prior to clinical experience

  6. Proof of current immunizations: Tetanus, Negative PPD Skin Test, Flue Shot(s), Hepatitis B

  7. Health / Accident Insurance (may be purchased through the school)

Approximate Cost for Patient Care Assistant Course:
Uniforms (estimated) $45.00
Lab Coat (estimated) $25.00
Shoes (estimated) $30.00
Watch (estimated) $30.00
Textbook (estimated) $61.19
Tuition $771.40
Professional Fee (estimated) $84.00
Background, Fingerprints & Drug Screen (through PreCheck) $149.50
TOTAL (estimated) $1,196.09

Professional Fee includes:

Liability Insurance $25.00

Class supplies $30.00

CPR Card $19.00

Pin $9.43 + $.57 (tax) $10.00

TOTAL $83.43 + $.57 (tax) $84.00

1976 Lewis Turner Boulevard

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

(850) 833-3500

(850) 833-3466 (Fax)

Web site:

Patient Care Assistant

Certified Nursing / Patient Care Assistant Home Health Aide

290 Hours

This program offers a combination of theory and classroom activity to prepare the student for employment as a CNA-Home Health Aide.
Certification Areas:

Health Science Core

Articulated Nursing Assistant

Advanced Home Health Aide

Patient Care Assistant
This program may also provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.
Students will become proficient in:

Health Science Core – OCPA –

Basic Healthcare Worker

Certified Nursing Assistant – OCPB –

Nurse Assistant, Orderlies & Attendants

Advanced Home Health Aide – OCPC

Patient Care Assistant – OCPD
For information about this program, please contact:

Ms. J.C. “Neecy” Ridge, RN

833-3500 or 833-3500


General Information

Adult students desiring technical training for employment or advancement may enroll. A high school diploma is not required. CHOICE Technology Center is approved for the training of veterans for the civilian workplace.

Evening Training Programs

Monday – Thursday

3:30 pm until 8:45 pm

Tuition is due at the beginning of the term. Included in the initial fee is a $10.00 administrative charge that is non-refundable. Refunds to students will be made the first two weeks (ten school days) of a student’s enrollment. No refunds will be made after a student has been in class over ten (10) days.

Financial Assistance

Due to the number of hours in this program it is not available for PELL Grant assistance, students may be eligible for other forms of financial assistance.

Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education

41 Perimeter Center East, NE, Suite 640, Atlanta, GA 30346

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