The Heart of Automobiles: Engines Figure 1: Audi S4 Perspective View Introduction

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The Heart of Automobiles: Engines

Figure 1: Audi S4 Perspective View


This is a technical definition of engines. Engine, or motor, is commonly installed in automobiles. Engine plays an important role of powering vehicles, so they can travel in distance and bring convenience to people. This technical definition will introduce the composition of a general engine, and it will explain how each component functions by its own. And after combining all working parts, readers will have a good sense of understanding of the basic principle of an operating engine.

Audience and purpose

This technical definition is intended to provide an introduction of engine to middle school students who are interested in science and engineering especially in mechanical area. These students might be fascinated about the working mechanisms, and this technical definition will provide supplemental material for them to learn outside of the classroom. On the other hand, students from middle schools are teenagers who will be soon taking driving classes and starting to drive their cars. This technical definition will also give the opportunity for students to know about the fundamental of engine. After reading this article, students will realize what is powering the automobiles that are used in their daily lives, and they will also learn how it actually works from the bottom to the top.

Components of Engine

An automobile engine is specified as internal combustion engine. The overall idea is to bring fuel-air mixture inside the engine and let them combust to generate energy. The energy will then move the pistons which then move the car, and the wastes will go outside of the engine. With the reference of figure 2, the following description will go over major parts of an engine.

Figure 2: Parts of Engine
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