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The Semi-Circle Library of Plays Tony O'Sullivan 061 692 39 01 as at Sept 2017

Title of Play Writer Writer Length
Last Name First Name
Play On Abbot Rick Full Length

Pythagorus Abse Dannie Full Length

Bites Adshead Kay Full Length

The Christ of Coldharbour Lane Agboluaje Oladipo Full Length

The American Dream Albee Edward Full Length

The Zoo Story Albee Edward Full Length

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Albee Edward Full Length

Ardele (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Restless Heart (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Time Remembered (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Mademoiselle Colombe (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Ring Round The Moon Anouilh Jean Full Length

The Waltz Of The Toreadors Anouilh Jean Full Length

Antigone (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

The Lark (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Poor Bitos (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Leocardia (book) Anouilh Jean Full Length

Old-World Arbuzov Aleksei One Act

The Waters of Babylon (book) Arden John Full Length

Live Like Pigs (book) Arden John Full Length

The Happy Haven (book) Arden John Full Length

The Acharnians (book) Aristophanes Full Length

The Clouds (book) Aristophanes Full Length

Lysistrata (book Aristophanes Full Length

Fallen Heros Armstrong Ian One Act

Joggers Aron Geraldine One Act

Bar and Ger Aron Geraldine One Act

The Ascent of F6 (book) Auden W. H. Full Length

On the Frontier (book) Auden W. H. Full Length

Table Manners (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Living Together (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Round and Round the Garden (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Henceforward.... (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Man of the Moment (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

A Small Family Business (book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Confusions (collection) Ayckbourn Alan One Act x 5

Mother Figure (confusions) Ayckbourn Alan One Act

Drinking Companion (confusions) Ayckbourn Alan One Act

Between Mouthfuls (confusions) Ayckbourn Alan One Act

Gosforth's Féte (confusions) Ayckbourn Alan One Act

A Talk in The Park (confusions) Ayckbourn Alan One Act

Communicating Doors Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Wildest Dreams Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Absent Friends Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Absurd Person Singular Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Roleplay Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Bedroom Farce Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Intimate Exchanges Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Relatively Speaking Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Taking Steps Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Way Up Stream Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Ernie's Incredible Illucinations Ayckbourn Alan One Act

Just Between Ourselves Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Seasons's Greetings Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

A Cut in the Rates Ayckbourn Alan One Act

A Chorus of Disapproval (also book) Ayckbourn Alan Full Length

Crossfire Azama Michel Full Length

The Chinese Prime Minister Bagnold Enid Full Length

Blues for Mister Charlie Baldwin James Full Length

The Castle Barker Howard Full Length

Scenes from an Execution Barker Howard Full Length

The Last Supper Barker Howard Full Length

Dress Rehearsal Baron Alec One Act

The Big Cats Baron Alec One Act

Peter Pan Barrie J. M. Full Length

Dear Brutus Barrie J.M. Full Length

The Admirable Crichton Barrie J.M. Full Length

Quality Street Barrie J.M. Full Length

The Steward of Christendom Barry Sebastian Full Length

Our Lady of Sligo (book) Barry Sebastian Full Length

Stringer's Last Stand Barstow Stan Full Length

Honeymoon Suite Bean Richard Full Length

Harvest Bean Richard Full Length

Death of a Clown Beard Paul One Act

Lavender Years Beard Paul One Act

Meat and Two Veg Beard Paul One Act

Waiting for Godot Beckett Samuel Full Length

The Quare Fellow (book) Behan Brendan Full Length

The Hostage (book) Behan Brendan Full Length

Richard's Cork Leg (book) Behan Brendan Full Length

Moving Out (book) Behan Brendan One Act

A Garden Party (book) Behan Brendan One Act

The Big House (book) Behan Brendan One Act

A Bird in the Hand Benfield Derek Full Length

Anyone for Breakfast Benfield Derek Full Length

Fish Out Of Water Benfield Derek Full Length

A Question of Attribution Bennett Alan One Act

An Englishman Abroad Bennett Alan One Act

Beyond the Fringe Bennett Alan Various

Habeas Corpus Bennett Alan Two Acts

Green Forms Bennett Alan One Act

Kafka's Dick Bennett Alan Full Length

Talking Heads Bennett Alan One Act

The Associate Bent Simon Full Length

Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral Bhukar Sudha Full Length

The Exonerated Blank Jessica Full Length

Curtains Bill Stephen Full Length

No Surrender Bleasdale Alan Full Length

Eleemosynary Blessing Lee One Act

Flemming An American Thriller Bobrick Sam Full Length

Flowering Cherry Bolt Robert Full Length

Lear Bond Edward Full Length

Jackets (book) Bond Edward Full Length

In the Company of Men (book) Bond Edward Full Length

September (book) Bond Edward One Act

The Sea Bond Edward Full Length

Costa Del Packet! Booth Anthony One Act

Standard Safety Bovasso Julie -

The Disorderly Women Bowen John Full Length

Cold Salmon Bowen John One act

The Tea Dance Bower Margaret One Act

The Pedestrian Bradbury Ray One Act

Sit Down a Minute, Adrian Brandon-Thomas Jevan Full Length

Mother Courage and her Children Brecht Bertold Full Length

Paul Brenton Howard Full Length

The Romans in Britain Brenton Howard Full Length

The Full Treatment Brett Michael Full Length

Albert Gates Bridghouse Harold One Act

Hobson's Choice Bridghouse Harold Full Length

The Dye-Hard Bridghouse Harold One Act

Tobias and the Angel Bridie James Full Length

A Different Way To Die Brittney Lynn One Act

The Hitman Brook J. C. W. One Act

Let's Pretend Brooks Vanessa Full Length

Cinderella Brown Alan Full Length

It's a Small World (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

Three on a Panel (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

A Bench in the Park (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

Winners-Weepers (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

Three Women (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

It's All in Fun (book) Brown Albert M. One Act

All Things Considered Brown Ben Full Length

Danton's death Büchner Georg Full Length

Leonce and Lena Büchner Georg Full Length

Woyzeck Büchner Georg One Act

Black Snow Bulgakov Mikhail Full Length

Eclipsed Burke Brogan Patricia Full Length

Corporate Lifestyles Burns Kitty Full Length

A Slice of the Blarney Burns Kitty Full Length

Terminal Terror (book) Burns Kitty One Act

On Hold at 30,000 Feet (book) Burns Kitty One Act

Identity Crisis (book) Burns Kitty One Act

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (book) Busch Charles Full Length

Psycho Beach Party (book) Busch Charles Full Length

The Lady in Question (book) Busch Charles Full Length

Red Scare on Sunset (book) Busch Charles Full Length

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife (book) Busch Charles Full Length

The Phantom Lady (book) Calderon de la Barca Pedro Full Length

The Mayor of Zalamea (book) Calderon de la Barca Pedro Full Length

Devotion to the Cross (book) Calderon de la Barca Pedro Full Length

Secret Vengeance for Secret Insult (book) Calderon de la Barca Pedro Full Length

The Cagebirds Campton David One Act

Ten Sketches Campton David sketches

Our Branch in Brussels Campton David One Act

Caligula (book) Camus Albert Full Length

The Misunderstanding (book) Camus Albert Full Length

State of Siege (book) Camus Albert Full Length

The Just Assassins (book) Camus Albert Full Length

Breakfast at Tiffany's Capote Truman Full Length

By the Bog of Cats Carr Marina Full Length

Portia Coughlan Carr Marina Full Length

On Raftery's Hill Carr Marina Full Length

Collected Dramatic Works (book) Carter Angela various

Two & Bed Cartwright Jim Full Length

Husbands Supplied Cary Falkland L. One Act

Wife Required Cary Falkland L. One Act

Key For Two Chapman John Full Length

Theft Chappell Eric Full Length

Tom Sawyer Charlesworth John Full Length

The Marriage Proposal Chekhov Anton One Act

On the Technique of acting Chekhov Anton book

Ivanov (book) Chekhov Anton Full Length

The Seagull (book) Chekhov Anton Full Length

Uncle Vania (book) Chekhov Anton Full Length

Three Sisters (book) Chekhov Anton Full Length

The Cherry Orchard (book) Chekhov Anton Full Length

The Bear (book) Chekhov Anton One Act

The Proposal (book) Chekhov Anton One Act

A Jubilee (book) Chekhov Anton One Act

Oh What a Lovely War Chilton Charles Full Length

After September Chinn Jimmie Full Length

A Respectable Funeral Chinn Jimmie One Act

From Here to the Library Chinn Jimmie One Act

In Room Five Hundred and Four Chinn Jimmie One Act

Interior Designs Chinn Jimmie One Act

Pity About Kitty Chinn Jimmie One Act

Straight and Narrow Chinn Jimmie One Act

Take Away The Lady Chinn Jimmie Full Length

Too Long An Autumm Chinn Jimmie One Act

And Then There Were None Christie Agatha Full Length

Murder At The Vicarage Christie Agatha Full Length

Spider's Web Christie Agatha Full Length

The Patient Christie Agatha One Act

The Rats Christie Agatha One Act

Ten Little Indians (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Appointment with death (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

The Hollow (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

The Mousetrap (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Witness for the Prosecution (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Towards Zero (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Verdict (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Go Back for Murder (book) Christie Agatha Full Length

Hot Fudge (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Three more Sleepless Nights (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Seagulls (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

The After-Dinner Joke (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

The Judge's Wife (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Schreiber's Nervous Illness (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Abortive (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Lovesick (book) Churchill Caryl One Act

Cloud Nine (book) Churchill Caryl Full Length

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (book) Churchill Caryl Full Length

Vinegar Tom (book) Churchill Caryl Full Length

Traps (book) Churchill Caryl Full Length

Owners (book) Churchill Caryl Full Length

Blue Kettle Churchill Caryl One Act

Serious Money Churchill Caryl Full Length

A Number Churchill Caryl Full Length

A Candle on the Table Clapp Patricia One Act

Anyone for Tennis Clark Gwyn One Act

The Happy Marriage Clements John Full Length

Orphee (book) Cocteau Jean One Act

Antigone (book) Cocteau Jean One Act

Intimate Relations (book) Cocteau Jean Full Length

The Holy Terror (book) Cocteau Jean Full Length

The Eagle with Two Heads (book) Cocteau Jean Full Length

What are Little Girls Made of? Coke Peter Full Length

Love for Love Congreve William Full Length

The Way of the World (in Morrell's book Congreve William Full Length

Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Connolly H. One Act

Open Your Eyes Constanduros Mabel -

The Man From The Sea Constanduros Mable One Act

Everything in the Garden Cooper Giles Full Length

Blithe Spirit Coward Noël Full Length

Come Into The Garden Maud Coward Noël One Act

Fumed Oak Coward Noël One Act

Hands Across The Sea Coward Noël One Act

Hay Fever Coward Noël Full Length

Present Laughter Coward Noël Full Length

Private Lives Coward Noël Full Length

Red Peppers Coward Noël One Act

Shadow Play Coward Noël One Act

Still Life Coward Noël One Act

The Astonished Heart Coward Noël One Act

Ways And Means Coward Noël One Act

We Were Dancing Coward Noël One Act

I'll Leave it to You Coward Noël Full Length

This Happy Breed Coward Noël Full Length

Because of the Lockwoods Cox Constance Full Length

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Cox Constance Full Length

Happy Now? Coxon Lucinda Full Length

The Land of Palms Cregan David One Act

various other 1 act Cregan David One Act

Susan and God Crothers Rachel Full Length

Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Dahl Roald Full Length

Ripen our Darkness Daniels Sarah Full Length

The Devil's Gateway Daniels Sarah Full Length

Badnuff Davidson Richard Full Length

Ripen our Darkness Daniels Sarah Full Length

The Devil's Gateway Daniels Sarah Full Length

Rose Davies Andrew Full Length

Thermal Underwear Davies Andrew One Act

Staging a Pantomime Davies Gill Guide

The Wrong Bedroom Dean Marina Full Length

Filumena De Filippo Eduardo de Full Length

Saturday Sunday Monday De Filippo Eduardo de Full Length

A Taste of Honey Delaney Shelagh Full Length

The Maiden's Consent De Moratin Leandro Fernandez Full Length

Celestina De Rojas Fernando Full Length

Peribanez (book) De Vega Lope Full Length

Fuenteovejuna (book) De Vega Lope Full Length

The Dog in the Manger (book) De Vega Lope Full Length

The Knight from Olmedo (book) De Vega Lope Full Length

Justice Without Revenge (book) De Vega Lope Full Length

A Christmas Carol Dickens Charles Full Length

The Spider and the Bird Dobbs Georgia One Act

Once in a Blue Moon Dole John Full Length

Death and the Maiden (book) Dorfman Ariel Full Length

Reader (book) Dorfman Ariel Full Length

Widows (book) Dorfman Ariel Full Length

Purgatorio Dorfman Ariel Full Length

Harvest Dryden Ellen Full Length

Harvest (book) Dryden Ellen Full Length

A Lovely Day Tomorrow (book) Dryden Ellen Full Length

Anna's Room (book) Dryden Ellen Full Length

Weekend Break (book) Dryden Ellen Full Length

Six Primroses Each (Book) Dryden Ellen One Act

Adventure Camp (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

The Children's Ward (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

The Press Gang (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

In Service (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

The Colour of Compassion (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

The Strawberry Tea (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

Flatmates (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

Shadows (book) Dryden Ellen One Act

Beyond Therapy Durang Christopher Full Length

A Touch of Danger Durbridge Francis Full Length

House Guest Durbridge Francis Full Length

Suddenly At Home Durbridge Francis Full Length

The Physicists Durrenmatt Friedrich Full Length

The Visit Durrenmatt Friedrich Full Length

Staircase Dyer Charles Full Length

Pentecost Edgar David Full Length

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Edgar David Full Length

Sweet Caroline Sweet Edwards Tony One Act

M.A.D. Eldridge David Full Length

Murder in the Cathedral Eliot T.S. Full Length

Feed Elliott Tom Full Length

Utter Garbage Ellison Les Full Length

Gasping Elton Ben Full Length

My Nicht with Reg Elyot Kevin Full Length

The Vagina Monologs Ensler Eve Full Length

The Suicide Erdman Nikolia Full Length

Alcestis (book) Euripides One Act

Medea (book) Euripides One Act

Hippolytus (book) Euripides One Act

Andromache (book) Euripides One Act

Ion (book) Euripides One Act

Trojan Woman (book) Euripides One Act

Electra (book) Euripides One Act

Iphigenia among the Taurians (book) Euripides One Act

The Bacchants (book) Euripides One Act

Iphigenia at Aulis (book) Euripides One Act

Tons of Money Evans Will & Valentine Full Length

Entertaining Angels Everett Richard Full Length

The Sound of Murder Fairchild William Full Length

Bone Chiller Ferris Monk Full Length

The Music Lovers Feydeau Georges One Act

A Danish Soap Filichia Peter One Act

Wild Grass (book) Finnegan Seamus One Act

Mary Maginn (book) Finnegan Seamus One Act

It's All Blarney (book) Finnegan Seamus One Act

Comrade Brennan (book) Finnegan Seamus One Act

A Man of Letters Firth Tom One Act

An Ordinary Day Fo Dario One Act

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! Fo Dario Full Length

Elizabeth Fo Dario Full Length

The Open Couple Fo Dario One Act

Gregory's Girl Forsyth Bill Full Length

Remembering Things Fosbrook Michael One Act

A Christmas Carol (Short) Foss Keneum One Act

Caught on the Hop Foxton David One Act

Rabbit Foxton David One Act

TwentyFourSeven Fraser Paul Full Length

Audience Frayn Michael Full Length

Black and Silver Frayn Michael One Act

Chinamen Frayn Michael One Act

Make and Break Frayn Michael Full Length

Mr. Foot Frayn Michael One Act

Noises Off Frayn Michael Full Length

The New Quixote Frayn Michael One Act

The Queen of Spades and I Freedman Sylvia Full Length

Dancing at Lugnasa Friel Brian Full Length

Philadelphia, Here I Come Friel Brian Full Length

Volunteers Friel Brian Full Length

Crystal an Fox Friel Brian Full Length

Lovers (Winners) Friel Brian Full Length

Lovers (Losers) Friel Brian Full Length

Making History Friel Brian Full Length

Andora Frisch Max Full Length

The Lady's not for Burning (book) Fry Christopher Full Length

A Phoenix Too Frequent (book) Fry Christopher Full Length

The Boy with a Cart (book) Fry Christopher Full Length

A Sleep of Prisoners (book) Fry Christopher Full Length

Curtmantle (bok) Fry Christopher Full Length

The Lady's not for Burning Fry Christopher Full Length

The Blood Knot (book) Fugard Athol Full Length

People are Living There (book) Fugard Athol Full Length

Hello and Goodbye (book) Fugard Athol Full Length

Boesman and Lena (book) Fugard Athol Full Length

Revival! (book) Gallacher Tom Full Length

Schellenbrack (book) Gallacher Tom Full Length

Bedtime Gallagher Mary One Act

Dazzle Gardiner John Musical

Dazzle (score) Gardiner John Musical

The Dracula Spectacula Gardiner John Musical

The Dracula Spectacula (score) Gardiner John Musical

Big Al Gardiner John Musical

Big Al (score) Gardiner John Musical

The Maids Genet Jean Full Length

Deathwatch Genet Jean Full Length

When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet George Charles One act

Bull in a China Shop Gilford C. B. Full Length

The Madwoman of Chaillot (book) Girardoux Jean Full Length

The Apollo of Bellac (book) Girardoux Jean One Act

The Enchanted (book) Girardoux Jean Full Length

Ondine (book) Girardoux Jean Full Length

Truth, Beauty, and Contact Lenses Glass Harry One Act

When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet George Charles One Act

April in Paris Godber John Two Acts

The Piste - a bittersweet comedy Godber John Full Length

Bouncers (book) Godber John Full Length

Shakers (restirred) Godber John Full Length

Teechers (book) Godber John Full Length

Up'n Under (book) Godber John Full Length

September in the rain (book) Godber John Full Length

Happy Jack (book) Godber John Full Length

Teechers Godber John Full Length

Stage Lighting for Amateurs Goffin Peter Guide

The Government Inspector Gogol Nikoli Full Length

A Servant to Two Masters Goldoni Carlo Full Length

She Stoops to Conquer (also in Morrell's book) Goldsmith Oliver Full Length

The Individuality of Streetlamps (book - Tanya Palmer)

The Voysey Inheritance Granville - Barker Hartley Full Length

Butley Gray Simon Full Length

Butley (Book) Gray Simon Full Length

Otherwise Engaged (book) Gray Simon Full Length

The rear Column (book) Gray Simon Full Length

Quartermaine's Terms (book) Gray Simon Full Length

The Common Persuit (book) Gray Simon Full Length

Do We Ever See Grace Greig Noel One Act

Rings a Bell Griffith Angela Full Length

The House of Blue Leaves (book) Guare John Full Length

Landscape of th Body (book) Guare John Full Length

Bosoms and Neglect (book) Guare John Full Length

Sargophagus Gubaryev Vladimir Full Length

Richard Cory Gurney A. R. One Act

Gas Light Hamilton Patrick Full Length

The Philanthropist Hampton Christopher Full Length

84 Charing Cross Rd Hanff Helene Full Length

A Raisin in the Sun Hansberrry Lorraine Full Length

Licking Hitler Hare David Full Length

Plenty Hare David Full Length

Outside Edge Harris Richard Full Length

Albert Harris Richard One Act

We Took a Cottage Harris Mary Full Length

Pantomime Book Harris Paul sketches

The Seven Harter Charles Musical

Babies Harvey Jonathon Full Length

Collaboration (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

Taking Sides (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

A Family (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

The Dresser (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

J. J. Farr (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

Another Time (book) Harwood Ronald Full Length

You Cant Take it with you Hart et al. Moss Full Length

The Soft September Air Hastings Charlotte Full Length

A Short Walk After Dinner Haubold Cleve One Act

Rose Bernd Hauptmann Gerhart Full Length

Largo Desolato Havel Vaclav Full Length

Candide Hellman Lillian Musical

George Hickman Derek One Act

Paper Dolls Himberg Philip Full Length

Tunnel Vision Hodgson Sheila One Act

On the Frontier Holland Norman -

Whale Holman David Full Length

Being Friends (book) Holman Robert One Act

Lost (book) Holman Robert One Act

Making Noise Quietly (book) Holman Robert One Act

The Reluctant Debutante Home William Douglas Full Length

Tales from the Vienna Woods Horvath Odon von Full Length

Victoria Regina (book) Housman Laurence Housman collection

Lady Precious Stream Hsiung S. I. Full Length

The Gioconda Smile Huxley Aldous Full Length

Equal Terms Hyem Jill Full Length

A Doll's House Ibsen Henrik Full Length

An Enemy of the People (book) Ibsen Henrik Full Length

Hedda Gabler (book) Ibsen Henrik Full Length

Ghosts (book) Ibsen Henrik Full Length

The Master Builder Ibsen Henrik Full Length

Ski Whizz Ingham Richard Full Length

The Bald Prima Donna Ionesco Eugene One Act

The Lesson Ionesco Eugene One Act

Time Flies (book) Ives David One Act

Degas, C'est moi (book) Ives David One Act

Dr. Fritz , or: The forces of Light (book) Ives David One Act

Babel's in Arms (book) Ives David One Act

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