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When We Were Slaves in Egypt

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When We Were Slaves in Egypt

When we were slaves in Egypt so many years ago

There was a very evil king, his name was Pharaoh

He tried to wipe the Jews out and for that he is to blame

Hashem destroyed his plans because we kept our Jewish name.


Is your name Chaim, is your name Moishe, Dovid, Yitzchok, Nachman, Yisroel

Is your name Dina , is your name Sorah, Chana, Leah, Rivkah or Rochel.
You see that every Jewish child received a special name

When they were young and oh so small before they learned to crawl

And if you’ll stand and shout your name and join along with me

We’ll tell the world, the whole wide world that we’re proud as can be.

I’ve got a name I’ve got a lovely Jewish name

I hope that you will tell me yours and I will do the same.

You’ve got a name, you’ve go a lovely Jewish name

I hope that you will tell me yours and I will do the same.

Although we’re not in Egypt and Pharaoh’s not our king

Remember that your Jewish name’s a very special thing

So use it all the time no matter where you may be

Stand up proud and shout it loud and sing along with me.

I’ve got a name I’ve got a lovely Jewish name

My name is _____ _____ and I’m not a bit ashamed

You’ve got a name you’ve got a lovely Jewish name

Now that I have told you mine won’t you do the same.

A Year Has Gone By

(T.T.T.O. Happy Birthday)

A year has gone by

In many ways I grew

I’m older, I’m smarter

So I should be frumer, too.
New hachlatos I’ll make

This day, every year

Because, on a birthday

Mazolo gover.
Just like on Rosh Hashonoh

We all account for every deed

The same way, on a birthday

A cheshbon nefesh is what we need.

If we use out this special day

In a truly proper way

Surely, this year will follow

A shnas hatzlocho in every way.

Rebbe Songs

A King Behind His Soldiers

A king behind his soldiers

They march with utmost pride

Knowing their king is at their side.
Without warning the enemy strikes

They turn wanting to retreat

Staying will surely cause defeat.
But the king says we went so far

I assure you we will succeed

Listen to my voice, my decision you shall heed.
The soldiers stop unsure

But their loyalty remains so strong

Knowing that the king is never wrong.
The king is Moshiach who rules over us all

He leads us to our victory not letting us fall

His words are our command

We must listen no questions to be asked

He is the king his word is last.
He told us to spread that Moshiach is here

Don’t be deceived by the darkness, it will soon disappear

Although hard to perceive

We must listen, no questions to be asked

He is the king this is our task.

By Shabbos Candles

By Shabbos candles burning brightly
I sit alone with my memories
Times of beauty, times of joy
How vast is now the void.

A golden era I recall

As the candle light flickers on the wall
The portrait there beckons to me
The Rebbe’s face I see.

Hashem I don’t understand

An answer from you I demand
What do you expect from me
When my Rebbe I don’t see.

Oy! To live Moshiach I do strive

For the Rebbe’s will is my life
So I act in a Geulah’dike way
L’chiyos im Moshiach every day.

Oy! But Rebbe I promise

Your holy words I shall uphold.
Nothing will stop me
From doing that which you have told.
Rebbe I’m your soldier
To you my life I dedicate.

‘Cuz I know that you’re with me

In every step I take
I’ll do what I can
To bring Moshiach with great haste
And once again together we’ll farbreng.

Despondently Crying

Despondently crying feeling so alone

Stranded on an island so far away from home.

His will to continue slowly fades away

His thoughts of his future depressing and gray.

But no I must try it’s pointless to cry

A civilized life I’ll lead here

I’ll struggle and strive and I’ll prosper and thrive

With the hopes that my rescue is near.

Oy Rebbe although we feel so alone

Connected to you we must be

For a chossid I am, I will carry out your plan

Your return inspiring me.

Father Please Listen

Father please listen
For I would like to share
My feelings and thoughts
During this past year,
Lost and confused
In despair I do cry
Oh answer me dear father,
Tell me why.

A Shabbos has passed

Sunday has gone by
Each and every day
Brings forth another sigh,
The farbrengens that we heard
The dollars we’ve received
A helem for so long,
Who could believe?

My son you’re not alone

I also feel the pain
Yet a purpose there must be
Let me explain.

Darkness of night

Precedes the light
Shining forever more,
These troubled times do show
That Moshiach’s at our door.

It’s in our hands

We must take the stand
Following the Rebbe’s call,
Tut altz vos ir kent
Was the message to us all.

The work is being done

And still he has not come
How long can this Golus last?
Ad mosai Hashem, till when.

The work is being done

And still he has not come
How long can this Golus last?
Ad mosai, Hashem, enough.
Our wounds please do heal
Let Moshiach be revealed
With the cries of yechi
We will march to victory.

In Fields Of Gold

In fields of gold he sits all alone

Watching his flock graze nearby,

Yet a tune of hope wings its way to the sky

For David sings praise to Hashem.

Once more on the run a wondering king

Waiting to ascend his throne,

Still his melodies play full of trust, full of love

The faith in the One Above.


And then a pledge of acceptance,

His banner of royalty raised

To crown His king acclaiming his reign

A nation as one we proclaim -

Yechi hamelech a pledge of acceptance

One by one forces unite,

Barcheinu Ovinu kulonu kiechod

With the eternal Geulah.
A jewel crown await to be placed

On the Rebbe, Moshiach ou king,

So hand in hand together we stand

In achdus let our voices ring.


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