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Product: Affiliate Classroom
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Product Description:

Affiliate Classroom is a membership training program that teaches you all about affiliate marketing. Owned by well known Internet marketer, Anik Singal, affiliate classroom is a step by step program that teaches business owners how to be successful affiliates.

Who This Product is Intended For:

This training program is for those who are new to affiliate marketing or have been struggling to make decent money with this form of online income. It is not recommended for affiliate marketers who have been making good money and know affiliate marketing enough to do so. So, if you’ve been creating an income for yourself through affiliate marketing avenues, you can probably skip it.


Affiliate Classroom will help you to set-up your affiliate business from start to finish. Hailed as one of, if not THE best, affiliate marketing system out there, this training will take you from no income to having the potential to become a super affiliate.


Longevity – Affiliate Classroom has been around since 2004. That might only be 4 years, but on the Internet it’s not uncommon for a business to last less than a year. The fact that this training has been around, continues to be active and updated makes it stand well above most of the affiliate marketing training methods and products on the market today.

As I mentioned above, the community is very active and one of the things I really like is that members are notified daily of updates to the industry. So, when the next big thing in affiliate marketing hits the information waves, those enrolled will know about it right away. No old, out-of-date junk here.
Membership at Affiliate Classroom includes:

  • A discussion forum for members

  • Blog

  • Step-by-step training system

  • Case studies

  • Tutorials

  • Interviews with expert affiliate marketers

  • Profiles of various affiliate programs

  • Affiliate Classroom Magazine

  • Access to the Affiliate Classroom archives

You can also test the system for a full two weeks for only $1. After that you pay a monthly fee of less than $30 to remain a member. If you aren’t sure whether it’s the right program for you, give it a shot. There are much worse things you could spend a dollar on, that’s for sure.


I really can’t think of anything that I don’t like about the program. If I had to choose something negative to say, it would be that the price might seem like a lot if you’re not making any money yet. However, I’m certainly one to know that you have to invest a bit of money into training if you want to turbo-charge your business. Why spend days, weeks, or even months, struggling slowly and painfully up the learning curve if you don’t have to?

Personal Opinion:

I was the one that fell into the intermediate category. I had about 5 websites and was making little to no money from them. Since the program took me step-by-step I was able to see which steps I missed when I started my sites.

The plans are laid out in a specific order for you to complete. There really is no way to mess up. I love the fact that it doesn’t just tell me why I should do something but how I could do it. That alone makes it much easier for me. I don’t have to figure anything out by myself or spend countless hours trying to figure out what I should be doing.
If you’ve tried learning affiliate marketing through other programs, eBooks, etc. and haven’t had success then it’s definitely worth it take the trial period to see how this program may be different from others.

Affiliates Only

Where You Can Sign Up as an Affiliate:
Commission Percentage/Dollar Amount Paid to Affiliates: Affiliate Classroom has a two-tier commission structure. Here’s how it works.
1st Tier Sales: Affiliate receives $10.00 per original sale and $10 monthly as long as the referral remains a member
2nd Tier Sales: Affiliate receives $5.00 per sale. Again, affiliates receive recurring monthly commissions as long as the referral remains a member.

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