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1. He's collaborated with his wife Joan on Three Weeks in Spring, a fictionalized account of her battle against breast cancer. He was tapped by Raymond Chandler's estate to finish the manuscript for Poodle Springs and pen a sequel to The Big Sleep called Perchance to Dream. He has entered into Westerns with Appaloosa, but is best known for detective fiction featuring characters including Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall. FTP, name this author behind School Days, the 32nd novel featuring a Boston P.I. named Spenser.

Answer: Robert B. Parker
2. Recording as Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band, he had a minor hit in 1966 with "The Eggplant that Ate Chicago." He had very minor hits under his own name in 1970 and '71 with "Canned Ham" and "California Earthquake," and got Ry Cooder to play on his 1973 album Petaluma, named for the hometown of his dairy farm, which he still runs. He is best known, however, for the top 3 1970 hit that sold 2 million copies that told of how, when he died, he was going to "go to the place that's the best" because "I got a friend in Jesus." FTP, name this singer who combined the psychedelic and the spiritual in the song "Spirit in the Sky."

Answer: Norman Greenbaum

3. Connie Baker is a wallflower, convinced of her own lack of desirability, while Giselle Levy can't seem to get enough sex. Joan Brandwyn is pre-law but wants a husband rather than a job. Betty Warren is the first of them to actually wed, and is thus the first to discover the less appealing side to married life. All four of them are awakened to life's possibilities by Katherine Ann Watson, a new art history professor whose liberal ways are finding little room to flourish in the conservative climate of Wellesley College. FTP, name this 2003 film featuring Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Gyllenhall, Julia Stiles, and Kirsten Dunst as students and Julia Roberts as their inspiring instructor.

Answer: Mona Lisa Smile

4. Tiffani Thiessen and Jillian Barberi were to appear in its 32nd episode, "You Bet Your Relationship," but didn't, not that it mattered as the show was put on hiatus before the episode's planned January 2004 air date. Future episodes were to reveal a pregnancy scare for hair stylist Dylan Messinger that led to a delayed - though eventually accepted - marriage proposal from TV producer Jake Silver. They were going to get married on the title TV show as a ratings ploy, but eloped instead. Thankfully, NBC spared us these predictable events from, FTP, what sitcom about a low-rated morning show starring Ashely Williams as Dylan and Mark Feuerstein as Jake?
Answer: Good Morning Miami

5. NAC Rookie of the Year in 1995 and a first team all Sun Belt player in 1999 from Florida Atlantic, he led the Yakima Sun Kings to the 2000 CBA title, and played for the Sioux Falls SkyForce before latching on with the 76ers in 2001. He then played with Dallas and Utah, where he was named a co-captain for the 2004-05 season. He is starting for his current team, where he replaces the departed Quentin Richardson and Joe Johnson as the backcourt-mate of Steve Nash. A noted defender and a top 10 vote-getter for the Sixth Man Award in 2004, name, FTP, this shooting guard of the Phoenix Suns.

Answer: Raja Bell
6. She was first portrayed by Renee L'Esperance, a retired model from Haiti who was working at Saks Fifth Avenue when she was "discovered" by Les Crane, a programmer at Software Toolworks. She had her own charitable organization that donated software to non-profits and job training centers, and for three years had her own PR person. Named for the lead singer of the Staples Singers and her ability to shed light on the world of hunting and pecking, she now instructs people on Microsoft Office products as well as her signature subject. FTP, name this fictional woman who is now on her 17th version of teaching us typing.
Answer: Mavis Beacon
7. It features horn work by Tom "Bones" Malone, guitar by Nile Rodgers, and the vocals and production of R&B veteran Betty Wright, who also co-wrote cuts including "Right to Be Wrong" and "Killing Time." Peaking at number 11 on the Billboard 200, it features a collaboration with Lamont Dozier on "Spoiled," the song "Daniel" about the tortured life of her half-brother, and the anti-drug themed "You Had Me." FTP, name this platinum 2004 album, the long-form debut of teen singer Joss Stone.
Answer: Body, Mind & Soul

8. Its common use dates back to the mid-1980s, though it was used earlier on the TV show Soap. Both Cheers and Moonlighting offer early uses of this word, which is popularly credited to TV writer and producer David Angell. Beyond its current common meaning, it was also used to describe live social gatherings of Usenet group participants, most notably those of the *.singles groups organized by Berkeley-based Peter Korn. Also used as a sound effect in the title of a collection of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, name, FTP, this five-letter word similar in sound and meaning to the Britishism bonk, meaning to engage in intercourse.

Answer: Boink

[EDITOR’S NOTE: A sad footnote: The aforementioned David Angell was among those killed on the hijacked planes that hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.]
9. About six years before this film was actually made, Julia Roberts was cast in the lead female role, and she tried to get Daniel Day-Lewis to take the male lead, but he made In the Name of the Father instead. Kenneth Branagh was suggested for both lead actor and director roles, while Edward Zwick was the original choice to direct. Marc Norman got the idea for it while on the phone with his son (who was at college), while co-author Tom Stoppard added several new characters, including John Webster and Christopher Marlowe. A winner of 7 Oscars overall, name, FTP, this 1998 film starring Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow that was that year's Best Picture Oscar winner.
Answer: Shakespeare in Love
10. It saw the only postseason pass reception in fullback Carl Monroe’s career -- a 33-yard touchdown. Uwe [OOH-vay] von Schamann kicked two field goals in the last 12 seconds of the first half, the second after Jim Jensen recovered a squib kick fumbled by Guy McIntyre. That cut the lead to 28-16, but that was as close as the game got. Despite a rocky start, the Niners’ defense only allowed 25 rushing yards all game and held the Dolphins without a first down for 12 minutes in the 2nd quarter. Few would have guessed that for second-year quarterback Dan Marino, it would be his only Super Bowl. FTP name, or rather number, this game
Answer: Super Bowl XIX [nineteen]
11. This brand's new Elite line includes "Calypso Wash Motion technology" in its washers, and SmartWash in its dishwashers. Its first product, the Gyrator wringer washer, sold for $79.50 in 1929, and by 1936 the brand had over 1 million washers sold. Later encompassing the Coldspot line of refrigerators and appliances from trash compactors to sewing machines to dishwashers, name, FTP, this brand responsible for 25 percent of all major appliance sales in the US, the exclusive appliance brand for Sears.

Answer: Kenmore

12. He was the first producer to win the Best Drama and Best Comedy Emmy and Golden Globes in the same year, doing so in 1999. This year saw the reality show he co-developed, The Law Firm, arrive DOA over the summer. These join some of his other very short lived shows, like Girls Club and The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H., though he's been successful with a legal drama spun off from another legal drama. During the 1999-2000 season, he had five shows on three different networks. Name, FTP, this producer who is enjoying the sort of success he had with L.A. Law, Picket Fences, and The Practice with the James Spader vehicle Boston Legal.

Answer: David E. Kelley

13. First suggested in 1891 by the Reverend Astley Cooper, they would first occur in 1930 at Hamilton, Ontario. Nigeria boycotted in 1978, while 32 nations boycotted in 1986 protesting sporting ties to South Africa. Sports currently on hiatus include archery, fencing, judo, and rowing, while core sports include lawn bowls, netball, and rugby sevens. The opening ceremonies include the end of a baton relay and the reading of a message from the sovereign, carried inside the baton from the start of the relay at Buckingham Palace. The third-largest festival of its type, name, FTP, this quadrennial event whose competitors hail from nations once part of the British empire.
Answer: Commonwealth Games
14. Dance duo Clivilles & Cole covered it for the 1992 boxing movie Gladiator, while C & C Music Factory had a version on its 1996 album In the Groove. The band's first top 40 US hit, it was inspired by a trip to the Peace Museum in Chicago, which also inspired the album title. More recent performances fix its major inaccuracy, as the subject was actually killed at 6:01 pm rather than on the morning of April 4, 1968. Name, FTP, this track off of The Unforgettable Fire commemorating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Answer: Pride (In the Name of Love)

15. Book collections featuring her include The Whole Enchilada. She speaks fluent German, Italian, and Dutch, and has a penchant for hats she compares more to Minnie Pearl than the British royal family. Other characters in the strip include her daughter Rita, the Woman Who Does Everything More Beautifully Than You Do, Clyde the Freelance Scientist, and most notably, the two Cats with Signs. A fan of coffee, cigarettes, and soaking in the tub, name, FTP, this title character of a comic strip by Nicole Hollander.
Answer: Sylvia
16. In judo, it is called a hadake jime, but it is banned in most other martial arts. There is a special system for it in WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw 2006. At Wrestlemania 21, the Undertaker used a dragon variety of one on Randy Orton, while John "Bradshaw" Layfield put one on John Cena early in their match. Also known as a rear naked choke or a blood choke, (*) it incapacitates the victim by using the bicep or crook of the arm to press the carotid artery closed. FTP, name this popular wrestling move named for its tendency to make its recipient take a hypoxia-induced nap.
Answer: sleeper hold [accept rear naked choke or blood choke before (*); prompt on rear or naked choke]
17. Fans of the fictional metal band Poyzn Boyzn chase this book's protagonist because they think he's after their PCP. He's actually after PCBs, or more accurately, who is spilling them into Boston Harbor and then making them magically disappear. The chief troublemaker for the Group of Environmental Extremists, Sangamon Taylor must stop an experiment that just might kill all marine life in, FTP, what 1988 "Eco-Thriller" by Neal Stephenson, named for the mode of Taylor's inflatable boat?

Answer: Zodiac

18. He currently lives in England, where he hosts a self-titled fishing show and tours as his grizzled, often-jailed country singer uncle Otis Lee Crenshaw, who was sent to the UK on an exchange program. Although not a regular cast member, he was a writer and occasional performer on ABC’s SNL ripoff Fridays, lending an irony to his one season as an SNL regular in 1984-85. Between the two came HBO’s Not Necessarily the News, where he introduced a concept that he followed with a series of books. Name, FTP, this comedian who made neologisms cool in the 1980s when he popularized the word that should be in the dictionary but isn't, the sniglet.

Answer: Rich Hall

19. Telly Paretta loses her 9 year old son in a plane crash, and more than a year later can't let him go - even though her husband Jim and her therapist, Dr. Munce, tell her that she never had a son. She later meets Ash Correll, who denies to Telly that he had a daughter on the plane until his memories return - but not before Ash has turned Telly over to the authorities. The National Security Agency then takes custody of Telly, but Ash springs her and together they try to figure out where on Earth - or elsewhere - their kids have gone. Co-starring Anthony Edwards as Jim and Gary Sinise as Dr. Munce, name, FTP, this 2004 thriller starring Dominic West as Ash and Julianne Moore as Telly.

Answer: The Forgotten

20. They can trace their lineage back to Hooper's Judge, an individual specimen whose offspring was bred with French bulldogs. The color 'seal' is used specifically to describe some of their coats, the color being a black with red highlights that stand out in the sun. A member of the non-sporting group, they were originally bred from pit-fighting dogs, but are now mostly companion animals. Their short snout can lead to breathing and heat-related problems, while their coat, resembling formal wear, has led to them being called the "American Gentleman." Oh, and it’s also the mascot of a certain university, alma mater of the packet authors who can connect it to every tossup and most bonuses in this round. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893, this is, FTP, what result of breeding English bulldogs and English white terriers, the first American-born breed recognized by the AKC?

Answer: Boston terrier

[MODERATOR: If they ask the connections, wait till after bonus 20 to read this: The outstanding male athlete of the year at BU wins the Gordon "Mickey" Cochrane Award. Their football team lost to San Diego State in the 1969 Pasadena Bowl. Jim Jensen, Mike Eruzione, and Jim Craig all went there, as did Raja Bell before transferring. Marc Norman's son was going there when he gave his dad the idea for Shakespeare in Love. Famous alums, attendees, and faculty members include Isaac Asimov, Geena Davis, Jason Alexander, Ginnifer Goodwin, Neal Stephenson, David E. Kelley, Julianne Moore, Alfre Woodward, Sylvia Hollander, Tom Shapiro, Norman Greenbaum, and Martin Luther King Jr,. It has streets named Beacon and Commonwealth, and buildings named Stone, Sleeper, and Rich Hall. Its students run Boink, a porn magazine. Its colors are scarlet and white and the Boston terrier as its mascot.]
21. It was founded in 1937 when Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore acquired their first property in Springfield, Massachusetts. By the end of its first decade of operation, it became the first chain of its kind to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They expanded into Canada in 1949 and into Latin America and the Middle East by the time their 100th property opened in 1965. Twenty years later they became the first international chain to operate a hotel in the People's Republic of China. In 1995 they started the Four Points line of mid-scale hotels. Name, FTP, this venerable hotel chain now part of the Starwood family.

Answer: Sheraton

22. Created by William Marston, this character debuted in All Star Comics #8. During the 1960s, this character was put under the tutelage of I Ching, who taught the hero martial arts. Reverting to clay during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Greg Potter and George Perez wrote the first 60 issues of this hero's self-named book. In the more recent Infinite Crisis, this hero crossed the DC Comics "heroes do not kill" line by snapping Maxwell Lord's neck, his death being the only way to free Superman from mind control. Recent issues have made Steve Trevor more of a mentor and have claimed Paradise Island as her home, rather than the original story where she was Amazonian. Still wielding a truth-inducing lasso and wearing bulletproof amulets, FTP, name this superhero whose secret identity is Diana Prince.
Answer: Wonder Woman


1. FTPE, answer these questions on the life and times of Julia Child.

a. During World War II, when judged by the US Navy as being too tall at 6' 2" to serve, Child joined this relatively new group where she was a file clerk and helped develop a shark repellent rather than play spy.
Answer: Office of Strategic Services [sorry, cannot accept CIA]

b. Child and Walter Cronkite were among the voice actors for this 1993 animated feature, a rare flop for executive producer Steven Spielberg. Less unexpected voice actors included John Goodman, Jay Leno and Martin Short.

Answer: We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story

c. In 1981, Child would found the American Institute for Wine and Food with this vintner who had both a namesake label and owned the Woodbridge Winery.

Answer: Robert Mondavi
2. FTPE, answer these questions about Mackenzie Allen, ABC's Commander in Chief.

a. Before becoming Vice President, Allen was chancellor at this private university in Virginia, which we presume means she’s not afraid of Spiders.

Answer: University of Richmond

b. Allen served two terms in the House representing this New England state, making her the first President to hail from it.

Answer: Connecticut

c. President Allen is also a mother of three kids - a set of teenaged fraternal twins and a younger daughter. Name any one.

Answer: Horace, Rebecca, Amy
3. 5-10-20-30, stuff about a certain school:

(5) Now a Mountain West team, this school’s Aztecs won the 1969 Pasadena Bowl, also known as the Junior Rose Bowl. They were the first school from the host state to win.

Answer: San Diego State University

(5) Arguably San Diego State’s best known football star is this running back, who began his career with the Indianapolis Colts but has had his best years with the Rams.

Answer: Marshall Faulk [prompt -- gotta distinguish him from Kevin]

(x) San Diego State was the launching pad for this coach’s air-oriented career, most notably with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Answer: Don Coryell

(x) Their many prolific quarterbacks have included Brian Sipe, Todd Santos, and this future Seahawk, whose career was overshadowed by the baseball exploits of his big brother.

Answer: Dan McGwire
4. Reese Feldman is importing a tasteless, odorless form of cocaine into 1970s Bay City, and its up to two of the city's newest cops to take him down. FTSNOP:

[10] This describes what 2004 film directed by Todd Phillips, a supposed prequel to the TV show on which it was based?

Answer: Starsky & Hutch

[5/5] While the title characters were played in the movie by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, the original actors also made cameos. Name them for 5 points each.

Answer: David Soul or Paul Michael Glaser

[10] Originally developed for The Ben Stiller Show and almost included as a character in Zoolander, this undercover persona of Starsky has a fondness for saying "Do it, do it."

Answer: Maury Finkle
5. For the first 50 years of her life in the UK she was a blond, and started out that way in the US. She would later become an Asian temptress, a spy, and now a Caucasian woman with dark hair. FTPE:

a. Name this suspect in the murder of Mr. Boddy from the game Clue.

Answer: Miss Scarlet

b. In the movie Clue, Miss Scarlet was played by this actress, whose best-known film role was her Oscar nominated turn opposite Julie Andrews competing for the love of James Garner in Victor/Victoria.

Answer: Lesley Ann Warren

c. In some Spanish and Argentine versions of Clue, she’s named for this flower with bright red petals and a dark center.

Answer: Poppy

6. FTPE, answer these questions about NASI Songwriter of the Decade and three-time BMI Country Songwriter of the Year Tom Shapiro.

a. Shapiro wrote two songs for Tennessee Moon, a 1996 country album by this performer whose country leanings also showed in songs like "Solitary Man," "Kentucky Woman," and "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show."

Answer: Neil Diamond

b. Shapiro also wrote the number one songs "You're Easy on the Eyes" and "Better Things to Do" for this Canadian, who may be best known for her cover of the Warren Zevon-written Linda Ronstadt classic "Poor Poor Pitiful Me."

Answer: Terri Clark

c. Shapiro and Michael Garvin co-wrote "Every Time You Throw Dirt on Her (You Lose a Little Ground)", featured on the 1981 debut album of this man, who dominated '80s country and has 31 number one country songs, including "Love Without End, Amen," "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?", and, most recently, "I Hate Everything."
Answer: George Strait
7. FTPE, name these robot books by Isaac Asimov that are not I, Robot.

a. This 1982 collection included all but five of Asimov's robot stories from 1940 to 1976.

Answer: The Complete Robot

b. The third of the five books that make up the Robot Novels, in it Elijah Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw travel to the Spacer world Aurora to investigate the mindblock-related shutdown of a humaniform robot created by Han Fastolfe.

Answer: The Robots of Dawn

c. This 1990 collection includes "Christmas with Rodney," "The Bicentennial Man," and several essays about robotics.

Answer: Robot Visions
8. While 1994 was a year for some great movies, it was also a year for some bad ones, a number of which featured Rosie O'Donnell. Name them from clues FTPE.

a. Rosie played the wife of a cop played by David Johannsen in this 1994 TV remake. Heard enough? The cast also included Fran Drescher. At least they gave parts to two regulars on the original show, Al Lewis, and Nipsey Russell.

Answer: Car 54, Where Are You?

b. In this film, a writer played by Nick Nolte has to balance his career with taking over custody of a daughter. The cast includes Albert Brooks, Tracy Ullman, Joely Richardson, and Rosie as a make-up woman, though clearly she wasn't the film's biggest problem. It was to be a musical, with 8 songs by Prince, but test audiences preferred a non-musical format.

Answer: I'll Do Anything

c. Rosie in bondage gear? The makers of this film, adapted from a novel by Ann-Rice-writing-as-Ann-Rampling, inexplicably added Rosie and Dan Aykroyd as cops who investigate diamond smuggling at an island paradise for those interested in S&M. Dana Delany plays the head dominatrix, so they at least got that right.

Answer: Exit to Eden
9. FTPE, answer these questions about veteran rocker Marshall Crenshaw.

a. Crenshaw's lone US top 40 hit was this 1982 song from his self-named debut.

Answer: "Someday, Someway"

b. Crenshaw is currently on this New York indie label, whose diverse offerings include Dar Williams, the Irish Tenors, and the Kidz Bop series.

Answer: Razor & Tie

c. Crenshaw got to show off his acting chops when he played this musician in the film La Bamba.

Answer: Buddy Holly
10. FTPE, answer these questions on the TV career of Michael Chiklis

a. Chiklis plays this rogue cop on the FX drama The Shield.

Answer: Vic Mackey (accept either)

b. Chiklis' first recurring TV role was as Carlo Spoletta during the third season of this CBS drama starring Ken Wahl as a cop who goes undercover to infiltrate the mob.

Answer: Wiseguy

c. The great Michael Chiklis sitcom experiment blew up in the face of NBC when it aired only 10 episodes of this 2000 show where Chiklis played harried father Chris Woods.

Answer: Daddio

11. Not counting Negro Leaguers and Veterans’ Committee choices, only eight catchers have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the BBWAA. Name any seven of them. You’ll get 5 points for the first two and another 5 points for each additional correct answer. You have 15 seconds.

Answers: up to seven of Johnny Bench, Lawrence “Yogi” Berra, Roy Campanella, Gary Carter, Gordon "Mickey" Cochrane, Bill Dickey, Carlton Fisk, or Charles “Gabby” Hartnett
12. You wouldn't expect that being Poet Laureate of the US would lead to pop culture cachet, but sometimes it does. Answer the following, 5-10-20-30:

[5] He was the Library of Congress’ Poet Consultant at the end of World War II, and again when the title was changed to Poet Laureate in 1986. He remains better known for writing the book-turned-movie-turning-remake All the King's Men.

Answer: Robert Penn Warren

[5] Another Poet Consultant, James Dickey, also found film fame after his tenure when this 1970 novel was turned into a 1972 movie of the same name. Hmm, what rhymes with "squeal like a pig"?

Answer: Deliverance

[10] This 1965 volume of verse won Dickey a 1966 National Book Award. Not exactly pop? Well, the two-word title referring to a minstrel song also appears in the Grateful Dead song “Uncle John’s Band.”

Answer: Buckdancer’s Choice

[10] Holder of the title from 1997 to 2000, he feeds Lisa Simpson's love of the college lifestyle by reading poetry at a coffeehouse and talking about how he pulled poetry out of his ass for Bill Clinton.

Answer: Robert Pinsky
13. Do you ask about the music or the life of R&B artist Bobby Brown? Why not both? FTPE:

a. Brown won his lone Grammy for this number one song, the follow-up to "My Prerogative" that was written when L.A. Reid was writing about his love for his future wife, R&B singer Pebbles.

Answer: Every Little Step

b. "Every Little Step" and "My Prerogative" were from this 1988 album. Those two songs, along with the title track, were all top 10 singles.

Answer: Don't Be Cruel

c. OK, now the strangeness. After making a guest appearance at a show headlined by this fellow New Edition member, he came out after his appearance, took the microphone from the headliner's hands, and starting singing. Brown was escorted out, and this former band-mate finished without incident.

Answer: Brian McKnight
14. She was the only actor to appear in both the original and re-make of The Thomas Crown Affair. FTSNOP:

a. Name this woman who played insurance examiner Vicki Anderson in the original and Crown's psychiatrist in the re-make.

Answer: Faye Dunaway

b. Dunaway also once played the same character, but 16 years apart. FFPE, name the 1974 and 1990 movies in which she played Evelyn Mulwray; the former for which she was Oscar-nominated, the latter in which she only voiced the character.

Answer: Chinatown¸ The Two Jakes

c. Dunaway became the first actress to win both an Oscar and a Razzie when, after taking the Oscar in 1977 for her performance in Network, she shared the 1982 Razzie for worst actress for her portrayal of an abusive actress in this biopic.

Answer: Mommie Dearest
15. FTSNOP, answer these questions about the 1980 Miracle on Ice.

(5) FFP, this player, the captain of the US team, scored the game-winning goal for the US.

Answer: Mike Eruzione

(5) FFP, the team’s star goalie, he was unable to continue his success at the NHL level.

Answer: Jim Craig

(10) While Al Michaels is remembered as the play-by-play man for the game, this then-recently retired Montreal Canadien was his color man.

Answer: Ken Dryden

(10) This US player tallied twice in the game, once with one second remaining in the 1st period, the other early in the 3rd.

Answer: Mark Johnson

16. Played by Colin Nemec, he thwarted Santo Domingo High School principal Grace Musso with the help of friends like Mikey Randall and Jerry Steiner. As the title said, he couldn't lose. FTPE:

a. Name this TV teen whose name eventually became the title for this 1990-93 Fox sitcom.

Answer: Parker Lewis

b. One of the subtle ways in which this show was like the movie it cloned, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, was that Parker's girlfriend Annie had this last name, which in the movie was Ferris' girlfriend's first name.
Answer: Sloan

c. Parker Lewis Can't Lose not only survived NBC's Ferris but this other NBC series set in a high school whose action was commented on Greek chorus-style by a group of teenaged rappers.

Answer: Hull High
17. FTPE, name these food-related people.

a. Also called a Panama, this drink is made with a shot of its namesake liquor, an ounce of Crème de Cacao, an ounce of half and half, and a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg. People who've taken this drink's name include a porn star and a character in Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters.

Answer: Brandy Alexander

b. This Presbyterian minister advocated vegetarianism and temperance, but is best known for a namesake cracker that originally used whole wheat flour, which probably would taste gross in a s'more.

Answer: Sylvester Graham

c. He started with a hot dog stand in San Bernadino, California, but started his best-known Mexican chain in 1962. In 1978 he would sell the chain to Pepsi.

Answer: Glen Bell
18. VISUAL BONUS. You know Howard Stern by voice and probably by sight. But can you recognize his cohorts? On the sheet in front of you are pictures of six people who currently or formerly worked on The Howard Stern Show. Name any four of them on a 5-10-20-30 basis, and please match letter to person. First name is OK. You have 15 seconds.

Answer: a. Fred or Eric Norris b. Robin Quivers c. KC Armstrong d. Jackie or "The Jokeman" Martling e. Gary Dell'Abate or Baba Booey f. "Stuttering John" Melendez

19. FTSNOP, name these things owned by Sumner Redstone.

a. FFP, Redstone owns 70 percent of the voting stock of this company, founded in 1971 to syndicate CBS television shows.

Answer: Viacom

b. FTP, Redstone also owns 80 percent of this game maker, known for its pinball machines and video games like Spy Hunter and Mortal Kombat.

Answer: Midway Games

c. F15P, Viacom is actually a subsidiary of this major chain of movie theaters, which operates Showcase Cinemas and Multiplex Cinemas. Redstone has a controlling interest in this company, which was founded by his father.

Answer: National Amusements
20. FTPE, name these movies featuring Paul Reubens that are not Pee Wee Herman related.

a. In this 2001 movie, Reubens plays Derek Foreal, a hairdresser who helps George Jung, played by Johnny Depp, make contacts that help Jung's drug dealings.

Answer: Blow

b. In this 1996 film, Reubens plays LaFarge, an animal control expert brought in to rid the Majestic Hotel of an orangutan. Turns out the monkey is trying to escape from his owner, who uses him to steal things.

Answer: Dunston Checks In

c. In this 1999 superhero spoof, Reubens plays The Spleen, whose power is his flatulence.

Answer: Mystery Men
21. FTSNOP, answer these questions about the basketball career of Rick Pitino.

a. Pitino is the only coach to take three men's hoops teams to the Final Four. FFPE, name them.

Answer: Providence College, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville

b. FFP, Pitino was a freshman on this Atlantic 10 school’s basketball team when Julius Erving was a senior.

Answer: University of Massachusetts-Amherst or Umass

c. Pitino's lone national title, won while at Kentucky in 1996, was won against, FTP, what team that Pitino served as an assistant for from 1976 to 1978.

Answer: Syracuse University
22. FTSNOP, name these employers of George Costanza.

a. FFP, George served as the assistant to the traveling secretary for this sports team.

Answer: New York Yankees

b. FTP, George also worked for this company that also employed Elaine Benes, but was fired when he had sex with a cleaning woman.

Answer: Pendant Publishing

c. F15P, George's invention of the Human Fund fake charity was part of his incompetence while working at this company named for his boss, who go to see what makes George tick at a Festivus dinner.

Answer: Kruger Industrial Smoothing
23. FTPE, answer these questions on Dylan songs and albums.
a. "It’s Alright, MA (I’m Only Bleeding)" and "Maggie’s Farm," both appeared on this album, best known as the album where Dylan went electric and pissed off his folk purist fan base.
Answer: Bringing it All Back Home
b. This song is the best-known single off John Wesley Harding. While the album kick-started the country-rock crossover, this song is actually best remembered as a cover by another artist.
Answer: All Along the Watchtower

c. "Blowin' in the Wind" appeared on this second album, the one that cemented his status as a musical force. Other hits off this album included the poetic protestations of "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall" and "Masters of War."

Answer: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

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