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Thank you for expressing interest in The Yoga Forest. We're excited to hear from you! The Yoga Forest is a young Eco community, in the process of evolving social, ecological and economic structures. Together, with the help of work stayers, interns, staff and a crew of local Mayans, many beautiful things have been created here and there is still much to be done.

We love to connect with mutually supportive souls and to expand the evolution of humanity toward a communitarian way of life, a way of life that harmonizes nature with spirit.
We practice voluntary simplicity and conditions here are rustic: shared circus tents/ outdoor camping, outdoor showers and outdoor composting toilets. We operate on a simple solar electricity system, and therefore ask you to leave your devices at home. We have a simple internet facility for our community using our office laptop and ask that you minimize use and time to 15 minutes only during afternoon office hours. We highly recommend that you disconnect entirely during your stay in order to connect to the inner wisdom that lies within you and the beautiful community around you.
Cooking is done on both fire and gas stoves and we operate without refrigeration.

We offer daily yoga classes Monday to Saturday and Permaculture workshops Monday to Friday. Once a week we work with a local community garden instead of offering a Permaculture Workshop. Sundays are rest days for everyone and we encourage you to explore the beauty of Lake Atitlan and its surrounds. We also host workshops and events that we invite you to be a part of and interns are offered a discount on workshop prices.

We are excited to invite people to join us and to support us in co-creating a living and learning environment focused on the development of individual and collective consciousness. We are inviting people with the time and the desire to share and to learn: teachers and students, builders and gardeners, coordinators and communicators, organizers and artists, facilitators and celebrators.
Our work trade opportunities are for 3 month minimum commitments. We offer 3 roles for a full work trade –Wellness Warrior (please request separate application form), Carpentry/Permaculture Enthusiast and Kitchen Karma Yogi (use this application form).
Following you will find a work trade application. It is designed to let us know more about you, your experience, and your particular interests, desires and expectations.
Once you have completed the application form, please email the form to us at, where you will be notified of next steps, deposit required and confirmation of starting dates. Be sending your form to us, you agree to the Volunteer/Work Trade Program Details and Agreement on the last page of the application.
Feel free to be yourself. Drop the thinking mind, and just let your response roll out. We look forward to hearing about you.

Name: Age:
Country of origin:
Do you speak English and/or Spanish?
Work Trade Role:
What date would you like to start your 3-month work trade?
Skype Contact:
How did you hear about us?

Please respond to the following questions or with 200 -300 words addressing the topics.
What are your gifts and how do you anticipate using them to contribute?

What are you interested in learning and exploring?

Why are you interested in a work trade at The Yoga Forest?

What specific skills will you bring to TYF?

Describe relevant experience that would make you suitable for a work trade?

What are your expectations and what do you hope to get out of your stay here?

What are your personal strengths and challenges?

What challenges do you expect to face living in community?

What is your level of overall health and physical fitness?

What is your relationship to alcohol, tobacco, and other mind-altering substances?

Do you follow a specific diet and/or have diet restrictions?

How do you choose to take care of your body, your mind and your soul?

Are you considering living long term in an intentional community such as The Yoga Forest?

What do you hope The Yoga Forest will offer now and in the future?

Describe your experience of:

• Living in community

• Living in nature and off the grid

• Cooking for small or large groups; food preparation, vegetarian cooking, fermentation, raw snacks/desserts etc

• Hospitality experience
• Conflict resolution
• Yoga & Spiritual practice
• Holistic healing
• Permaculture or organic farming
• Natural building /sustainable technologies
• Leadership and teambuilding
• Energetic space holding

Volunteer/Work Trade Program Details and Agreement
We hope that sharing this information with you in writing will help us to be clear and make things go a little smoother.
Arrival and Length of Stay

• Refer to our website for directions.

• Work Trade commitments are made for three complete lunar cycles at a time (three months). Work trades will usually commence on the new or full moon depending on availability.

• A non refundable US$500 contribution is required for all work trade positions to cover the costs of the first month of your placement with us. This first month is considered a trial period where you will be oriented to our systems, your expectations and responsibilities and we hope to observe your commitment to service within the community. After the first trial month is completed, if both parties agree that you are a suitable fit, your work trade will commence for a minimum of two more months, however three to six month commitments will be preferred.

• The US$500 contribution needs to be sent via the friends and family Paypal option to in order to confirm your placement with us, once you have received approval for the volunteer program from our management team.

  • Work Trade opportunities require 6 hours contribution, 5 days per week. Days off will be scheduled by our management as per the needs of the community, and are subject to change each week.

  • We ask that you be a vibrant member of our community, helping to hold space for the growth and unfolding of everyone’s personal process during their time here.

  • You are required to be present each day other than your days off to morning prayers where we have a daily check in, and you are expected contribute to evening satsangs when scheduled as well as contributing to New & Full Moon Ceremony days.


• We offer a shared room for work traders when available during low season, but during high season you will be required to stay in our circus tents. As we are still a young community, we ask that you remain open and flexible to the accommodation options that will be offered at The Yoga Forest. Please keep in mind that The Yoga Forest is a place for people who are comfortable with a rustic simple lifestyle and enjoy living close to nature. If you would like to camp, please bring your own camping gear, including sleeping pad, and a warm sleeping bag and extra blanket, it can get cold at night time here.

• Please bring your own towel and organic soaps/ shampoos.

• A list of other items that are often useful here is available at the bottom of our website FAQ page.

Work Trade Accountability

• As a work trader, you agree to certain responsibilities. We may take time out, occasionally, to review how we work, live, and play together. Please be aware there is a possibility for a change in the relationship between interns and The Yoga Forest.

• In addition to your regular work time responsibilities, work traders are asked to participate in communal contributions (karma yoga) to sustain the everyday needs of the community, such as watering the garden and helping to prepare and cleanup after communal meals.
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