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In the Time of the Days of Old

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In the Time of the Days of Old

In the time of the days of old

Through the years that remain untold

The spirit of Torah was burning bright

Giving them the strength to fight.

But, as many years went by

The fire began to flicker and die

The Golus water extinguished the flame

With Klal Yisroel to blame.

So the Rebbe, hearing the call

Knowing that the Yidden would fall

For without learning Torah night and day

Survival is no other way.

Out went the Mitzvah Tanks

As far as the Western Bank

Torah tzivo louo Moshe

Everyone learn this baal peh.
So the P’sukim everyone should learn

The walls of Golus to burn

To bring Moshiach to every Jew

Bimheirah beyomeinu.

What is in Torah That Sets it Apart

What is in Torah that sets it apart

So precious and holy, and dear to our heart.

The innermost wisdom and will of Hashem

Were hidden in Torah and given to men.

Learning it kindles a desire so strong

To follow its precepts, and never do wrong.

To cling to it always, and live by its light

The ideals and principles, shining so bright.

Therefore we love it, and long for it so

We carry it and study it wherever we go.

Our Ahavas HaTorah, a burning fire

Ready to sacrifice our lives, our desire.

A Voice in the Forest

I hear in the forest a cry and a shout

A father seeks his children who have wandered about.

Children, children where can you be

That you no longer remember me.

Children, children return to your home

For it’s hard for me to be here all alone.

Father, father how can we return once more

The guards are all surrounding the door.

Children, children Torah you should learn

Then Biyas HaMoshiach you will surely earn.

Glory of Our Nation Symbol of All Pride

Glory of our nation symbol of all pride

Osios Hatorah forever our guide

What is your message to Yidden worldwide

Tell us your secrets hidden deep inside.
Yidden, chossidim, children of Hashem

Each one of you is an Ois Hatorah too

Listen to our song, and remember as you do

Every single letter has a lesson just for you.

A little scratch or any tiny crack

Should be fixed at once and changed right back

The Torah must be read from, properly

With every letter perfect as can be.

Each of us must really do our best

Everything we do has its effect

I’m trying hard to be all I can be

Klal Yisroel truly counts on me.

The sofer sits and works so carefully

Writing every letter separately

Every ois must have its proper place

In between each one a holy space.

We each have a task that’s our’s alone

A mission to accomplish on our own

Let’s do what’s right and still at the same time

Let us give our neighbor space to shine.

Look us over you are sure to find

In every word at least two are combined

A word can never be a single ois

Why is it that way do you suppose?

Alone each one of us just cannot stand

We need to reach out with a helping hand

Together our success is sure to be

When we all combine our energy.

At times a single ois is all it takes

To give a word a fully different face

When you add an aleph to gola

Suddenly it turns to Geulah.

You never know just how a single deed

Might just be the only thing we need

The Rebbe said it’s up to you and me

To bring down the aleph finally!


Chossidim we’re one family

Our power is our unity,

Together ad mosai we scream

We share one goal, one dream.
Rebbe, you see us now more than ever

You can hear our different voices blend together,

Oh, how we need to see you

Smiling triumphantly

Leading us all to the Mikdash Hashlishi.

Hashem’s Torah

Torah, Hashem’s Torah

What kind of kids learn Hashem’s Torah

Fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks

Tall kids, short kids, even kids with chicken pox

Learn Torah, Hashem’s Torah

The stuff kids love to learn.

Shtotakoi Sefer Torah

In a little town in Russia

A Jew was passing through

He saw a little child

And asked are you a Jew.

The little child answered

Yes it’s really so

My Bobbe always tells me

But more I do not know

The Jew then nodded

And in a gentle tone

Asked do you want a letter

All your very own.

In a Sefer Torah

Written all by hand

In old Yerusholayim

In the Holy Land.

There is a holy Tzaddik

Who prays for you and me

And wants all Jewish Children

One in unity.

Buying flaming letters

In the holy scroll

Linking them together

Into one great soul.

The child said here’s a ruble

A letter I must buy

A tear fell from his eye

And he began to cry.

My Bobbe when she davens

Always says to me

Remember you’re a Jew

Wherever you may be.

And she says in heaven

Our suffering G-d does see

And one day He’ll save us

And make us proud and free.

The stranger also cried

And took the small child’s hand

And said I see in your heart

You really understand.

The Ba’al Shem Tov always taught us

That He who is above

Will one day come and free us

And show us His great love.

The stranger continued

I am sorry we must part

But the spark of Emunah

Keep flaming in your heart.

That is all I can tell you

All I have to say

And then the stranger left

Going on his way.

The child ran to his Bobbe

And held her gentle hand

Shtotakoi Sefer Torah

I really must understand.

She shook her head sadly

And said with a sigh

The time has truly come

And tell you I must try.

The hours passed quickly

And in the dark of night

They came to the shul

And beheld a wondrous sight.

A Sefer Torah in the Aron Kodesh

Containing Hashem’s word

Their hearts pounded quickly

But a sound could not be heard.

Onochi and Taryag Mitzvos

They sensed with their heart

G-d’s Torah link with Jews

That would never part.

Come said the Bobbe

It is dangerous to stay

But from this day forward

We will know what to pray.

We will cry with all our heart

And pound at heaven’s door

And ask with all our might

That Golus be no more.

Yes Bobbe, said the child

I think I understand

To be free from Golus

And return to our Holy Land.

And learn letters of the Sefer Torah

Every day and night

And do Hashem’s Mitzvos

With all our soul and might.

The Rebbe Shlita has told us

Our goal and task

Shtotakoi Sefer Torah

Every Jew must ask.

To this we’ll exert our effort

And time not waste

This will end our Golus

And bring Moshiach in great haste.

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