The University of Chicago Law School: a century of Scholarship a bibliography of Writings of the Faculty of the University of Chicago from 1902-2002

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The University of Chicago Law School:
A Century of Scholarship

A Bibliography of Writings of the Faculty of the University of Chicago from 1902-2002

Compiled by the D'Angelo Law Library


Judith Wright, Law Librarian

Alberta Roberts, Administrative Assistant

Sheri Lewis, Associate Law Librarian

Margaret Schilt, Faculty Services Librarian

Bill Schwesig, Reference Librarian and Bibliographer for Common Law

Connie Fleischer, Government Documents/Reference Librarian

Ben Dastrup, Class of 2003

The University of Chicago Law School: A Century of Scholarship 1

A Bibliography of Writings of the Faculty of the University of Chicago from 1902-2002 1

Compiled by the D'Angelo Law Library 1

Acknowedgements 2

Introduction 7

Mortimer Jerome Adler 8

Francis A. Allen 9

Albert W. Alschuler 15

Douglas G. Baird 19

Allen Barton 22

Paul M. Bator 22

Joseph H. Beale 24

James E. Beardsley 26

Mary E. Becker 26

Lisa E. Bernstein 29

Harry A. Bigelow 29

Roy Blough 32

Walter J. Blum 33

George Gleason Bogert 41

Ward S. Bowman, Jr. 45

Locke Bowman 46

R. Lea Brilmayer 46

Dale W. Broeder 46

Anne-Marie Burley 46

Norman Bursler 47

Robert A. Burt 48

Emily Buss 48

Dennis W. Carlton 48

Mary Anne Case 50

Gerhard Casper 50

Stephen J. Choi 53

Paul H. Cleveland 53

Ronald H. Coase 54

Walter Wheeler Cook 59

Denis V. Cowen 59

Roger C. Cramton 59

Richard Craswell 60

William W. Crosskey 61

Brainerd Currie 61

David P. Currie 63

Kenneth W. Dam 70

Kenneth Culp Davis 75

Georges Briere De L'Isle 77

Harold Demsetz 78

Aaron Director 79

Allison Dunham 80

William L. Eagleton 86

Frank H. Easterbrook 87

Arnold N. Enker 94

Richard A. Epstein 94

Arghyrios A. Fatouros 113

Daniel R. Fischel 114

Owen M. Fiss 116

Ernst Freund 116

Elizabeth Garrett 121

Julius G. Getman 122

Stephen G. Gilles 123

Grant Gilmore 123

Phillip H. Ginsberg 123

Jack L. Goldsmith 124

Gidon A. G. Gottlieb 126

Abner S. Greene 127

Charles O. Gregory 127

James Parker Hall 130

Philip Hamburger 134

Jill Elaine Hasday 134

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. 134

Walter Hellerstein 136

Richard H. Helmholz 136

Mark J. Heyrman 143

Edward W. Hinton 144

Stephen T. Holmes 147

James D. Holzhauer 148

Dennis J. Horan 149

Dennis J. Hutchinson 149

Joseph Isenbergh 151

George F. James 152

John Jewkes 153

Harry W. Jones 153

Gareth H. Jones 154

Elena Kagan 155

Dan M. Kahan 156

Harry Kalven, Jr. 157

Stanley A. Kaplan 166

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Arthur A. Kent 173

Friedrich Kessler 175

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Vance N. Kirby 178

Edmund W. Kitch 178

Daniel Klerman 180

Hein D. Kotz 181

Larry B. Kramer 181

Howard G. Krane 182

Anthony T. Kronman 182

Philip B. Kurland 182

William M. Landes 203

John H. Langbein 206

Douglas Laycock 210

Lawrence Lessig 210

William L. Letwin 211

Edward Hirsch Levi 211

Saul Levmore 217

Douglas Gary Lichtman 218

Karl N. Llewellyn 219

Lyonette Louis-Jacques 221

Jo Desha Lucas 224

Jonathan R. Macey 227

Julian William Mack 228

Catharine A. MacKinnon 229

Andrei Marmor 229

Michael W. McConnell 229

John S. McGee 233

Tracey L. Meares 234

Floyd R. Mechem 235

Bernard D. Meltzer 237

Soia Mentschikoff 243

Abner Mikva 244

Geoffrey P. Miller 244

William R. Ming Jr. 250

James William Moore 250

Norval R. Morris 250

Victor S. Navasky 263

Phil C. Neal 264

Martha C. Nussbaum 265

Dallin H. Oaks 274

Herman E. Oliphant 275

Gary H. Palm 276

John L. Peterman 276

Randal C. Picker 276

Richard A. Posner 277

Eric A. Posner 297

Roscoe Pound 299

Ernst W. Puttkammer 299

J. Mark Ramseyer 307

James M. Ratcliffe 309

Max Rheinstein 309

Julie Roin 326

Gerald Rosenberg 326

Andrew M. Rosenfield 327

Richard J. Ross 327

Antonin Scalia 327

Peter H. Schlechtriem 329

Randall D. Schmidt 329

Stephen J. Schulhofer 330

Kenneth Craddock Sears 333

Malcolm P. Sharp 336

Daniel N. Shaviro 344

Harold Shepherd 346

Henry Calvert Simons 346

Alfred William Brian Simpson 347

Donald Slesinger 348

Harold W. Solomon 348

William H. Speck 349

Adolf Sprudzs 349

Roscoe Turner Steffen 359

Geoffrey R. Stone 360

Randolph N. Stone 365

David A. Strauss 366

Fred L. Strodtbeck 369

Cass R. Sunstein 371

Alan O. Sykes 384

Sheldon Tefft 387

Horace Kent Tenney 388

Guenther H. Treitel 388

George Triantis 389

Adrian Vermeule 389

David A. Weisbach 390

James Boyd White 391

Clarke Butler Whittier 391

Diane P. Wood 392

Frederic Campbell Woodward 394

Hans Zeisel 395

Franklin E. Zimring 402


This bibliography was undertaken to commemorate the Centennial of the Law School in 2002-2003, to document the extraordinary amount of scholarly work published by its faculty, and to compliment the Law School’s commemorative book. We located more than 6,300 books, articles, reviews, and newspaper op-ed pieces.


This bibliography covers all faculty of the Law School, as listed in the Law School Alumni Directory, during the times that they taught here. For professors who left to teach at other schools, works published up to one year after they taught here are include.

The sources of citation include the Law School Announcements (the annual course catalogue), the Index to Legal Periodicals, LegalTrac, the Library Catalog, and bibliographies and curricula vitae on file with the Law Library. Citations that appeared in the Announcements that could not be verified were included as they appeared. Every attempt has been made to remove duplication.
Sorting: Entries are sorted by the first University of Chicago author, then by year of publication, then by title.
We will continue to update and correct the bibliography in its online version, which resides on the D’Angelo Law Library’s web site.
Bill Schwesig

September 2003

*A Century of Ideas & Action: The University of Chicago Law School. “A book commemorating the Law School's one hundred year history including a brief history of the Law School by Prof. Bernard Meltzer, a reflection on the Centennial by Prof. David Currie, reflections from Alumni, Deans, and Faculty, a time line of significant events, and photos from the Law School's first century.”

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