The Villain’s Victory (2 of 2) Featuring the

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The Villain’s Victory (2 of 2)

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The League has been ambushed! In Atlantis Namor has Aquaman’s trident and has joined forces with Ocean Master and Black Manta to attack Atlantis with Aquaman and Martian Manhunter helping defend. Meanwhile Talia’s aim soldier including power girl have invaded Themyscira, with the Amazons, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Supergirl and Zatanna to defend, a false message has drawn Green Arrow, Black Canary Plastic Man and Red Tornado to an airfield in Star City where they were ambushed by the Scarecrow, Prometheus, Merlyn and the Terror Twins, and Batman and Superman were ambushed by Grodd controlling Clayface, Killer Frost, the Abramovici twins and the Weather Wizard, and the Leader with the Wrecking Crew and Abomination, and Lex Luthor was attacked by Cheshire, but bringing up her daughter, Lian and threatening her assassination has stopped her in her tracks. Can anyone survive the onslaught?

Scene 1

LexCorp, Metropolis, 22nd October, 05:24 EDT

Cheshire: If you lay a hand on my daughter, I will make you suffer in ways you can’t even imagine

Lex Luthor: Does that mean you’re not going to kill me?

Cheshire: Oh, I’m going to kill you, but only after you tell whatever assassin you have on my daughter to back off

Lex Luthor: Then you haven’t given me any motivation to let your daughter live. So I will put an offer on the table. You find a way of freeing Ra’s al Ghul from captivity, and then I’ll call off my assassin.

Cheshire: I’m not leaving until my daughter is safe (she is hit with a stun blast from Mercy)

Lex Luthor: Excellent timing, Mercy.

Mercy: Did you really have an assassin on her daughter?

Lex Luthor: No, but it was worth calling her bluff. (Mercy prepares to kill her) don’t kill her, she’s far more useful alive. Let’s go (they leave)

Scene 2

Themyscira, 05:30 UTC

The Amazons are making short work of the A.I.M. foot soldiers but Hawkgirl is struggling to combat the forces of the ninja man-bats on her own, Wonder Woman kicks the Goblin soldier backwards, it breathes fire at her but she blocks and her bracelets absorb the attack, Supergirl and Power Girl continue to exchange blasts in the sky but a Ninja man-bat assassin strikes Supergirl with a kryptonite dagger, Power Girl capitalises and uses her speed to strike Supergirl nearly a hundred times within the space of a few seconds, Power Girl strikes with heat vision but Supergirl powers through it and punches Power Girl back, she uses her heat vision to knock 5 ninja man-bats out of the sky then blows hard using her freezing breath, Power Girl manages to block the attack.

Power Girl: You’re weakening, that dagger did its job

Supergirl: I’m not down yet (she flies around Power Girl at super-speed trying to draw her oxygen away but Power Girl manages to grab her by the neck in mid-flight and punches her to the ground, the shockwave created by the landing knocks down several of the Amazons, Wonder Woman punches the Goblin soldier but it manages to block, only being pushed back a few feet, but she then steps on his foot, causing him to wince in pain and lower his block so Wonder Woman can kick him back, Power Girl prepares to fly into Supergirl but Supergirl recovers just quickly enough to avoid the attack; the Goblin soldier wakes up and grabs Supergirl but Supergirl easily escapes his grip and throws the soldier at Power Girl, Power Girl avoids; 8 of the Ninja Man-bats break off their attack on Hawkgirl and throw kryptonite daggers at Supergirl, Supergirl manages to avoid 6 of them, but two of them hit her on the shoulder and she is grounded; an A.I.M. soldier breaks past Zatanna and fires a kryptonite ray at Supergirl, killing her.)

Power Girl: She was mine (she flies at the AIM agent and holds him by the neck, snapping it loudly, Zatanna turns around and sees what has happened)

Zatanna: Part reh ni a egac (Power Girl is trapped in a cage) on srewop (Power Girl tries to use her powers to escape but finds she can’t, Zatanna grabs the weapon) evig em eno doog nosaer

Power Girl: There are about a hundred of them up there and your friend is failing (she sees Hawkgirl continue to struggle against the Man-Bat army, the Amazons fire arrows at them and take several of them down before the Man-bats begin using their swords to block the attack, Hawkgirl uses this distraction to whack them with her mace, Zatanna fires the weapon, and kills Power Girl, the Goblin soldier is knocked to the ground, Wonder Woman dives and hits him with her elbow, knocking him out, she then uses her lasso around Talia)

Wonder Woman: I want the truth, what are you seeking here? (Talia’s eyes have a fiery glow, and she reveals that she was the Enchantress in disguise) is she dead?

Enchantress: No, the Master wanted her kept alive

Wonder Woman: And who is your master?

Surtur: (Though the Enchantress) I am and to secure Tarturus we must end this now (fire is charged through the lasso and hits Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman tries to pull the Enchantress back, but cannot) your resilience is impressive but even the champion of the Amazons cannot withstand hellfire itself (Wonder Woman is burnt to ashes, Zatanna and Hawkgirl see the execution)

Zatanna: We have lost this battle but you’ll never find what you came for. Gngllac rotcoD etaF (Doctor Fate arrives on the scene) we need to hide this Island, so Talia can never find it (Doctor Fate nods) Aricsymeht raeppasid morf siht enalp

Doctor Fate/Zatanna: Aricsymeht raeppasid morf siht enalp (Themyscira and the amazons begin to disappear from the physical plane, leaving ‘Talia’ and the remaining A.I.M. agents in the water.)

Zatanna: Hawkgirl, time to go (she and Zatanna leave through one of Doctor Fate’s portals)
Scene 3

Atlantis, 03:40 UTC-2

Mera comes to Aquaman’s aid and projects a barrier to protect him, Martian Manhunter meanwhile phases aboard the Manta-sub, 5 troopers open fire at him but Martian Manhunter allows the shots to pass straight through him, the troopers soon run out of ammo, Martian Manhunter uses his telekinesis to disarm the troops, he then knocks all of them individually into the wall, knocking them out

Black Manta: I heard you don’t like fire (he throws a grenade and blasts it with his eye beam, the grenade explodes in a fiery inferno and Martain Manhunter is weakened, Black Manta fires at J’onn and blasts him back. I may not get to kill Aquaman but you will do (Atlanteans cut into the manta-sub and the water puts out any fires, J’onn recovers, Black Manta blasts him, but J’onn counters with his Martian vision)

Atlantean: We’ll handle Manta, go help King Orin (Martian Manhunter nods and phases out of the sub Black Manta tries to blast the soldiers but they use the water coming in to create shields to block the shots, one of the shots hits a vital component of the ship, Martian Manhunter discovers the battle as Ocean Master sends his octopuses to attack Atlantis, Martain Manhunter engages him in psychic battle and stops him from physically engaging Aquaman, Namor notices this and grab’s Ocean Master’s staff, he tries to fire both but Aquaman dodges and kicks his trident out of Namor’s hand, before punching him backwards, the octopuses regain their control and begin to retreat from Atlantis, Aquaman tries to control them but is knocked back by Namor, they clash their tridents, Mera reaches out and grabs Ocean Master and slams him against the ground, knocking him out, Atlanteans are bust out of the manta-sub, Black Manta exits the sub and blasts Aquaman backwards, Mera goes to block any further blasts, whilst Namor stabs Aquaman with his trident whilst he’s stunned)

Namor: Your king is dead! (Mera grabs him with a couple of tentacles and rips him in half)

Mera: And so are you (tears are falling down her eyes, Martian Manhunter swims up to Black Manta, avoiding his blasts and sends a telekinetically charged water blast at Manta, knocking him back into the Sub, the sub then explodes, the backdrift from the explosion sends J’onn flying away, Ocean Master recovers and laughs) what do you find so funny?

Orm: I’ve won, your son is too young to presume the throne; I’m the only known relative to take the throne (he is stabbed through the chest by an Atlantean sword)

Atlantean: Until the Prince is ready, the burden of the throne falls to you, Queen Mera.
Scene 4

Star City Airfield, 04:30 CDT

Red Tornado, Plastic Man, Black Canary and Green Arrow are trapped inside a force bubble created by the Scarecrow’s yellow ring, with Prometheus, the Terror Twins and Merlyn inside, Black Canary uses her sonic scream on the Scarecrow but Merlyn fires an explosive arrow at her throat, knocking her backwards; Plastic Man wraps himself around the Terror Twins, Red Tornado fires a Tornado at Merlyn, knocking him backwards and away from Black Canary, as Green Arrow is faced with Prometheus, Black Canary tries to scream, but she can’t, the Arrow had done it’s work; the Scarecrow tries to pump fear gas into the bubble but Red Tornado forces it upwards, Black Canary draws a bo-staff and charges at Merlyn, Merlyn uses his bow to counter the attack; Green Arrow is knocked down to the ground by Prometheus

Green Arrow: (Breathing heavily) these guys don’t seem as chatty as usual, do they? (he throws an explosive arrow into Prometheus’ helmet, it explodes, cracking the helmet, Green Arrow gets up and whacks the helmet with his bow, smashing the helmet entirely before knocking Prometheus unconscious, Scarecrow creates a device with his ring to stretch Plastic Man and free the Terror Twins, Red Tornado tries to blast him but the tornados can’t break through the shield, Scarecrow unleashes crow projections on Red Tornado, they begin to rip in and tear him apart) Red (Merlyn fires a shot straight through his chest, but is kicked in the back by an enraged Black Canary)

Plastic Man: Man, we need to get out of here (Black Canary takes an arrow from Merlyn’s quiver and sticks it on the ground, it unleashes a sonic wave which begins to weaken the ground beneath them, she jumps and throws an explosive arrow at the ground, ripping a hole for them to escape through) a little warning next time, Black Canary takes Green Arrow’s body with her as they run through the sewer systems, she leaves behind a bunch of smoke arrows which create a smokescreen so the villains can’t follow them)
Scene 5

Suicide Slums, Metropolis, 01:30 EDT

Weather Wizard calls down a storm, Black Lightning counters the lightning with his own, Thunderball throws his wrecking ball at Superman but it has no impact, Superman snaps the chain with his heat vision but is rammed from behind by Bulldozer into Piledriver who punches him back, Superman gets up and flies out of their range, using his heat vision to melt the Wrecker’s staff, Abomination jumps and grabs his legs, and slams him down to the ground. Batman dodges swipes from the Abramovici twins, then throws batarangs at each of their heads which explode stunning them, Batman jumps and kicks Hammer down and pounds his face with both hands, knocking him out

Sickle: You will suffer for that (he swipes at Batman, meanwhile Barry Allen continues to dodge swipes from the Clayface as Killer Frost takes on Wally West, Superman recovers at the mercy of Abomination and the Wrecking Crew who begin to wail on him; Sickle charges at Batman, Batman jumps over him and kicks him into the battle between the Weather Wizard and Black Lightning, the electricity knocks him out, Batman eyes Gorilla Grodd in the distance and grapples after him, Superman bursts through the wrecking crew and Abomination and rises into the skies, bruised from the experience; the Leader grabs him with telekinesis and slams him into the ground, Killer Frost trips Wally up, he slips to the ground, bulldozer jumps and slams on him whilst he’s down)

Barry: Wally! (He tries to run to Wally, but the Leader blocks him and sends him back, he narrowly avoids Clayface’s grip, Batman tries to hit Gorilla Grodd, but is punched back; Black Lightning observes what is going on, as Killer Frost prepares to finish Wally off, Wally recovers and tries to run, but the Leader slows him down long enough for Killer Frost to impale him on ice spikes)

Black Lightning: Barry, get Supes and Bats out of here, I’ll hold them off (his eyes spark with lightning as he begins to absorb from Weather Wizard’s wand, Barry puts his hand on Black Lightning’s shoulder)

Barry: You’re a good man Jefferson (he runs off grabbing Batman and Superman as Black Lightning fires lightning in all directions, striking all the Supervillains that are assembled in the group, lightning strikes from the sky as the continued onslaught drains Black Lightning completely dry)

Black Lightning: And don’t come back (he falls, dead)

Scene 6

The Watchtower, 07:00 EDT

Oracle is communicating with Abegail Brand

Oracle: We’ve lost Aquman, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, one of the Flashes, Red Tornado, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, give or take half the league have fallen

Abegail: And what about the other half?

Oracle: Batman, Black Canary and Superman were injured in their fights, Green Lantern’s on a mission in space, J’onn’s MIA, so are Zatanna and Hawkgirl: Plastic Man and the Flash are all we have

Abegail: Then make the call, we have need of them now, this war is not over yet

Oracle: Understood

Scene 7

Outsider’s HQ, 12:00 BST

Zatanna and Hawkgirl have rested

Cyborg: Good afternoon

Hawkgirl: What’s going on?

Doctor Fate: Apologies for not returning you home but we have an important mission. Klarion has disappeared from this plane. To protect the delicate balance, we need to find him.

Scene 8

Providence Base, classified

We see through the eyes of someone just waking up

Fitz: Are you sure, that’s the stomach? I thought maybe there would be…

Simmonds: I’m not sure of anything, Fitz; it’s my first time working on Martian biology

Fitz: No need to get ars*y with me, I’m just saying that maybe there would… Sh*t, he’s waking up, prepare yourselves (we see that the team have J’onn as a captive, he wakes up and sees a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with guns trained on him, Coulson walks in)

Coulson: Stand down, he only hurts the bad guys. (The agents lower their weapons)

J’onn: Where am I?

Coulson: I’m afraid that’s highly classified. (He reads Coulson’s mind)

J’onn: I see you have the ability to lock me out of parts of your mind

Coulson: Force of habbit; can’t have classified secrets leaking out. I have an offer. I’m putting together a team to take down supervillains and well… We could sure use a powerhouse like you.
What’s left of the League will return in Arron Redbeard: Making Peace

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