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Awaiting His Turn

(T.T.T.O. Yedid Nefesh—Traditional)

Awaiting his turn, for his body to be burnt

Leaving this world for refusing to convert

A sudden thought enters his head

To remain alive instead
Just because I was born a Jew

Does it mean I must die as one too

What is there to gain from the suffering and pain

Better as a goy to remain

A battle of conscience was stirring up within

Should I die, or lead a life of sin

A solution he could not find

His sechel was making him blind

But then, from deep within his heart

A cry of Mesiras Nefesh did depart

Higher than intellect, the spark of a Jew

The fire within me and you

With this burst of emotion he lunged towards the flame

As he cried Shma Yisroel, ash he became

But with libi eir, his soul was saved

A Jew he forever remained

I Stand So Lonely

I stand so lonely

With tears upon my face

I think Hashem please help me

To see where is my place

Then I turn behind me

And see a hope again

I hear the doros say
Zechor yi’mos olam

Chains upon my feet
Al Naharos Bavel

We see our Bayis in flames

As we leave Eretz Yisroel

We’re on our way to Golus
Hashem Yishmor Charbum

I hear the Doros say
Zechohor Yi’mos Olam


For all these Yidden
Hashem Yinkom Dommum
Chadesh Yommeinu Ki’kedem
Zechor Yi’mos Olam

I’m in Yerusholayim
The time of the crusades

Oh Europe’s been ravaged

And now they’re coming our way

I look up to Shomayim

Ma’ein Yavoh ezri
Zechor Yi’mos Olam

Some say you will be free

In the time of Spain

In 1492

It’s forbidden to keep Torah

And to be a Jew

Then I turned behind me

And see a hope again

I hear the Doros say

Zechor Yi’mos Olani

I’m a child in Poland

In 1942

History’s repeating

It’s hard to be a Jew

So many millions perished

Hashem Yinkom Dommum

I hear the Doros say

Zechor Yi’mos Olam

I stand so lonely

With tears upon my face

I think Hashem please help me

To see where is my place

Then I turn behind me

And see a hope again

I hear the Doros say

Zechor Yi’mos Olam


I’ll tell you a story about a boy

A boy who became a man

Much too early before his time

His growing up began

Boris was born in the black of the night

The sky had grown asunder

When through the night came a sparkling light

And a voice above the thunder


The voice said; Boris you’re alive now

Boris you must strive now

To keep you religion

Alive within your heart
Boris can you hear me

Boris can you hear me

Here we are this is it

Here’s where it must start

School in Moscow was shiny and new

Boris entered when he was six

The first day there they called him a Jew

And they hit him with rocks and sticks

When Boris came home he was a sorrowful sight

Tears welled up in each of his eyes

He spent an angry and miserable night

Asking his father why


He answered: Boris they will beat you

But they cannot defeat you

As long as you keep

Your courage and your pride
Boris they’ll reject you

But they’ll learn to respect you

Just show them you don’t care

You know the truth inside

At the age of sixteen Boris was grown

He learned all he needed to know

With a soul forged of steel and a heart made of stone

Society was his foe

He got on a plane and he pulled out a knife

Said We’re going to where I belong

But they caught him off guard and they ended his life

But as he died his heart was strong

His stone read: He showed faith and trust

His spirit turned to dust

They taunted him they cursed at him

But he wouldn’t bend

Though he’s dead and gone now

His spirit carries on now

It’s only the beginning

It’s a long way till the end ... till the end

The Search

Upwards it travels alone

Awaiting the chance to atone

It reaches the heavenly scale

And suddenly emits forth a wail

The needle wavers no more

The decision is now quite clear

Gan Eden was not his reward

Yet Gehinom he had not to fear

Now the search has begun

He must carry each one

Three gifts in exchange for Gan Eden

Hashem heliso min sheol nafshi chisoni miyordei bor

Looking below he did see

A crowd shouting with glee

One request a Jewish girl begs

To pin her skirt down to her legs
He came down to retrieve a small pin

More precious than gold to him

Mesiras nefesh the girl had displayed

And her skirt in place had stayed

Now the search carries on...
In the midst of a dark lonely night

When he approaches he sees a man

With seforim close at hand
A knife has split his throat

For a moment the man does gloat

He died for a box filled with sand

From artzeinu hakedosha our land

Now the search carries on...
Wandering eyes do see

A Jewish boy trying to flee

His captors are gaining our plight

But the lad continues his fight

His kippa drops to the floor

But he stops to replace it once more

Three blows rain down on his head

The result - a Jewish boy dead

Now the search has been done

He has gathered each one

The kippa - the third gift for Eden

Hashem heliso min sheol nafshi chisoni miyordei bor

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