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Before And After Eating Food

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Before And After Eating Food

On everything we eat or drink an brochah we must say

and all of those who hear you speak should answer with amen.


Before and after eating food, don’t forget what you must do

thank Hashem for giving you the good food that you eat.
On matza, bread or challahh roll this is what you say

and all of those who hear you speak should answer with amen

Hemotzi Lecem Min Hoaretz this is what you say.
On grape Juice or on Kidush wine...

Borei pri Hahofen...

On cookies or on a piece of cake

Borei Minei Mezonos...

On apples, pears and other fruits

Borei pri Hoeitz...

On potatoes and tomatoes that grow from the ground

borei pri Hoadama....

On Ice cream, candies, meat or drink

Shehakol nihyeh bidvaro...

On Every Continent

On every continent

Each fruit is different

In color, in taste and name

No two are quite the same.

The colors on things that grow

Are bright as a new rainbow

Hashem did this wondrous thing

To make life more interesting.

The taste and smell, are easy to tell,

They make all the fruits seem so inviting

And when they’re ripe, each one is a different type

That’s what makes the world so exciting.

The taste and smell…


Red Cherries, blueberries, oranges they pack in crates

Plums and peaches, the seforim teach us, are all Ha’eitz

Tangerines and Olives green, grow on trees high in the air

Apricots and coconuts, prunes or pear.

Purple plums fit on your thumbs, apples red or Macintosh

Say Ha’eitz on all these fruits before you nosh

Nice round grapefruit, different shape fruit grapes red or yellow green

Climb those twigs to reach those figs or nectarines.

Pomegranates from the holy land avocado, also dates

It’s amazin’ that on a raisin we say Ha’eitz

Filberts, almonds even walnuts

Almost all the big and small nuts.

On an eitz is where they grow, even pistachio

Filled with juice they then come loose,

Wrapped in shells or in their peel

From their tree right down to me, a tasty meal.

Found Some Peanuts

Found some peanuts, found some peanuts, found some peanuts

In the earth

And right after I found some peanuts I could see what they

Were worth.

Crushed some peanuts, crushed some peanuts, crushed some peanuts

Without much toil

And when I crushed some peanuts I got

Lots of peanut oil.

Went for cotton, it was gotten, made some wicks so clean

And white

I put those wicks in my oil and I lit them

For a light.

Oil for frying, oil for baking, oil for shmeering

On hands or cheeks

Oil for salads, oil for cooking or for fixing

A door that squeaks.

Got some money to buy some honey and dropped the peanuts

In the middle

I said Borei Pri Hoadoma and I had some

Peanut brittle.

Found some peanuts, ground some peanuts first one time

Then another

Sprinkled salt upon those peanut and I had some

Peanut butter.

Peanuts roasted, peanuts toasted, peanuts cooked

And peanuts fried

You can find a new use for peanuts no matter

How many you’ve tried.


There’s no such thing as a watermelon tree

There never was and there never will be

I guarantee, you never will see a water melon

Pri growing on a tree

It’s round and green, red in between

Take my advice and try a slice

Each and everyone weighs about a ton

You’ll lose your wits spitting out those pits.

I guarantee…
There’s no such thing as a strawberry tree

A tree that grows a strawberry

And I say nope there is no hope

Of a tree that grows a cantaloupe

Or if a tree grew a honeydew

And the wind blew, it can land on you

They’re safe and sound, growing on the ground

Borei Pri Hoadoma for them is found.

Or if a tree grew a honeydew…

So Hashem...Your Lunch Is Packed

Your lunch is packed, so get ready to go

There’s lots of Brochos that you want to know

On all those foods you love and drinks that flow.
After a year of learning in school

You still need a place to learn the rule

A place that teaches you where all things grow.
Which Brochos you can say and which you can’t

On food from a tree or the ground or a plant

L’man Hashem you’ll learn just what to say

Really gotta teach you, right now come in to visit Tzvi

Really gotta show you, come in and see my grocery.
Come in, come in there’s lots to see

Come in, and keep me company

Come in, into Tzvi’s grocery store.

Puff The Kosher Dragon

Puff, the Kosher dragon, lived in Palestine
And frolicked in the synagogue
And drank Shapiro’s wine.

Little Rabbi Goldberg, loved that Kosher Puff

And fed him lots of Matzah Balls
And other Kosher stuff.
Then one day it happened, Puff was eating pork
Little Rabbi Goldberg took, that dragon for a walk
Gently he explained him, that dragons don’t eat meat
That comes from little piggies, that have dirty, filthy feet.
Then Puff became Bar Mitzvah, put on Tefillin every day
Wrapped in his Tallis, that’s the way he prayed
Made Brochos before eating, Bentching after every meal
Imagine how religious it made that dragon feel.
Now, there were some people, who did things just for spite
They’d curse Jews and attack them, just to get into a fight
When Puff the dragon heard this, he let out a mighty roar
Now, those wicked people aren’t with us any more.
Now, Puff the Kosher Dragon found himself a bride
Now, little Kosher dragons are his source of pride
They’ll grow up doing Mitzvos, learning Torah, praying too
And Rabbi Goldberg teaching them, what Kosher dragons do.
Now, you who may be listening, may think we’re making fun
But deep down in the story, is a moral for everyone
If dragons wear a Kippa, keep Shabbos and Kosher too
Then you can learn, like Puff did, how to be a real good Jew.

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