This is a list of search engines we (Polson Enterprises) have found helpful from time to time

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Search Engines

This is a list of search engines we (Polson Enterprises) have found helpful from time to time

  • Google now dominates the field

  • Yahoo

  • KartOO graphically displays and clusters its results

  • Internet Archive Surf old sites no longer on the web or for previous versions of current sites. The project was once known as Alexa (was at It now allows searching !!!!!!!! plus it shows related words and a time plot of frequency

  • Ask

  • Grokker pay search engine with graphical results, interesting

  • FindArticles indexes a number of consumer and online periodicals

  • DMOZ the Open Directory (used as an index source by several search engines)

  • DWOZ sort of like DMOZ, but for webmasters (lists webmaster resources)

  • DayPop allows searching only current events (recently posted pages)

  • A9

  • Mooter a visual clustering engine - very helpful for finding additional search terms for google!

  • AY-Up uses Open Directory, allows stemming and other tools under the search option tab

  • Wise Nut

  • Lycos

  • Excite

  • Hot Bot

MetaSearch Engines (searches several search engines)

  • Vivisimo and SurfWax are meta-search engines that do some additional processing of the references

  • Info.Com a meta search engine

  • DogPile combines several engines

  • MetaCrawler combines several engines

  • ZapMeta a meta search engine that uses some of the less known engines Teoma, etc

  • Fegan Finder Image Search Fegan also has several other search tools

  • Mr Apo allows searching many engines one at a time, groups them by usefulness for your type of querry - can be helpful at times.

BLOG Search Engines

  • Google Blog Search

  • Technorati

  • List of Blog Search Engines

  • Feedster searches blogs and RSS feeds, great!

  • DayPop allows searching only current events (recently posted pages)

  • Ice Rocket blog search engine, adding "/tags" to URL allows searching for blog "tags"

  • Blizg allows metadata searching of blogs (find by topic)

Image Search Engines

  • Google Image Search

  • Flickr search photos posted by individuals - can find product photos and place photos

  • Fegan Finder Image Search Fegan also has several other search tools

  • iStockPhoto search for photos

  • Corbis major stock photo house, images, photos

  • Kyodo News in Japan now has english photo database

  • Webseek finds photos by color resemblance

  • Singing Fish audio and video search engine, excellent!

  • ELZR google image search engine, must use Firefox 1.5 works excellent

  • searches photos and photoshop art, can be used to find products

  • Flower graphical results of Amazon searches, interesting

  • YotoPhoto seaches net for photos including by color

  • Flagrant Disregard use Flickr images to create fake magazine covers

VIDEO Search Engines

  • YouTube

  • AOL Video Search

  • Yahoo Video Search

  • Blinkx Video Search

  • Yahoo Video Search Engine pre-beta version

  • ShadowTV television video search, has a monthly fee, can search by text words

  • TVEyes Video Search searches TV and Radio

  • GoFish hosts videos

  • Exalead search videos and still images

  • Pure Video searches across mulitple video collections

  • Search for Video video search engine, requires MIE

Seach Engines That Are Tools

  • PC Tech Guide exceptional coverage of technical pc issues, hardware, etc

  • Wikipedia encyclopedia created by its users (us)

  • Glossarist index to topical dictionaries

  • Stands 4 index of abbreviations

  • Brainy Quote searches 35,000 quotations / quotes

  • Media-News Directory television and radio station links

  • Google Alert allows email of daily new search engine results

NewsGroup & RSS Feeds Search Engines

  • Google Groups

  • Net Scan in depth analysis of newsgroups and those posting in groups

  • Nooked Corporate RSS feeds

Google Variants & Google Tools

  • Google Scholar Search finds technical papers, great!!

  • Google Suggest suggests search terms and their hit counts as you type along, very helpful

  • Google Gaps find terms within x words of each other

  • Google Fegan Finder allows use of NOT

  • Site Flavored Google can be used to generate a google search box that returns hits from a theme (like your web page theme). Could be useful trying to sort out hits when is a band or something with same name, you could limit searches to sites like what you wanted.

  • Google-Set-Vista visualizing google data sets, hard to explain, great for genealogy

  • Google Image Search

  • DoubleTrust compares Google and Yahoo results, excellent

  • GMBMG Give Me Back My Google tries to scrub some of the affiliate links

  • Google Translate search in your language and find results in another (like search Spanish pages) !

  • SearchMash a google test site finds some images and blogs, we found it helpful

  • Google Zeitgeist current search term popularity

  • Google Trends shows relative search frequency over time, including marking news items, great for company and industry searches

  • Google Alert allows email of daily new search engine results

  • Google Groups

  • Google Labs many other Google tools

  • Google World several google search tools

  • Use GOOGLE to search books and magazines, go to google and search for XXX where XXX is the term(s) you are looking for.
    Magazine index is small, but helpful.

  • To search for a range of years, like 1815 to 1873 enter "1815..1873" into the normal Google search box

International / Foreign Search Engines & Tools

  • BablePlex allows you to enter english and search for the occurence of the word in another language (like search for sites using the spanish translation of your word)

  • Japanese search engines.

  • Colussus foreign search engines by country

  • Country Specific Search Engines links provided by Search Engine Watch. Very helpful when looking for country specific research.

  • Google Translate search in your language and find results in another (like search Spanish pages) !

More Search Engines

  • Clusty cluster engine from Vivisimo

  • Accoona has some nice tools.

  • Industry Analyst Cafe search IT / technical analyst blogs

  • Science.Gov simultaineously searches several government databases

  • Bannana Slug unique way of random searching by google

  • Sircus Elsevier's scientific search engine

  • Knowledge Express fee service, but can follow up leads elsewhere

  • Ebiz Search experimental search engine of ebusiness sites, papers, etc

  • All The Web belongs to Yahoo

  • Dead Search Engines

  • the new engine from Microsoft

  • Talk Digger searches blogs and other sites for mention of specific URLs

  • searches government materials via

  • YoName searches social network sites for names & email addresses

  • Retrevo Consumer Electronics search engine - GREAT! finds review and technical stuff NOT selling sites

  • Placeopedia charts geographical information from Wikipedia (find places talked about by location)

  • SavySearch was at Another metasearch, but it seems to find some results I cannot find elsewhere, great while it lasted, gone now.

News About Search Engines

  • SearchEngineWatch major portal covering the popular search engines

  • Search Engine Showdown compares, contrasts, rates, discusses the engines

SOME HISTORICAL COMMENTS About Search Engines- written June 2001 - Which search engine to use become a matter of personal preference and the exact task at hand. Right now (Jun 2001) I usually start with Google for some good broadband coverage and for the cached views of pages not currently available, then turn to Northern Light for its special publications and in-depth thoroughness. Metacrawler pulls several search engines together and SavySearch seems to find some weird stuff I do not dig up using the others. I suggest you give all the engines listed a try and see which ones work best for you. Most beginners like Yahoo and AskJeeves. My preferences change every few months as the engines adjust their pages and coverage. I think my favorite general search engine has changed from gopher to Yahoo to Lycos to Excite to Infoseek to AltaVisa to HotBot back to AltaVista, to MetaCrawler and now to Google, with a brief stopover at Dogpile. Teoma is coming on fast in August 2001. It works great for new technologies, but by mid September, Vivisimo was getting my attention and now DayPop allows searching only recent postings (great for current events). Now its late November and DMOZ (the Open Directory Project) is catching my attention. On Dec 11th, 2001 I discovered Alexa reborn as the Internet Archive, I thought it was gone forever, but its BACK !!! This is a dream come true. August 12, 2002 I discovered KartOO, with its really interesting graphically organized results display. Will take a while to get used to this one, but I like it. Many of the search engines are out of business, or in busines as something else. Snap and Infoseek are dozens more are now gone. As well as Alexa's unique ability to recover pages no longer posted.

Alexa has since came back to us as the Internet Archive and the big news in fall 2003, is that it is now searchable!! Also several blog search engines have come on the scene making it easier to find coverage of niche events in a hurry.

Satellite Images

1 Meter Resolution Satellite Photos

We suggest you start with Google Earth, then move to these tools if you need more resolution.

  • TerraServer

  • Digital Globe


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