Tossups a former champion at the lightweight, welterweight and middleweight divisions, (*)

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Capitol Punishment II – Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Round 14


1. A former champion at the lightweight, welterweight and middleweight divisions, (*) this boxer makes George Foreman and Larry Holmes look like spring chickens. At age 49, he is planning yet another comeback, and plans to fight nemesis Vinnie Pazienza, whom he has lost to twice in 1994 and 1995. He is probably best known, however, for his three fights with Sugar Ray Leonard, and for a two-word Spanish request delivered during one fight. For 10 points, who is this fighter associated with the Spanish phrases "mando de piedra" and "no mas"?


2. He made his debut with the Ronnie and the Red Caps in the 1950s, and spent most of the 1960s with the Ronnie and the Prophets. (*) He then emerged as the lead singer of Elf and Rainbow during the early 1970s. Since 1979, he has alternated between fronting a self-named band and being the lead singer of Black Sabbath. For 10 points, who is this artist whose most recent album is Magica?

ANSWER: Ronnie James _DIO_

3. The method of reversing his work malfunctioned, so he is stuck being in the title condition. He deliberately became that way because he realised what the government (*) was going to do with his work. However, Along with his wife Kate, he works for the KLAE Corporation, performing dangerous security missions along with experiments to reverse his condition in, for 10 points, what show where Dr Daniel Weston has been given a wig, plastic hands and a realistic face mask to cover his condition?


4. Joel Quenneville is perhaps the most unknown coach in the NHL. (*) With players such as Roman Turek, Pierre Turgeon and Al MacInnis, it's no wonder this team smashed its opponents in the regular season. FTP name this team that recorded 114 points in the 1999-2000 regular season but lost in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the San Jose Sharks.

Answer: St. Louis Blues

5. A habit of this actor was to borrow 20 dollars from new acquaintances, (*) judging them from their reactions to his request. His imitation of Joe Cocker gained him notoriety while on the Second City Comedy Troupe, and roles on television and movies soon followed. Movies on which he appeared include Going South, 1941, Continental Divide and Neighbors. He died in 1982 after ingesting a heroin-cocaine mixture. For 10 points, who was this man who also acted on Saturday Night Live and in The Blues Brothers and Animal House?


6. The Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award winner at Maryland, he was the No. 1 draft pick of 1975. (*) He played in 209 games, missing only one game in 14 years. He shared the MVP honors of Super Bowl XII, one of three such games in which he played and won. For ten points, name this defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys from 1975-88.

Answer: _Randy White_

7. He would never had made it far, for she knows she has the keys to his heart. (*) He is so happy, he feels like a little child whose lift has just begun. In fact, he is so happy, he outlines the steps he will take to get her heart. This is, for 10 points, in what song where those steps are you're like a dream come true, just wanna be with you, girl it's plain to see that you're the only one for me, repeat steps one through three, make you fall in love with me, by Brian McKnight?


8. During the entire run of his series, Zelda Gilroy chased him. However, for most of the series, he spent his time going after Thalia Menninger. (*) He proclaimed himself "not a wolf", since "a wolf wants lots of girls." He, on the other hand, "wanted just one. One beautiful, gorgeous, soft, round, creamy girl for my very own." For 10 points, who is this man, played by Dwayne Hickman, who unsuccessfully chased girls for the entire length of the series, assisted sometimes by his friend Maynard G. Krebs?


9. Despite the fact that 23 U.S. attorneys general, consumer-rights organizations and hosts of legal scholars oppose it, two states, Virginia and Maryland, have adopted the measure. (*) Among its many odious provisions is a blow against long-established legal conceptions, namely that under it, when you click "I Agree", you're bound, in spite of legal precedent that is meant to protect against unreasonable small writing. For ten points, name or give the acronym for the proposed amendment to the Uniform Commercial Code described above.

ANSWER: Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act or UCITA

10. This film was released in early 2000. Based on a book, its adapted screenplay is authored by Steve Kloves and is directed by Curtis Hanson. (*) It is the story of a college professor whose life is, for all intents and purposes, messed-up. He is running from the police, harboring a fugitive student who he becomes a father figure towards, and is having an affair with another professor's wife. For ten points, name this film which stars Tobey Maguire as the student and Michael Douglas as college professor Grady Tripp.


11. She married law student Scotty Baldwin in 1979. In 1981, she married her current husband, and in 1982, she was kidnapped and forced to marry (*) a Greek villain. She escaped and was reunited in 1983 with her husband. They fled to Canada to avoid mob boss Frank Smith, were forced back home, but blackmailed him out of their lives. For 10 points, who is this woman whose life was torn apart when son Nikolas arrived in 1996, along with his uncle (or possibly father) Stefan, a character on General Hospital best known for marrying Luke Spencer?


12. He returned on Opening Day 1977 after stints with San Diego and Oakland, receiving a standing ovation. He made his Major League debut on July 30, 1959, when he went 4-for-4 against Robin Roberts. He platooned with Orlando Cepeda, (*) a fellow NL Rookie of the Year and a first-baseman, until Cepeda was injured and traded. For ten points, name this first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, nicknamed “Stretch,” who is first all-time in the NL with 18 career grand slams.

Answer: Willie _McCovey_

13. She'd like to be alone with nothing broken, nothing thrown. (*) However, when she is asked about his condition, she'll say she's OK and that she walked into the door. She thinks it's because she's clumsy, and tries not to talk too loud. She's only hit until she cries, and doesn't ask why afterward. For 10 points, who is this person who doesn't want you to ask about something you might hear late at night, some kind of trouble, some kind of fight, who lives on the second floor?


14. Born December 30th, 1961 on a Canadian military base in Baden-Sollingen, Germany, this Vancouver native enjoyed early success as a sculptor (*); however, it is not for his sculptures that most people know him. While many were deeply critical of Shampoo Planet and Girlfriend in a Coma, this man has been hailed as the J.D. Salinger of the '90s for his perceptive and unflinching observations of society. For ten points, name this author, better known for Life After God, Postcards from the Dead, MicroSerfs, and Generation X.

ANSWER: Douglas Coupland

15. Much of the imagery from his first film, such as a sliced eyeball at the beginning, still packs a punch even today. His first feature film, (*) "L'Age D'Or", attacked Church and middle-class complacency, themes that would preoccupy him for his career. He moved to Mexico in the 1930s where he lived out most of the rest of his life, producing other films such as "Los Olvidados", "Viridiana", "Diary of a Chambermaid" and "That Obscure Object of Desire". For 10 points, who was this film director that Franco invited back to Spain in 1961?


16. He had a brief cameo as his most famous role in Jane Austen's Mafia! This year, he had a role in the movie Screwed (*) as Chip Oswald. However, it is for three television series for which he is most remembered. In one, he played a greedy oil executive, in another, a Baptist deacon, and in the third, he owned a dry cleaning business. For 10 points, who is this actor that played, in turn, B.P. Richfield, Ernest Frye and George Jefferson?


17. This group was originally called The 13th Floor and was led by lead singer Rob Grill. (*) Many of this group's songs revolved around the lead singer trying to get a girl to love him, such as "Wait A Million Years", "Two Divided By Love" and "Temptation Eyes." For 10 points, what is this group also famous for songs such as "Sooner Or Later" and "Live For Today"?


18. It has little to do with Druidia, but Jeffrey Kenny trained his eye on one of these objects that blows instead of sucks. It was quite a surprise (*) to him, although his findings are consistent with current theory and observations. Kenny says of it, "I didn't know the nucleus was so interesting, so that was a surprise". For ten points, name the type of object Jeffery Kenny found using the Hubble Telescope.

ANSWER: black hole

19. Long ago, the singer made a decision to be footloose and fancy-free. (*) So he thought it would be simple: just take what he wanted and just walk away, but he never found the door. So he decided to gamble on love just one more time. She left him defenseless, with only one plea ... to lock him away, inside of her love, and throw away the key. For he's guilty, for 10 points, of what crime, according to Alabama?


20. The sequel to this movie came out in 1988 and starred "The Single Guy"'s Jonathan Silverman, Jackie Mason of no particular fame, (*) and Randy Quaid. Parts of the cast from the original movie were left intact, but hardly live up to the fame of the first movie. Bill Murray stars as Carl Spackler and Rodney Dangerfield adds his two cents as Al Czervik in, for ten points, perhaps the greatest golf movie of all time featuring Chevy Chase as Ty Webb?


21. After refusing to sign with the Jazz, he was traded in 1982 for two players and cash. (*) He had earned the nickname "Human Highlight Film" while in college, and lived up to his name, averaging over 20 points per game for 11 consecutive seasons after getting "only" 17.5 as a rookie. In the 1990s, he played in Europe for a few years, but returned and led the Spurs in scoring in the 1996-97 season. For 10 points, who is this player that scored over 25,000 points, mostly with the Atlanta Hawks?


1. Identify these minor characters on Married ... With Children, 10 points each.
This California cousin on Marcie snuck into Bud's window and helped "make him a man".


This kid was dropped off at the Bundy's house and the Bundys were forced to watch him. However, viewers didn't like it, and he was gradually written out.


"Who's the man with the itchy gun. Who's the man who kills for fun! (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK)! He sleeps with a gun, but he loves his son. Killed his wife 'cause she weighed a ton... (BLANK)!"



2. Identify the folk song from lyrics for 10 points each.

"Charlie handed in his dime at the Kendall square station / And he changed for Jamaica Plain".


"Sister help to trim the sail."


"As I was going over the Kilmagenny mountain / I saw Captain Farrell and his money he was counting."



3. Lots of people know all about the Heisman trophy and J. M. Berwanger. What they don’t know is what’s so special about this guy. FSNP, answer these questions.

5: What is Heisman’s first name?

Answer: John

10: What team did he coach as the last Ohio-based football team to beat OSU?

Answer: Oberlin College

15: What is the name of the Oberlin College football team?

Answer: The Yeomen


4. Identify these characters from Walker, Texas Ranger for the stated number of points.

5 for 1, 15 for both: Judson Mills and Nia Peeples started out this season as what two new Rangers, with just as much kung fu power as the originals?


10: Who was the Indian who died at the end of the second season, offering sage advice to Walker and Trevette?


5: Who is the lady in the DA office that married Walker at the end of this season?



5. Name these former Jayhawks from clues.

10: He plays backup to Karl Malone for the Utah Jazz and is a former Jayhawks center.

Answer: Greg _Ostertag_

10: A member of the Bench Mob for the Sacramento Kings backup and a former Jayhawks center.

Answer: Scot _Pollard_

10: A member of the Denver Nuggets and former Jayhawks forward, not to be confused with Rafer Alston.

Answer: Raef _LaFrentz_


6. Casablanca was a great movie of the 1940s. Identify, on a 5-10-20-30 basis, the actors and actresses who played the four leading roles in the movie: Rick Blaine, Ilsa Laszlo, Victor Laszlo, Captain Louis Renault.

ANSWER: Humphrey _BOGART_ / Ingrid _BERGMAN_ / Paul _HENREID_ / Claude _RAINS_


7. For ten points each, identify the Unix command line utilities that do the following:

Search text for a given pattern

ANSWER: grep, rgrep or egrep

Display information about a particular user on a system, including date of last login, idle time, time email was last checked, as well as their .project and .plan files

ANSWER: finger

Send out ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets over port 7 to a specified host

ANSWER: ping


8. Identify the Alice Cooper songs from lyrics on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

This rubber little lady is slicker than a weasel, grimy as an alley, but loves me like no other lover.


In this song, the Reverend Smith recognizes Alice and punches him in the nose.


Alice wants to use this unusual building material to build a house, instead of brick or wood.


In this song, Alice laments that he wants his mom and dad to be his real mom and dad.



9. Answer these questions about M.E. Quincy on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

First off, what did M.E. stand for?


What doctor was Quincy's superior?


Robert Ito (no relation to Lance as far as I know) played what young assistant to Dr Quincy?


Name EITHER the girlfriend for the first season or the attractive psychiatrist, played by his real-life wife, that eventually married him.



10. Identify the following puppets who were given life by Edgar Bergen for 10 points each.

This monocle-wearing puppet was the main character of the Bergen show and said all sorts of shocking things to the ladies and even to Edgar Bergen. Full name, please.


This character was so stupid that even Edgar would ask him in exasperation, "How can you be so stupid?" Full name, please.


Name either the older woman with a taste for young men and any aged liquor, or the flirty, blonde Southern belle who first appeared on television. First or last names will suffice.



11. Answer these questions about the oeuvre of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, 10 each.

She is playing Linda Greenlaw in what recently released flick?


Her first movie was what 1983 Scorsese flick starring Robert De Niro as Rupert Pupkin? Oh yes, and if you look for her, you'll not see her -- her scenes were deleted!


She played Priscilla Parker, wife of Richard, in what 1992 Alan Pakula flick?


12. Identify the following artists who had hits in 1986 from a lyric for 10 points each

"Fifty thou a year -- buys a lot of beer"


"So many nights I longed to hold you / So many times I looked and saw your face"


“When I was five I walked the fence while grandpa held my hand”

ANSWER: _JOHN COUGAR MELLENKAMP_ (accept John Mellenkamp or John Cougar)


13. Identify these things about the Master of Orion series for 10 points each.

First off, what company produced the two Master of Orion games?


Orion was the capitol of the ancient civilisation that ruled the galaxy. What mechanical being protects the planet from those who would steal technology?


In the second installment of the game, what ancient enemies of the Orions hop out of cyberspace to raid the galaxy from time to time?



14. Given a character from Grease, name the actor or actress on a 5-10-20-30 basis.



Principal McGee.


Danny Zuko.





15. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, name the four schools in NCAA’s Frozen Four.



16. In an attempt to diversify our knowledge of baseball, we went out and found some non-American-born baseball players. Stated number of points each, identify these pitchers whose native tongue was not English.

5: He was the Rookie of the Year in 1995, mostly because of his incredibly unorthodox pitching style, causing him to be nicknamed “tornado boy.”

Answer: Hideo _Nomo_

10: Another Rookie of the Year, and again for the Dodgers. This time in 1981, as he went on to pitch for them for ten years before being traded.

Answer: Fernando _Valenzuela_

15: The first Canadian-born baseball player inducted into the Hall of Fame, playing 12 seasons with the Cubs and Red Sox and 7 with other teams.

Answer: Ferguson _Jenkins_


17. Identify these songs which held the Number One spot during the summer of Sam, 1977.

Over the July 4th weekend, this inspirational instrumental from Bill Conti held the top spot.

ANSWER: _GONNA FLY NOW_ (prompt on the theme from Rocky)

August was dominated by I Just Want to Be Your Everything from what artist or group?


Then the emotions took over into the fall with what smash hit that was followed up by "Boogie Wonderland?"



18. Identify the cartoonist from their comic strips, 5-10-20-30.



B.C. and The Wizard of ID.


Funky Winkerbean.


The Family Circus.



19. Answer these questions about the Revenge of the Nerds series on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

Lewis gets a crush on what girl during the original Revenge of the Nerds?


In the second installment, which Alpha Beta defects and joins the nerds? (Please use his nickname.)


In the third installment, what nephew of Lewis requires his uncle's help in defeating the neo-jocks?


Nerd-haters try to stop what Tri-Lamb's wedding in the fourth installment?



20. Given a national league, name the team which won that league for 10 points each.

Italian Seria A.


French First Division.


Spanish Primera Division.

ANSWER: Deportivo de la _CORUNA_


21. Identify these groups off of hits for 10 points each.

Just Take My Heart, To Be With You.


A Girl Like You, Too Much Passion.


When I Lokk Into Your Eyes, I Live My Life For You.


All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.

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