Tom Burke Education 200x – Present University College Cork Co. Cork bsc Computer Science

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Address: 2 Highfield, Glasheen Road, Cork City.

Phone: 021 – 924461 / 086-3361988


Tom Burke

Education 200x – Present University College Cork Co. Cork

BSc Computer Science

  • Year 2: First Class Honours – including 93% in relation databases and 87% in Systems Organisation

  • Year 1: First Class Honours – including 91% in Operating systems and 82% in database Design and Administration.

Core Subjects Software Development 75%, Web Development 85%, Operating Systems 91%, Web Servers 65%, Computer Architecture 81%, Algorithms and Linear Structures 52% and Network Computing 80%.
Languages XHTML, Java, SQL, UML, C, JDBC, XML, JavaScript
Applications Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Microsoft Frontpage, SQL plus and Together.
Systems Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX/Linus and File and Database Systems using SQL. Also outside of the course MAC OS and MS DOS
Internet Web design using HTML and MS Frontpage and web browsing. Self Taught SkillsSearch Engine optimization and Internet Marketing
Projects Java: Implemented a programme which simulates an online store making good use of all Java and OOP facilities i.e. classes, objects, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, Swing. Awarded 1H for its completion.

XML: weekly labs which included the use of RSS, XSLT, XPATH, DTD

Architecture: This included various assignments in which I used assembly to program an 80885 processor.

Algorithms: Developed several simulations of ADT’s

Network computing: Developed client programs which used TCP and UDP as well as experimenting with different application layer protocols.


199x-200x Presentation Secondary School Cork

Leaving Certificate 450 out of 600 points, including B1 in Honours Physics

Work Experience

Summer 200x FQS Quality Systems Carrigaline, Co Cork

IT Assistant

  • Improved my technical problem-solving skills by configuring PCs and operating systems, to customer requirements.

  • Scanned documents and set up electronic archive system

  • Responsible for setting up new computer filing systems, which improved office efficiency.

Summer 200x The Merchants Group IDA Technology Park, Cork

Telemarketing Sales Agent

  • Member of the team, responsible for calling customers to promote company services.

  • Consistently achieved weekly sales targets and awarded bonus at end of Summer.

  • Showed willingness to learn by completing training in Customer Relations, Marketing techniques and use of Telemarketing Software Package (Unison)

  • Was always flexible to work shift hours when requested by management

  • Developed good interpersonal skills while dealing with customer and team members

200X – 200X Cork Greyhound Track Bishopstwon, Co Cork


  • Used Macintosh operating systems and Mac Finish Software to calculate race times and assess final results

  • Public announcer of race details which improved my public speaking ability

  • Provided training to other staff members on using Mac Software.

200x-200x (Easter/Christmas) Easons’ Bookshop Cork City


  • Improved numeracy skills through stocktaking, recording quantity, item and price details.

  • Trusted with handling cash and balancing till at end of shift.

  • Used Easons’ database to find location and prices of goods.

Achievements IT Related Achievements and Self Taught Skills
Developed my own website during Summer 200x, in conjunction with my own home based business Also developed search engine optimization skills and gain an in-depth knowledge into the working of search engines. Developed marketing skills with advertising the website such as pay-per-click advertising using Google Adwords.

  • Other Achievements

Member of UCC Economics Society and regularly attend talks by guest speakers and other events.

Work voluntarily for two weeks in Cerebral Palsy shop in Cork City in Summer 200x.
Have travelled to America, England and around Europe, gaining independence and maturity.
Received scholarship to attend Cork Spanish College. (3rd Year of Secondary School)
Elected Treasurer of card printing company during transition year, with responsibility for issuing shares and managing finances.

Interests and Activities

  • Sport – Avid soccer and rugby fan and play soccer with local Glasheen team.

  • Golf – Currently a member of Douglas golf club and play off a handicap of 22.

  • Reading – Keen interest in sci-fi and active member of local library.

  • Driving – Full clean driving licence.

  • German to honours Leaving Certificate level, with ongoing interest in the language.

References Available upon request

Term Address: 2 Finbarrs Park,

Glasheen Rd,



Amy Carroll

Home Address: Brookfield,



Co. Cork.


Telephone: Home: 022 48123

Mobile: 087 7571433


200x – Ongoing: University College Cork – BSc in Computer Science.

Presently in third year of a four-year degree course.

2nd Year Results: Achieved a 2H2, including 1H in Enterprise Software and 2H1 in Operating Systems Architecture.
1st Year Results: Achieved a 1H1, including 1H in Discrete Maths and Introduction to Programming. Also 2H1 in Further Mathematics for Computer Science.
Core Subjects: Network Computing, Enterprise Software, Data Structures, Software Development, Operating Systems Architecture & Programming, Theory of Computation, Discrete Maths and Further Mathematics for Computer Science.
Languages: Java, C, HTML, XML, SQL, JDBC, UML.

Applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, SQL*Plus, Together Soft.

Systems: Windows 95/98/00/XP, UNIX, MS DOS.

Internet: Web design and browsing.

  • Java: Weekly assignments in Java – developed an online store and an online store GUI. Involved in utilising many concepts of Java. Made good use of the Java and OOP facilities – classes, objects, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. Included using Swing (i.e. used Grid-Bag layout J Panels, J Labels, J Frames, J Buttons etc.) Obtained a 1H.

  • Enterprise Software: Weekly lab assignments in SQL and JDBC. Cooperated in team of two project to create a management system and a GUI for a small business. Helped to develop my teamwork skills. Own responsibility was to complete java code for the project. Awarded a 2H1.

  • Network Computing: Developed a TCP and UDP client server programs. Created a simple Web Server. Achieved a 1H for year’s work.

  • Data Structures: Developed a simple traffic simulation application that relied on ADT Queue. Developed a primitive text editor. Achieved a 2H1 for the year’s assignments.

  • HTML: Completed a detailed study of a “web robot” and designed and developed a Web Site based on this study.

  • C: Completed continuous Assignments in C, successfully met deadlines. Awarded a 2H1 for the year’s work.

199x – 200x: Presentation Convent, Mallow, Co. Cork

Results: Achieved 520 points out of 600 in Leaving Certificated 2002, including A1 in honours Mathematics and B2 in honours Physics.

Summer 200x Waitress Majestic Hotel, New Jersey US

  • Successfully completed intensive week of training for fine dining food service.

  • Served customers and dealt with queries and complaints, thus developing my problem solving abilities.

  • Learned to adapt quickly to new culture and environment.

  • Actively participated in daily meetings with managers about day’s activities.

  • Promoted to senior waitress after two months, supervising new staff.

Summer 200x Catering Attendant Erinville Hospital, Cork

  • Responsible for preparing patient meals and for delivering them. Required to think quickly on my feet as different situations arose on the wards.

  • Learned valuable communications skills in dealing with patients, visiting members of the public and other catering staff.

  • Gained experience in teamwork and meeting deadlines, while preparing food in the busy environment of the kitchen.

Summer 200x Reception/Restaurant Staff Mallow Arms Hotel, Mallow

  • Liaised with guests to provide information on local amenities in the area.

  • Responsible for ensuring a high standard of hygiene in the restaurant.

  • Answered the telephone and managed restaurant and accommodation bookings.

  • Adapted to the unpredictable hours required in the hospitality business.

  • Trusted with work with minimum supervision and reliably carried out duties.

Achievements and Interests

  • Have been interested in IT since an early age and use computers for leisure. Enjoy updating and modifying my personal website. Have completed online tutorials which are extremely beneficial.

  • Completed a course with PFH Computers in Microsoft Access Advanced.

  • Successfully completed European Computer Diving License Course.

  • Member of UCC Computer Science Society and regularly attend events.


  • Awarded the title “College Scholar” for my first year results in college.

  • Member of Mallow Ladies Football team for past five years and have helped to organised matches and other club events.

  • Active member of UCC Tennis Club and participate in tournaments regularly.

  • Member of Mardyke gym, attend regularly and like to keep fit.

  • Completed a Hygiene and Manual Handling course while working the Erinville Hospital.

  • Elected to School Student Council – duties included liaising with students and staff members, voicing of students issues with members of the parents council and organising fundraising events.


Available Upon request

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