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Job Description

Title: Program Manager

Employment Status: Full-Time

Department: Habitat Program

FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports to: Executive Director

Supervises: AARP members; homeowner selection & advocate committee volunteers

Description: The Program Manager is responsible for ensuring a successful transition to homeownership for Habitat for Humanity homebuyers. With the assistance of volunteer committees, the Program Manager will direct key aspects of the homeownership program, including homeowner selection, homeowner support, homebuyer education, and mortgage origination. The Program Manager will assist the Executive Director with ensuring compliance with federal lending laws and regulation related to mortgage lending. The Program Manager will oversee the volunteer programs and marketing for the affiliate, this includes fundraising. All programs require community outreach by the Program Manager.


  • Communicate with professionality, timeliness, clarity, positivity and cultural competence with people of all levels and backgrounds

  • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative functional relationships with staff, homeowners, volunteers, donors and vendors and other Indiana Habitat Affiliates

  • Oversee departmental volunteers in achieving professional development and mission-specific goals

  • Supervise workings of and provide staff support to the Homeowner Selection Committee and Homeowner Support Advocates

  • Provide culturally sensitive services to potential applicants and homeowners

Mortgage Origination:

  • Manage all aspects of homeowner selection process in compliance with Fair Housing, Equal Credit Act, and other relevant laws

  • Oversee homeowner selection marketing and outreach, facilitate orientations, process applications and manage correspondence with prospective applicants

  • Coordinate with community partner organizations, local employers and other relevant entities in conjunction with homeowner selection marketing and outreach activities

Homebuyer/Homeowner Support:

  • Assist new homebuyers in application process and supervise in completion of program requirements

  • Oversee the implementation and facilitation of comprehensive, consistent, and culturally appropriate first-time homebuyer education program

  • Develop and manage comprehensive, consistent, and culturally appropriate post-purchase support and education program for current Habitat homeowners

  • Collaborate with staff, committees and homeowners to organize special events, such as Wall Raisings and Home Dedications

  • Advocate on behalf of homeowners to Habitat stakeholders, constituents and community


Volunteer Coordination

  • Develop and implement various outreach strategies to recruit volunteers as needed for Construction, the Restore, Resource Development, Homeowner Services and Administrative office to execute affiliate goals

  • Engage in public speaking events with local organizations and participate in community fairs and activities where recruitment opportunities abound

  • Outreach to community organizations in areas where Habitat is working or plans to work

  • Serve as liaison for partnership builds (i.e. Veterans Build, Women Build, Business Partner Build)

  • Collaborate with Construction team in order to coordinate construction schedule, planning new builds, move-in dates, walkthroughs and management of warranty program

  • Serve as liaison between volunteer groups and construction supervisor; working with the construction supervisor to estimate volunteer needs and schedule accordingly

Executive Assistant

  • Assist Executive Director with marketing strategies and fundraising activities

  • Oversee Special Fundraising Event committee for the annual Chair-ITY Event. Develop and update marketing materials; coordinate in-house silent auction requests and donated chairs

  • Answer phones, greet guests, and other administrative duties as needed

Social Media & Website

  • Maintain website content and social media postings ensuring consistent Habitat messaging and branding


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

  • At least two years of supervisory experience in a management position supervising staff of two or more

  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills to effectively work with a broad range of people

  • Strong ability to work both autonomously and with a team

  • Experience in housing industry/mortgage lending preferred, but not required

  • Must obtain Loan Originator Compliance Training within 3 months of hire date and renew annually

  • Experience in the non-profit/human services industry preferred, but not required

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Highly skilled in public speaking and large group facilitation

  • Ability to prioritize and work independently; self-starter and self-motivator; proactive

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign preferred, but not required


  • Most work is performed indoors

  • Good organizational skills

  • Experience working with volunteers strongly preferred

  • Mobility required as responsibilities included visiting construction job sites and attending meetings outside the Habitat office

  • Requires valid driver’s license and ability to meet company’s insurance requirements; occasional driving

  • Evenings & weekend work periodically required for homeowner classes, orientations and events

  • Must be able to pass background, motor vehicle and credit reviews.

INTERNAL INTERACTIONS: All staff, volunteers, partner families, board members, committee members

EXTERNAL INTERACTIONS: Public presentations regarding program to solicit applicants, program volunteers, ground blessings, home dedications

Submit resume and cover letter to: excedir@wvh4h.org

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