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The Silver Cup

The shiny new silver cup brimming with Pesach wine.

The Levy family Pesach Seder in 1909.

The children’s shining faces, the father at the table head,

Saying, “listen my dear child, to the words my father said;


“We were slaves in Egypt long ago.

G-d took us out saying, ‘let my people go.’

The Torah we received, to show us the way,

Keep the Torah throughout all your days.
The son used the cup every year, just like his father had done.

It was a family tradition; father to son.

Europe was torn - they headed for the USA,

And as Passover was slowly forgotten,

The cup was tarnished in the buffet.
Jonathan Levy was raised in a suburban dream,

He never met his great great grandfather -

A seder he’d never seen.

He was going through the attic, on one of the days of rain,

When he found a dented bent old cup, that seemed to be in pain.
The cup told a story, of different times

Of silver antiquity, brimming with wine.

Of a nation’s tradition that for centuries endured,

And the words that were said, that he’d never heard.


A Journey Through Life

Ride the Train

Come on and ride the train,

Step on board, take your ticket, no two are the same.

You’ll soon be going for a ride,

There’s nowhere to run, no place to hide,

You’re ridin’, ridin’, ridin’, on the train.
But you try to check your ticket,

And you don’t know what it means.

Will you get to sit on velvet and dine on fine cuisine.

Or is it your place to be upon a worn out wooden seat,

With a slice of old and crusty bread,

Your only food to eat.

Come on and ride the train,

The doors are closed, the whistle’s blowing -

Now you must remain.

The locomotive’s on a roll,

There’s just some things you can’t control,

You’re ridin’, ridin’, ridin’ on the train.

So you ask an older passenger,

“How long will this ride be?”

He says, “Sorry son, I can’t say. There is no guarantee.

It might be the next station, we’ll be there in no time.

Or maybe if you’re lucky,

You can stay till the end of the line.”

Then you take a walk all through the train,

Each box car one by one.

Most are filled with people saying, “This ride’s just for fun.

Why think about tomorrow when you’ve got today instead.

Sit back, enjoy the view,

There’s miles and miles of rail ahead.”

But one car seems so different,

Inhabited by few.

Who say there is no time to waste, we’re only passing through.

The choices that you make today, are all that’s gonna last.

This train is moving down the track,

And it’s moving awful fast.

One Day At a Time

Waking every morning, I’m awed to see the way

Everything You’ve made comes together.

Opening my eyes to miracles each day,

It helps to know you’re guiding light is here to stay.

And as I’m rising slowly, I gather strength and say,

“I am not alone, You are with me.”

And one day at a time as I try to find my way,

I’ll reach for You, and feel You near me as I pray.


You give me strength to grow and see,

Who I am, who I need to be.

And with You by my side,

I have nothing to hide,

If I can come to You honestly.

And when it’s all too much for me,

I’ll hold on tight and You’ll carry me.

Just one day at a time, I’ll look at You and I’ll find

All along You believe in me.

So many beginnings, so many times we fall,

Each and every time is a chance to grow.

But only when I search for the meaning of my day,

I feel You close, I sense You near me and I know:

That every test and challenge is only but a gift,

A chance to seek You out, and to find You.

To try and see things clearly, to give my soul a lift -

To feel Your strength, to see Your light come shining through.


Take the lessons of the past, meet the future coming fast.

Leave your shadows far behind you and move on.

All the troubles that you’ve had, all the good times and the bad,

Every man with his secret destiny.

Your soul came from above, and it was a special gift of love.

There is a path which only you can move along.

Sometimes it may seem clear, at times it despairs,

Gather strength and head on, to where you belong.


Destiny, striving to be all that we can be.

Destiny, ‘cause every moment is an eternal memory.
Held captive by a pursuit that gives nothing in return,

But a moment of pleasure, an empty void.

The chains of body, hold onto the heartbeat of your soul,

Break away, fulfil what you were destined to be.

What’s your purpose do you know,

Can you feel it in your soul?

Can you feel the tug of heaven in the night?

There’s a mission just for you, that no one else can do.

Climb the mountain, swim the ocean, race the light.


“Come with me, little Neshomo’le, let me hold you in my hand -

And we’ll fly away, you and I together, to a place down on the land.

“Come with me, little Neshomo’le, don’t shy away, do as your told -

There’s a little child waiting to be born today, you’re to be his spark, his soul.”

But dear Malach’l, “No, I don’t want to go -

There is so much pain and eviln on the earth below.

Let me stay here up in heaven where it’s safe and I’ll be pure,

Please don’t make me go away, can’t you see I’m so afraid.”

“Come with me, little Neshomo’le, it’s time you faced your destiny -

And as we fly beneath the clouds now, I will show you, there is so much you can be.”

“Yes, dear Malach’l, I can see kedusha over there

Look, someone’s learning Torah, and there’s another deep in prayer -

I will stay here if you answer me, it’s all I need to know.

You must promise me dear friend, that I too will be like them.”

“Come with me, little Neshomo’le, oh it’s a task that I must do -

As I tap you on the lip you will forget me, you’re on your own, it’s up to you.

“Come with me, little Neshama’le, let me hold you in my hand.

And we’ll fly away, you and I together, to a place above the land.”

But dear Malach’l, “No, I don’t want to go -

I’m not ready to go with you, where you take me I don’t know.

Let me stay right where I am there’s so much more I need to do,

Please don’t make me go away can’t you see I’m so afraid.”

“Come with me, little Neshomo’le, I’ve only come to take you home.

There’s no need to fear your destination, you’ve earned a place right by the throne…

“A place right by the throne…”

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