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Dear Rebbe

Dear Rebbe I want to express

My feelings my distress

Just as in the past at times of concern

Oh Rebbe, again to you I turn.

These months have slowly passed us by

Our prayers pierced the sky

Yet no change that I can discern

Dear Rebbe for you I yearn.

Oh a possuk to say at your side

What a feeling of closeness and pride

At farbrengen with my wine

I stare in your eyes

Now this comfort, oh where can I find.
Oh dear Rebbe I must let you know

How your plight pierces my soul

My life is just not the same

A new person I became

With hope I’ve helped yours, truly I remain.

Redemption Has Arrived

Redemption has arrived

That’s what the Rebbe prophesied

Moshiach has come

It’s already begun.

Let’s rejoice in ecstasy

Because we’re sure as can be

That teikef u’miyad

Our very eyes will see.

The Rebbe King Moshiach

Walking right into shul

Smiling at his kinderlach

Cheering on their song.

The world will gather passionately

To the Rebbe in 770

In the Bais Hamikdosh Hashlishi

We know it won’t be long.

Why has so much time gone by

This question brings tears to our eyes

Rebbe, dear Rebbe

We know you are alive.

But why can’t we see you

Why all the suffering

Yet we believe in you with perfect faith

Soon we know we’ll see...

The Line Is Long

The line is long the wait is weary

It seems she won’t ever make it there,

She wonders how ever patient

So much time with others he can share.

A diamond counter doesn’t tire

Even though he may stand all day

And each Jew the Rebbe tells her

We must think of in that very way.

The path is paved we must proceed

With boundless love for every Yid

To banish golus caused by hate

And its darkness oh so great.

Aha now at last we stand as one

All the golus work is done

Together we demand to see

The Rebbe doh lemattoh speedily.

Head Bent Low

Head bent low as prayers flow
The Rebbe weeps -
Knowing his time has come.

He feels he must find from those left behind

One who will lead -
Like a father leading his son.

With a gartel in hand he wraps him around

Menachem Mendel b’ni as Rebbe you’re crowned,
The moment is right it’s now and it’s true
My son their waiting for you.
Di zun is fargangen di zun is arop

Chossid in Rebbe’ns hartz

Di tzeit is richtig di tzeit is gleich

Rebbe mir varten far eich

Golus Is Behind Us

(T.T.T.O. Yud Beis Tammuz Niggun)

Golus is behind us

Our work is now done

It is time for all as one

To reveal a truth, which lays deep down beneath

To reveal our nitzos, our belief.

That’s the only thing which is now in demand

Fulfilling our command

Educating all we must publicize, proclaim

Our melech physically does reign.

Just one task left to achieve

Showing all a kingship, which must be received

A king stands and guides for all to see

From Beis Moshiach 770

Now we have the truth to tell

to proclaim with Ahavas Yisroel

Showing all by whom we’re led

Yechi HaMelech L’olam Voed.

Farbrengen Is Here

Farbrengen is here, the Rebbe is near
A feeling of closeness fills the air
United as one, like father and son
We’re bound to the teachings of chossidus.

The Rebbe feels for every Jew

Af al pi shechoto Yisroel hu

Through hiskashrus to the Rebbe

We’re mekushar to Hashem
Ki tzadikim domim liboram.

Just like the kohen godol in the Kodesh Kodoshim

Our yechidus with the Rebbe brings yiras Elokim
Our hearts inspired to bring us higher

Closer to the coming of Moshiach.

Every Passing Day

Every passing day

Questions grow so strong

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Where have we gone wrong

So many rabbis and so many Jews

Think we’ve lost our minds

To say Moshiach’s coming soon

Here and now in our times.

How could Moshiach come

Now standing before G-d’s throne

It’s hard to believe

We can barely conceive

Oh, Hashem, how’d you leave us alone?
I remember the night farbrengens

I remember how we would sing

I remember the Rebbe talking

His voice still does ring.

I remember every time He spoke

He always said these words

That Moshiach will be coming soon

He’ll be coming to save the world.

And he would not give us false hopes

And he would not tell us lies

And he would not tell the future

If he hasn’t seen it with his eyes.

How would He have all the answers

To all the questions he was asked

And if He says Moshiach’s coming

He’ll be here at last.

So hold on, hold on

Don’t let hope fade away

Yes the skies turn gray

And the clouds brought rain.

But the facts all still remain

We are standing strong

It won’t be long

Let the world just laugh on by

I still believe, we will succeed

And soon Moshiach will be revealed.

‘Cause He would not give us false hopes

And He would not tell us lies

And He would not tell the future

If He hasn’t seen it with his eyes.

No He would not give us false hopes

And He would not let us stray

And if He said Moshiach’s coming

You can bet He’s on His way.

Time Has Gone By

Time has gone by

It’s been so long now

The Rebbe is hidden from our eyes

We don’t hear farbrengens

Nor watch him by tefillos

For dollars we no longer go by.

We cannot continue

To lead our lives normally

Just as if nothing has gone wrong

He is our Father, and we are his children

Together with him we belong.
The pain of concealment

Tears our heart and soul

How long can this golus carry on

Tatte, oy Tatte we plead, open up your door

And welcome back your one and only son.
Each and every Yid

Truly deserves to see Hashem

Instead in this darkness we do roam

We cry out ad mossai - till when

Demanding that finally

The Rebbe should take us all back home.

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