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The Promise

Close your eyes

And visualize

What will be when Moshiach will come

The sun will shine

All the time

That will be when Moshiach will come

The whole world will live in perfect harmony

Together as one big happy family.

Guns and swords they won’t be found

They’ll be used to plow the ground

Army planes and army tanks you see

They’ll be part of history

No more will there be any wars.
And I promise you Moshiach will come

And when he does he’ll take everyone

Just open your eyes what a big surprise

We’re in Jerusalem.

Walking down the street

Diamonds at your feet

See the lions living with the sheep

The world is filled with integrity

What a time and place for one to be

All the sick are healed

Once Hashem’s revealed

And in a flash of an eye

All this will be real.
And I promise you…


Twilight surrounding His kingdom
He beckons all his children towards home.
We have witnessed creation, both present and past
And now the future’s unfolding at last.

The clouds will part, the rays shine through

Six thousand suns will blaze anew.
On wings so wide, westward we’ll soar.
We’re all here standing just moments before.

Reach out and taste, part of tomorrow

The time is ripe, it’s all so near.
Just moments now before it’s through
Toameha chayim zochu

What Can We Do

What can we do, that will help bring Moshiach

Unite ourselves with Ahavas Yisroel

Understanding and respecting each other

Our mikdash will then be rebuiled.


Oh Moshiach, how we want you now

We’ve waiting we’ve hoped and we prayed

Every yid is calling melech Moshiach

Ad mosai, how long must we wait.
Oh Moshiach, how we want you now

Hurry and open the gates

Please return us to our homeland Yisroel

Ad mosai, how long must we ait.

In A Village Near Our Home

In a village near our home works a carpenter alone

He’s been carving wood for years shtenders, shelves and chairs

Daily buyers come and go but there’s one thing they don’t know
His thoughts so far away while waiting for that special day.

There is a dream of vision deep within his heart

That he’ll rebuild the Bais Hamikdosh part by part
Doing Mitzvosadding precious stones
Our dream our palace Yerusholayim our home.

In a crumbling little home lives a fiddler all alone

His inheritance so dear for many ancient years
It’s this instrument he holds his great grandfather he told
Would hurry up each day to the courtyard of Hashem to play.

On a mountain on a stone sits Moshiach all alone

Suffering for years for all our sins he bear
While so painfully he cries prayers piercing through the skies
Pleading to Hashem to take us all back home again.

When The Geulah Will Be Here

(T.T.T.O. Prozos Taishev Yerusholayim)


Prozosos Taishev

Prozos Taishev Yerushataim
When the Geulah

Will be here

The blind will see

The deaf will hear.

All the Jews

From all the world

Will be in Yerusholayim

Wonders And The Glory

Wonders and the glory
A prophet and his story
Do they believe that miracles are only in the past.

Mighty nations crumbled

Evil tyrants humbled
Shattering the doubts, the final moment’s here at last.

And as we live

Though it seems the night has overcome
Awaiting the day of peace and harmony
The dawn is aglow with the rising of a brighter sun
Spreading the warmth of the final prophecy.
Look around you see the signs
The Rebbe said is the time

The future, yours and mine

Higiah Zman Geulahschem.

Unified we’ll sing a song

A nation we’ll arise so strong
Wonders to be witnessed
As the prophecy unfolds.

Proud and free.Count On Me

One small voice in the dark

What difference can I make

Which passage do I take

I fear I am alone.

But wait there’s a voice

It says I should not fear

That voice it sounds so near

Oh Rebbe I can hear.

I will learn I will do I will be all I can

I will teach I will reach

Till the whole world understands

In the darkness of night

There your holy words were right

Count on me yes you can count on me.

Though I can’t see your smile

Though I can’t feel your embrace

I will give I will live

To make the world a better place

If it’s all up to me then I won’t let you down

Count on me yes you can count on me.

There’s hope in the air

The logic it defies

The world will soon realize

Just open up your eyes.

Rebbe you have said

The race is almost done

It looks as if we won

Your promises you kept.

I will learn I will do I will be all that I can

I will do I will share I will dare

To make the whole world understand

In the darkness of night

There your holy words were right

Count on me yes you can count on me.

There’s a song in my heart

And I’ll sing it to you now

Take the stand here’s my hand

Don’t be afraid I’ll show you how

There’s no way not a day

That I’m gonna let you down

Count on me yes you can count on me.

Daddy Dear Tell Me Please

Daddy dear tell me please is it true what they say

In the heaven there’s a cup that gets fuller each day.

And I’ve heard that Hashem keeps it close near by
And He fills it with his tears each time that He cries.

Grandpa told me daddy dear did he tell you the same

That when sorrow strikes His people Hashem feels all the pain.
Tell me why does he cry far away in the sky
Tell me why daddy dear are there tears in your eyes.

Little one little one it is true yes it’s true

Grandpa told me years ago and his dad told him too,
Fathers cry for their children and Hashem does the same
When we’re hurt so is He yes he feels all the pain.

Tears of pity from His eyes in the cup sadly flows

Till one day when it’s full all our troubles will go,
We will dance we will cry you and I like the birds
And I cry little one ‘cuz I’m touched by your words.

One more question daddy dear answer please if you will

Just how deep is this cup tell me when will it fill,
Don’t you think it is time that the sun forever shines
Don’t you think it is time dear daddy of mine.
Little one it is time and I’ve questioned that too
Let’s ask Him together together me and you,
Father dear do you hear our worries our fears
Will your eyes ever dry is your cup filled with tears.

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