1st international tournament france Women's Police cup

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   France Women's Police CUP



16 to 20 April 2012 at city LONGEVILLE, Région VENDEE , Country FRANCE

FRANCE POLICE WOMEN'S CUP as the name suggests, is an all-female tournament which will bring together 24 teams from different nations on five days with three days of competition, in a beautiful setting and highlight the sport Female Police Officer, between teams of National Police, Mounted Police, Municipal Police, Customs, Railway Police, Rural Police, Military Police by the practice of Football 5-5 on grass and will generate a friendship, fraternity and conviviality which we hope will last FEMALE time, n ' Remember "SERVO PER AMIKECO" is the motto of the International Police Association, one of our partners.

We wanted for this first edition emphasize the aspect friendly and friendly to create a link between all participants leaders and organizers For this occasion the Municipality of LONGEVILLE THE SEA Vendee region bordering the Atlantic coast, we welcome in beautiful sports and cultural facilities and we offer a whole range of activities and has conducted tours along the Atlantic coast. LITTLE ROCK The campsite will offer 3 star quality accommodation with many activities for your relaxation and where you can organize your own meals

The global crisis spared no one, we have tried to strike a balance for the package of € 90 per person (See package on website www.ffpep.com)

If you wish to attend FRANCE CUP WOMEN'S POLICE and have the pleasure of adding sports victory, then go to the website www.ffpep.com for information regarding this event and sign up now through the downloadable form. We will be at your service during these five days to advise you and inform you to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible in this beautiful region of Vendee.

Vive le Sport Police, live women's sports, long live the FFPEP


Regis JEANNERET head of the organization FRANCE POLICE WOMEN'S CUP


PACKAGE PRICE 90euros/pers

Included :
*5 days - 4 Nights in chalets or mobile home (not included meals and breakfasts)

*Rental of bed linen (duvets, sheets and pillows)

*Package activities -(Maris Tour by canoe or boat - catamaran sailing initiation

*A team trophy, the better keeper, the scoring and the team of Fair Play

*A badge

*A tee shirt

*Opening ceremony Thursday, 16/04

*Night of Champions 20/04 with buffet -evening DJ disco-night

For teams that prefer to come by train or plane, the shuttle will be available to them any time it is necessary

to inform us of the date, place and time of arrival and departure in advance in order to provide the best

service and avoid unnecessary multiple trips (a group of several teams for the trip would be easier)
Highway Océan A11

Paris - Le Mans - Angers - Nantes

Highway A83

Nantes - Montaigu - La Roche S / YON (direction La Tranche Sur Mer) - The Mauxfaits Moutiers (direction Les Sables d'Olonne) and Longeville S/Mer

Highway A87

Angers - Cholet - Les Essarts - La Roche Sur Yon (direction La Tranche Sur Mer) - The Mauxfaits Moutiers (direction Les Sables d'Olonne) and Longeville S/Mer

Highway Aquitaine A10

Paris – Orléans -Tour - Ste Hermine and Lucon output (direction Les Sables d'Olonne)

and Longeville S/Mer
Railway station in LA ROCHE SUR YON
Nantes Atlantique International Airport: 02 40 84 80 00


International Airport of La Rochelle: 05 46 42 30 26


Important note:
If your flights or trains are canceled or delayed, the organization will not be liable for additional costs charged

by the shipping company for which we booked transport. After a period of 30 minutes, the bus will leave the

station or the airport. Another bus will be dispatched at your request upon arrival of the team. All delays must

be announced at least 2 hours before taking charge at the airport or train station by telephone to our special

issue for emergency transportation to ask Audrey
a) To take part in the event, without exception, you must register and pay the amount of a package that

matches the content clearly stated in the brochure of the tournament you have received or seen on the

website: http://www.ffpep.com

b) This package has a total cost of services with a value of 90€ P/P

c) The price is the same for both players and coaches

d) The organization does not take into account residence staff

e) All the extras, or additional days and other transportation are not included in the amount of the package

And must be paid before the deadline in the form EXTRAS attached to that registration

f) to take into account your registration and reservation you must pay a deposit as an advance
Extra dinners at tehe campsite restaurant
*Price of meal per pers 13euro (Starter - Main course-dessert )

*Breakfast price per pers 6 euro

*Meals on Thuesday, Wednesday, and thursday lunch will be served at the stadium in the form of meal trays. You must book the day before with the organization.
extra relaxation
*Introduction sand yatching group of 20 pers max 2H/13euro Per pers

*In order to provide reservations to the association concerned you might have to send the form extras prepared showing the number of ineterested people together with your payment.

supermarket proximity campsite and cooking in the mobil-home.
transport free at your disposal mobile home-supermaket, mobil home- staduim

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