Tips for good vocal hygiene Using your "Best Voice"

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Tips for good vocal hygiene
Using your “Best Voice”

1. Take good care of you voice.

2. Relax your speech muscles – neck, lips, face, tongue.

3. Use good posture – stand up and sit up tall and straight.
4. Use good breath support.
5. Relax your voicing – use easy onset and smooth talking.
6. Use your ears to hear the difference between your good voice and your bad voice. If your voice sounds good, you are using it in a healthy way.
7. Minimize coughing.
8. Do not compete vocally with noisy environments.
9. Eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke.
10. Practice, practice, practice. Break the old voice habit and replace it with the new voice habit.

Download 4.95 Kb.

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