The Process of Evicting the Principality of Jezebel

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The Process of Evicting the Principality of Jezebel”
I am calling the Board of Directors of the College of Prayer International to stand against and evict the dark, evil spirit of Jezebel from influence over our ministries, both now and forever. The purpose of this document is to explain what is the principality of Jezebel, what process we are entering into to evict this evil spirit, and why we need to address it head on as the Board of Directors. Over the past two months, I have personally learned a great deal more about our authority in Christ and how we exercise that authority not only against personal, low-level demons, but against the higher ranking principalities. I trust you will all stand with me as we move this eviction process forward.
What is the Principality of Jezebel?

The spirit of Jezebel is a particularly vicious high ranking religious demon that tries to control its entire environment with an unrelenting determination to have its own way no matter who or what it destroys in the process. It is linked to a deep-seated idolatry and sexual perversion. Like the evil queen Jezebel of old (1 Kings 18-21), this evil spirit wants the influence of the throne without the responsibility of the throne. It seeks to do its evil work through others in influence and deceives them by seduction and lies. While this dark spirit is a demon, and only a demon, and we certainly have authority over this spirit by virtue of the authority of Christ, it is none-the-less a particularly feisty and destructive demon. What is worse than the spirit of Jezebel is tolerating the spirit of Jezebel (Revelation 2:20). That was the problem of the church in Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29). Queen Jezebel of old was the daughter of the pagan king of Tyre and Sidon who married the weak king Ahab. Today, the demon known as Jezebel seeks to gain influence with those in authority who have the demonic passivity of Ahab. We as the College of Prayer declare war on passivity, renounce the spirit of Ahab, and also evict the spirit of Jezebel.

Why Us and Why Now?

As God began to graciously reveal the dark, evil influence of the principality of Jezebel over both my local church and Atlanta, and over the College of Prayer, it became obvious that its influence has been far bigger than our local church or the ministries of the College of Prayer. Some intercessors in Atlanta have told me, “The principality of Jezebel may be the ruling principality over Atlanta.” I have discovered that the name of a leading magazine in Atlanta is “Jezebel,” published in Buckhead. This evil spirit has destroyed more pastors and local churches than I ever realized. It may have destroyed others, but by the grace of Christ it will not destroy us! Hallelujah!

It is my discernment, having sought the Lord and stood before Him for these many days, that the spirit of Jezebel is not currently at work in any of our people in particular, or even exerting influence over our land, but rather over the airspace, which is where principalities normally operate. As God has been graciously giving us an open heaven, sooner or later we were bound to encounter this principality over our region. Several Christian leaders who are skilled and astute in spiritual warfare have documented that virtually every Christ kingdom-advancing ministry around the world will sooner or later encounter the spirit of Jezebel. It is further significant, particularly for us in the College of Prayer to note that to the church that overcomes the spirit of Jezebel, they are promised, “the One who conquers and who keeps My works until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations” (Revelation 2:26). Since we are rapidly advancing with authority among the nations, is it any wonder that the Lord brings this to our attention for such a time as this?
The Process of Preparation

The Lord Jesus Christ has very explicitly laid out an effective process of preparation to evict this ugly, evil demon. Every piece of our preparation process has been strategic and essential. I exhort every Board Member to think carefully about each of these pieces and prayerfully work through them in preparation for our upcoming meeting.

1. Seek the Lord with joyful praise.

This is not a time to sit passively in the presence of the Lord; we must actively press in and praise Him with the high praises of God. We want to declare the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and exalt His supremacy with praise music, dance, festive shouts, scripture declarations. Remember—never allow this evil spirit to distract you from Christ. I have learned from those who have battled religious spirits for decades, they will wear you out if you do not step into joyful praise. Praise is the greatest weapon we have against the work of the enemy because it keeps our heart pure before Christ and it keeps the emphasis on Christ.

2. Fasting.

We want to seek the Lord in fasting. Keep in mind, fasting certainly does not increase our authority; we have all the authority we ever need to combat any demon, including satan himself without fasting. Fasting does, however, increase our level of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and for that, we want all the sensitivity we can have. Obey the leading of Christ for what you hear Him calling you to.

3. Love one another and guard unity. Walk in humility. Leave no unguarded place.

This evil spirit plots to turn good people against each other. We must resist him and grow in the grace of loving each other, honoring each other, and protecting the unity of our vital relationships at all times.

4. Repent.

We all want to stand before Christ and pray, “Search me, O God, and know my thoughts. Test me, and see if there is any wicked way in me” Psalm 139:23-24. When you stand before the Lord and allow Him to search you and point out any wicked way in you for which He wants you to repent and over which He wants to take back ground from the evil one, keep your eyes on Jesus! There are four particular door-openers you want to make sure that you spread out before the Lord to allow Him to expose and lead you in thorough repentance of any shred of any of these four sins.

  • Rebellion

  • Sexual Immorality

  • Deceit

  • Violence/Destruction

Remember the difference between introspection which is morbid, useless, and depressing and inspection, which is objective, productive, and life-giving. Introspection is what we do; inspection is what Christ does. This is why we sit before Christ, keep our eyes on Christ, and allow Him to point out any wicked way in us. Got it?

One of our key leaders in the College of Prayer told me recently that several years ago God delivered them from a Jezebel spirit. Frankly, I was surprised—I would have never suspected that this individual had given ground to this evil spirit. This evil spirit will seek to leverage any ground the enemy already has. On the upside, however, this means that battling the spirit of Jezebel gives us an opportunity to repent of things we have tolerated in the past. (Read that sentence again.) For this reason, I am calling all of us to step in together and not to leave this fight for someone else. As Christ leads you in repentance, there may be some issues that surface for which you will do well to share publicly with a trusted friend or colleague. Christ will show you.

I can say personally that embracing repentance (point #4 above) has been life-giving, cleansing, and Christ-exalting. During that time Christ exposed sin in my own heart from which I gladly repented and then declared freedom from having given ground in even the slightest way to the spirit of Jezebel. I am free. I have heard from a number of others that they have experienced similar repentance, cleansing, and deliverance. All glory to Christ! Many other people have reported spiritual dreams that Christ has given affirming this process.
What Does This Teach Us?

From the moment God began to expose the ugly spirit of Jezebel two months ago, I want to testify that it has been thoroughly life-giving, energizing, redemptive, liberating, emboldening, cleansing, and Christ-exalting. Christ has used this process to take us to school and teach us biblical kingdom realities that we would never have discovered any other way. Here are just a few of the insights we have gained.

1. In Christ, we always win. Just as we can be 100% confident that when we resist the devil he will flee from us (James 4:7), so we can be confident that the same is certainly true of resisting and evicting the influence of Jezebel. Though a stubborn demon, it is only a demon after all. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

2. Seeking the Lord with joyful praise is essential when battling Jezebel. It can become depressing to battle the spirit of Jezebel. As we know, this happened to Elijah (1 Kings 18, 19). For this reason, we want to intentionally practice praise and receive the joy of the Lord as our strength in the middle of the fight.

3. Battling a principality is more a process than an event. When we confront demons that influence us personally, we can deal with them once and for all. On the other hand, when we deal with a principality who rules over the area it is an ongoing process. It says after Christ’s temptation, “Satan withdrew until a more opportune time” Luke 4:13.

Many scriptures show the reality both of the demonic hierarchy that includes the high level principalities (Ephesians 6:10-18; Daniel 10-12) and the principality of Jezebel in particular (Revelation 2:18-29; Ezekiel 28).

4. The influence of Jezebel increases in the absence of the fire of God’s manifest presence and diminishes as the fire of His manifest presence expands. This was true in Elijah’s day (1 Kings 18) and it is true in our day. We are not responsible for the existence of Jezebel; we are only responsible for its influence over us and our God-given territory. For this reason, we issue a warning—do not overextend your battle against the spirit of Jezebel. Do not exceed your assignment. Just because we have stood against and evicted the influence of Jezebel over ministry, it does not mean that we take on the influence that this evil spirit has elsewhere.

During this process, Psalm 149 has come alive. This Psalm begins and ends with a call to praise the Lord (Hebrew word HALAL or joyful praise). Though I never fully understood it, I have always been drawn to this Psalm because of the curious contrast of word pictures in verse 6, “Let the high praises of God be in your throats and two-edged sword in their hands.” Now I understand it, because of the verses that follow, “To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron, to execute on them the judgments written!” (See verses 7-9). Obviously, we are never called to physically bind political rulers and earthly kings with chains and foot irons. This is not talking about physical geopolitical warfare, but rather spiritual warfare. The kings and nobles we are to bind are the principalities that have influence over geopolitical territories. The next phrase reads, “This is the honor for all His godly ones (or saints).” Having stood against the principality of Jezebel, Psalm 149 makes perfect in this context.

While we are not experts in dealing with the evil spirit of Jezebel, we are learning.

In conclusion, we can be soberly confident that we have taken a historic stand and have gained new ground on behalf of our ever-expanding church ministries around the world. All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ! At the same time, we should be fully aware that we need to remain increasingly vigilant and watchful. We want to be slow to lay hands on new unknown leaders. While we do not need suspicion, we do need a healthy dose of caution. We have undoubtedly gained ground for Christ and His kingdom as we have evicted the principality of Jezebel, and we will most likely live to fight this ugly spirit another day. “This is the honor of all His godly ones.” Praise the Lord!

Be Courageous!fah signature long.png

Fred Hartley

P.S. Please review the attached two separate and supportive documents for your consideration. They were both written as part of the eviction process. Since the enemy is a legalist, we have written these two documents in a legal format.

Eviction Notice to Demand Immediate Possession (written from our perspective)

Declaration of Eviction (written from Heaven’s perspective)

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