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A Child Alone on the Shore

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A Child Alone on the Shore

A child alone on the shore

Waving a light up so high

To signal a ship that no one can see

In a rough empty ocean and vast darkened sky.

As every sailor passed by

They questioned the boy with the light,

“Why little one do you stand at your post

There is nothing and no one in sight?”

The young boy looked up his face all aglow

And waved his small lantern above and below.

Please wait here with me, the ship we will see,

“Dear child explain to us how do you know?”

“I’m firm in my faith, the answer is clear

I’m so very certain the ship will appear.

The captain has told me and promised he’ll come

Of course I believe him, for I am his son.”

The Rebbe, our captain, his promise will keep

Knowing a chossid’s emunah proclaims,

“I’m firm in my faith the answer is clear,

V’hu yigoleinu - omein.”

A Soul A Great Fire

A soul a great fire with burning desire
Reaching the depth of our souls,
Awakens a nation, a firm realization
Moshiach our eyes to behold.

Feelings of pain fanned by the flame

Confused ,our lives torn apart.
Children divided now stand united
Determined to fulfill our part.

Ovinu Malkeinu how can you endure

The pain of the Nossi Hador
Hashem have rachmonus, lemaancha asei
Send the Geulah today.

Oy! Yechi Adoneinu, his royal majesty,

Melech b’yofyo let’s see
After so many years of being concealed
The Rebbe, Moshiach revealed.

Hushed Is The Air

Hushed is the air the, silence is soft

Last words of kaddish are borne aloft,

Our eyes raised to face

The melech’s balcony place

The curtains still closed

My mind starts to race.

The thought is resounding again and again

How can I take a moment of your pain

To see my Rebbe I wait and I thirst

The pain and the love

My heart wants to burst.
The curtains they swing, the Rebbe our melech I see.

“Oy Rebbe,” my heart shouts

“I’ll be all you want me to be”

And for a short moment my heart skips a beat

My eyes the Rebbe’s do meet.

A moment that tells me to keep on be strong

Mein kind it won’t be for long.
For soon is the day the curtains no longer will close

The singing is thunder yechi hamelech it grows,

Our melech will rise with a swing of the hand

United the whole world will stand,

We rise up triumphant with one voice it’s said

Yechi hamelech l’oilom voed.

A Generation So Very Young

(T.T.T.O. Boi V’Shalom - Dveikus)

A generation so very young

Is given a mission so great

To bring back the Shchinah in to this world

A Dirah to create.
Now forty years have gone by

The world knows Moshiach is here

We have fulfilled what has been the goal

For two thousand years.

But Rebbe although you have taught us

Given us strength and assured us

Geulah is finally here

Still to our eyes it is not very clear.

There’s only one way to reveal it

To bring it to life and to feel it

Adapting our lives to a way

The reality of Geulah filling our day.

And Rebbe with you we do Daven

We sit with you by your Farbrengen

With all of our might we do scream

Yechi Hamelech we live with our king.

A Small and Weary Nation

A small and weary nation set adrift

Their walls of pride were trembling in their midst

Their hopefulness their dream of joy

A life so very dear

Lost behind a curtain of despair
Torn, divided, many changed their lives

Their curtain loomed so threatening to their eyes

They threw away their yiddishkeit

They said there is no way

Moshiach, no, he cannot come today
But then a king got up and took the stand

And lovingly he held them in his hand

He spoke to them, encouraged them

He showed them what to do

The words that touched the heart of every Jew
Standing strong the Rebbe leads the way

Milchemes Hashem fighting every day

The stumbling block, the curtains part

The light comes shining through

The Rebbe our Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Dearest Rebbe I Write To You

Dearest Rebbe I write to you

Amidst my longing and pain

All the good things I do

To be closer to you

And be with you again.
Tut altz vos ir kent you did say

To bring Moshiach this is the way

Achdus with friends

More Torah each day

Living Moshiach in every way.
Oh Rebbe have nachas from me

Your chossid I strive to be

Your will’s all that matters

In these darkest hours

Connected forever I’ll be.
I’m ready to greet you

Now is the time to do

As I put down my pen

This letter I end

I’ll put these words into effect.

Broken Without Hope

(T.T.T.O. Mimkoimcha - M.B.D.)

Broken, without hope

A nation is enslaved

Their one and only dream is to be saved.

Beaten, and oppressed

Lives taken away

Victims of hard labor day by day.
An image so divine

A light shines from his face

His feeling of warmth they do embrace.
With certainty he declares

Suffer you will no more

Doubt rises, can this be what we’re waiting for.
But they know that the time has finally come

Moshe our Rebbe - yes! he must be the one

In order to be ready we must prepare

At any second the Rebbe can appear.

Oy Rebbe we know that you are the one

We trust in your message that Geulah has already come

You will redeem us, we do declare

This helps us for Geulah to prepare.

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